Optimum Amusement and Theme Park Project Scheme in Nigeria
Beston group, a leading and professional amusement rides manufacturer, is capable of offering the optimum combination project scheme. Beston has the ability to design the park, recommend the amusement equipment, construct the park, amusement park operation and training, equipment maintenance, etc. Beston has succeed in planning several parks in Nigeria recent years. What should know to build a park? Plaaning to set up a park in Nigeria! Please contact us freely in Nigeria!

Beston Amusement Park Rides for
Sale in Nigeria – Professional Manufacturer

Beston amusement, as a global and professional manufacturer and supplier, has been and will be always in the leading position in amusement industry. Beston can supply different types of amusement rides to Nigeria, such as thrill rides, kiddie and family rides, theme park rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, spinning rides and some other rides.
Beston exports amusement rides to more than 100 countries and areas, such as Nigeria, Korea, Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Philippine, Brazil, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, etc. We have won most of customers’ recognition and built a long-term business relationship with our customers. Welcome to come to China to Visit Beston Amusement!

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