Amusement Equipment Modern Times Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Modern times ride is an amusement attraction which looks like vintage British carriages. As the newest amusement park rides, modern times kiddie rides, taking self-control helicopter ride working principle as inspiration, are made into self-control spinning rides. Manufactured with delicate craftsmanship and decorations, Beston modern times juvenile rides are well received by tourists and our customers in Nigeria.

From the appearance, we can see that modern times ride is quite like ancient British royal carriages. The ride can not only spin on the high air but also run on the ground circularly. Riding on the circular ride, riders can shift the up and down movements by the operation platform. Passengers swing back and forth, backward and forward which is like dancing elegantly on the air.

If you are considering buying a spinning and new amusement rides, Amusement Equipment Modern Times Ride for Sale in Beston will be an ideal choice.

BEMT-01 Modern Times Family Rides for Sale

modern times family rides
BEMT-01 Modern Times Family Rides for Sale

Carriage Number: 6

Ride Weight: 6T
Area Covering: 12m
Diameter: 11m
Height: 7m
Spinning Speed: 3.5r/min
Power: 12kw
Voltage: 380v 50hz
Capacity and Color: customized
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Modern Times Rides – Kiddie Amusement Rides in Nigeria

The model of the modern times kiddie amusement can be customized according to your requirements. And the model we already sold to our customers is modern times kids theme park rides with 6 carriages which can accommodate 18 people at one time.

On top of the carriages, there are canopies which function as shadows for riders like fight shark island ride and kids excavator ride. We can also see that on the central axle, the themes are different which can be the cartoon or serious. And on top of the whole kids fun ride, there is a man who seems to charge the running of carriages. How fun and splendid it is!

BEMT-02 Modern Times Spinning Carnival Rides for Sale

modern times spinning carnival rides
BEMT-02 Modern Times Spinning Carnival Rides for Sale

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Beston Modern Times Ride – Spinning Carnival Ride to Nigeria

Spinning is the main movements of the modern times ride in consideration the image of carriages. Riders can enjoy this spinning carnival ride with being lifted up and down. If riders want to see the scenery of long distance, they can rise to the high air by self-control, and if they want to run on the flat ground, they can just leave it alone and enjoy the fun of fast running.

We have so many types of spinny rides here in Beston in exception of modern times spinning carnival rides, such as teacup ride, samba balloon ride, happy jellyfish ride, jump and smile ride, octopus fairground ride, rotary bee rides, etc. I think there is just the one you like.

BEMT-03 Modern Times New Amusement Rides for Sale

modern times new amusement rides
BEMT-03 Modern Times New Amusement Rides for Sale

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New Amusement Park Modern Times Rides for Sale

Modern times ride is the newest amusement park rides in Beston. Comparing with old amusement park rides, new amusement rides are more attractive to tourists. Most of the people are interested in new things because they want to know how they go. Beston company has a team who dedicate themselves to the design of amusement equipment to create more fun for people and provide help for customers’ amusement park business.

Modern Times Spinning Fair Rides for Sale

modern times spinning fair rides
BEMT-04 Modern Times Spinning Fair Rides for Sale

modern times spinning carnival rides
BEMT-05 Modern Times Spinning Carnival Rides for Sale

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Outstanding Features of Circus Modern Times Ride

  • Appeal to tourists. Owing to its new design, our modern times kids fun ride is going to be an appeal to tourists. The vintage British royal carriage appearance will attract people to experience the feeling of old times. And the ride is the newest theme park ride, so it will be a great investment for your park.
  • Affordable. We can offer you a competitive factory price with high quality. We have our own professional production factory which enables us to sell amusement rides to you directly from the factory, which can save you lots of costs. More important thing is that we can guarantee you the quality of the ride. Welcome your inquiry!
  • Easy to operate. Modern times spinning fair rides are very easy to operate because we equip them with electronic control box which has buttons to show you clearly how to operate them. What’s more, the advantage of the new fair ride is its self-control characteristic which allows riders to operate the ride.
  • Splendid decorative parts. We equip the modern times fairground ride with gorgeous LED lights, and the whole style of the ride is classic and charming which could arise people’s interest in riding on it.

Self Controlled Modern Times Juvenile Rides for Sale to Nigeria

Amusement equipment modern times ride for sale in Beston is made into self-controlled which increases the interest in the ride. Riding on the juvenile ride, even kids can control the ups and downs of it, which does great good to kids’ ability to do things on their own.

Actually, we have another two types of rides which also are self-controlled, that is, self-control rotary plane rides and bee rides. And in case you are interested in them, the detailed information of these two popular amusement attractions are presented below.

Modern Times Amusement Attraction Manufacturer

Beston is a professional amusement rides manufacturer in China. The reasons that why you choose us are as followings:

Firstly, we are professional enough to be responsible for your rides. We have our own professional production base which mainly produces kids amusement rides, water rides, and giant amusement equipment. All our rides get the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval, so you can trust us.

Secondly, we are environmentally-friendly. We import pollution-free LLDPE material to make sure green and healthy and to make kids play at ease.

Thirdly, we are high-efficient. With a group of skilled design and production staff in the factory, we can customize the rides you want according to your requirements. And more important thing is that we have an excellent after-sale system to make sure you can come to us at any time you need. The principle of Beston is to survive by quality and to develop by reputation.

Fourthly, you can count on us. From the beginning to now, we have developed many customers or partners. Our original heart is to become a happy brand, and now we become a reputable manufacturer both in China and abroad. We express our sincere thanks for your support and trust. We are glad to cooperate with friends from all walks of life and to establish a long-term, stable and reliable partnership.

Carriage of Beston Modern Times Kids Fair Rides

modern times kids fair rides
Carriage of Beston Modern Times Kids Fair Rides

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