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Nowadays, amusement park rides have been an indispensable part of people’s lives because they pursue the enjoyment of spiritual world under the pressure of work. Amusement rides have the ability to make people release their pressure in happiness and excitement, and parents take amusement park as a good way to deepen their relationship with their kids. Therefore, amusement park rides industry enjoys its rapid development in recent years.

Many people start to take in the career of the amusement park to meet people’s needs and make money. Beston group are so proud that so many foreign and domestic customers take us as their partner. We dedicate ourselves to the design and production of different types of amusement park rides, to bring happiness to people, and to generate benefits for our customers. So choosing Beston rides means you choose the success!
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Major Rides for Sale in Beston- Amusement Ride Supplier in Nigeria

We produce many types of amusement park rides, such as thrill rides, family and kiddie rides, carnival rides, theme park rides, fairground rides, swing rides, track train rides and trackless train rides. You can choose the one most suitable for you, or you can contact our sales manager to get some advice. What we list are major rides in our company, and if you have other needs in some amusement rides we don’t present, please contact us.

Thrill Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Thrill rides are amusement park rides which are very thrilling and stimulating, such as Coaster ride, skymaster ride, tower swing, chair swing ride, and so on. People who are fond of thrill rides usually have the characteristic of brave and strong because they have the courage to challenge themselves.

Thrill rides are characteristic of giant in size, fast in speed and thrilling in operation. Thrill rides, in one way, are very thrilling and exciting, and in another way, they are very safe which strongly meets the requirement of some people who like to seek excitement and thrill.

We have many different types of thrill rides, and they can be applied to amusement parks, shopping malls, living squares, pedestrian, theme parks, carnival and other funfairs. A thrill ride is necessary for a park because it can bring so many fun and scream that many tourists want to have a try.

Family and Kiddie Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Family and kiddie rides often refer to those small amusement rides which are small in size, low in speed and happy in running, such as trackless and track train, bumper cars, carousel ride, teacup ride, samba balloon ride, among others. These mini amusement rides can be of the seen in family entertainment centers, parks, gardens, shopping malls, carnivals, playgrounds, communities and so on.

Family and kids amusement is designed for parents and kids so that they can spend a happy day and leave an unforgettable memory. Parents can sit together with their kids in those mini amusement park rides, and teach them how to control the children’s park rides. It’s a good way to practice kids’ ability to operation and thinking and to improve the development of their intelligence.

New Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Newest amusement park rides in Beston mainly are human gyroscope ride, VR ride, Le Bar car rides, forest party kiddie rides, lucky lion kids amusement rides, flying squirrel rescue ride, liberty music bar ride and indoor amusement equipment which is designed to extend kids ability. These new amusement park rides are novel in appearance. They are designed to cater to modern people’s needs. Tourists in your amusement and theme park will be attracted by our new carnival rides for their original design.

Carnival Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Carnival rides are designed for winter or summer carnivals. We have many kinds of carnival equipment for you to choose, such as the carousel ride, bumper cars, mini ferris wheel, Christmas train, train, teacups ride, chairoplane and water bumper boats. These carnival amusement rides exist to create enjoyment for people.

People can indulge themselves in the happiness of celebration and fun carnival rides. We have small carnival rides, carnival slides, carnival swing rides and extreme carnival rides. If you want to buy carnival rides, please contact us feel free.

Theme Park Rides for Sale in Nigeria

A theme park is a large outdoor area where people pay to go to enjoy themselves. All the different activities in a theme park are usually based on a particular idea or theme. Theme park equipment features in theme. We have many types of theme park rides, such as theme park thrill rides, theme park kiddie rides, theme park swing ride, theme park water rides and theme park train rides. You can tell us what kind of theme and theme park attraction you want, and we will customize for you. We believe our best theme park rides will satisfy you.

Fairground Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Fairground rides are often outdoor amusement rides. People who come to fair ground aim to enjoy themselves, and they often come with their kids. If you are an owner of a fairgrounds, you will be interested in our fairground rides. You have many choices for buying fairground rides in our company, such as paratrooper rides, cup and saucer rides, mini pendulum ride, bumper cars and self control plane kiddie rides. We believe that our fairground rides will attract many tourists for you thanks to its novel appearance, catchy music, and shiny LED lights.

Spinning Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Spinning rides are amusement rides which can rotate around a central axle. And some spinny rides have the function of self-rotation of the cabin. We have designed many kinds of spinning rides, such as chair swing ride, cup and saucer ride, breakdance ride, energy storm ride, self-control plane ride, and newly-designed forest party amusement rides. Color, music and some decorative parts in our spinning fair rides can be tailored to your requirements. Riding on our spinny rides, passengers can fully experience the enjoyment of rotation.

Train Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Train rides refer to different types of amusement park trains. Track train and trackless train are two kinds of train rides we can usually see in shopping malls, amusement parks, theme parks, and scenic spots. Amusement train rides in our company can be designed into different themes, such as charismas track and trackless train, Thomas trackless trains, ocean-themed tourist train, elephant small train rides and London-style trackless train amusement ride.

Kids sitting on the electric train rides or diesel train rides can have a feeling of riding on a real train and travel around. The theme and size of the amusement train rides can be customized without extra charge.

We are a professional miniature train company, and if you have any needs in train rides used in shopping malls, parks, scenic spots or backyard, please contact us as you wish. We will provide you the best-quality amusement park trains and first-rate services.

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Advantages of Beston Amusement Rides

  1. Best quality. All types of amusement park rides in Beston get the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval. And our amusement rides have exported to over 200 countries. Beston amusement park rides company enjoys a reputation for good-quality and competitive price among our customers. So you have no need to worry about the quality of the amusement attraction in our company.
  2. Excellent services. Before the purchase of our major rides, we will provide relevant products information as detailed as possible. And after buying the amusement rides, we will contact shipping house for you, and make sure the ride come to your hand at the required time. All amusement equipment in our time enjoys a one year warranty, and if you need any technical help at any time, we will help you as much as we can. What we pursue is the one-stop service.
  3. Novel design. As a professional amusement equipment company, Beston has its own design group who dedicated themselves to the creation of new type amusement park rides for our customers. We try our best to cater to the needs of kids and adults to make our customers make more money.
  4. Advanced skills. We have taken in the amusement industry for many years, and we have developed our mature and advanced skills. Our engineers and staff adopt high technology to upgrade our craftsmanship, to ensure the leading position of Beston amusement equipment company.

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How to Choose Amusement Equipment in Nigeria ?

With the improvement of living standard, people pay more attention to amusement attractions, and in turns, amusement industry gains a rapid development. Now we can see different types of amusement park rides in parks, therefore, it would be important for you to choose a good amusement equipment. And here are some advice for you to choose good amusement park facilities.

  • Firstly, you should make sure that you buy the new amusement park rides, not old amusement park rides because novel appearance, gorgeous lights, and lovely music are key factors to attract tourists. Only the new amusement rides leave a good impression on the first sight, can they turn tourists be your customers. And what’s more, the appearance of the ride in the park should better hide some good implied meaning so that tourists may think that the good meaning of the amusement park equipment may bring them good luck.
  • Secondly, the quality of the amusement attractions should be ensured because the most basic thing for a park amusement is to make sure the smooth operation. If your amusement rides leave a bad impression on passengers for quality problem, they will lose the mood to enjoy themselves in your amusement park, and maybe they will never come to your park. Consequently, if you want to have some regular customers, you must persuade them with best amusement park rides.
  • Thirdly, you should see clearly the paint of the popular rides. The finished amusement equipment should be made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, and the paint should be car-grade paint which can have the effect of fresh, smooth and light. If the paint of the amusement park rides is not smooth and shiny and the craftsmanship is rough, the park rides will fade in half a year because of rain or wind.
  • Finally, before the purchase, you should know clearly the qualification of the amusement park rides supplier because if the manufacturer has no relevant certificate, the park rides you buy will not meet the requirement of the quality investigation. Safety should be the first thing in your consideration.