Amusement Park Trains for Sale in Nigeria

Amusement park train enjoys its high popularity for such a long time because it’s a perfect transportation ride in so many places, such as scenic places, backyards, shopping malls, streets, fairgrounds, parties, churches, carnivals, theme parks, zoos, golf court, and the place you name it.

Riding on an amusement train, people can be transported from one place to another with food, beverage, and other things being carried. Amusement park train rides enable people to relax mentally and physically, and maybe that is one of the reason that why they are so popular. Here in Beston you can find many different types of rideable trains, and if you are interested, please check the following information.

ride on train with track
BAPT-01 Ride on Train with Track for Sale

trackless Train Rides
BAPT-02 Trackless Train Rides for Sale

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Ride on Train with Track for Sale

Ride on train with track for sale in Beston is one of the best sellers among small rideable trains. Fro track trains, we have two types: kids ride on train with track and adult electric ride on train with tracks. Children’s ride on train with track is much smaller than the second type, and they can be applied to different places. You can check the pictures and specifications below to choose the one you like.

ride on train with track

Ride on Train with Track for Sale in Nigeria

Track train is an amusement park train which can be applied to varied places like outdoor or indoor amusement parks, ...
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most popular trackless train

Trackless Train for Sale in Nigeria

Trackless train rides, also known as mall train ride or mini express trackless train, are one type of functional amusement ...
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Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless train for sale in Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Company is also very popular among our customers. Compared with track trains, trackless ride is free from the track and can come to any place. Our train rides are all made up of solid steel and FRP, and with mature skills, the quality of our theme park trains is incontrovertible.

We have so many types of trackless train rides that I can’t present them all here. If those I list here are not what you are looking for, please contact us by email or online chat.

trackless train rides
BAPT-03 Model Bullet Trackless Train for Sale

Model item: BAPT-03
Size: L 200 cm *W 60 cm * H 60 cm/ Coach
Weight of Locomotives: 150 kg
Weight of Car: 60kg
Materials: Metal chassis with fiberglass shell
Load: 500 kg (2 car+2 locomotives)
Voltage: DC 24V
Motor: 750 W
Battery: 12V*75AH*2
Speed: 0-5km/h
Working Time: 7 hours
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amusement park train
BAPT-04 Amusement Park Train for Sale

Model item: BAPT-04
Size: L 200 cm *W 60 cm * H 60 cm/ Coach
Weight of Locomotives: 150 kg
Weight of Car: 60kg
Materials: Metal chassis with fiberglass shell
Load: 500 kg (2 car+2 locomotives)
Voltage: DC 24V
Motor: 750 W
Battery: 12V*75AH*2
Speed: 0-5km/h
Working Time: 7 hours
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Backyard Trains for Sale

Either mini train tracks or trackless train rides are suitable for backyard which depends on the condition of your site. Backyard train rides are good for family fun. We can provide you customization service to make the train more suitable for your backyard.

track train rides
BAPT-05 Track Train Rides for Sale

Model: BAPT-05
Size: 1 Loco+ 3 Coaches
Track area: 4*10m
Main Material: fiberglass
Voltage: 220V
Cabin No.: 3
Capacity: 10-16 persons
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mini train track
BAPT-06 Mini Train Track for Sale

Model: BAPT-06
Voltage: 220v/380v
Capacity: 8 persons
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Carnival Train Rides for Sale

Trackless train rides are perfect amusement rides for carnivals because they have wheels to run freely. Actually, in exception of trackless trains, Beston has much other amusement equipment which can be made into trailer version, such as teacup ride, kids ferris wheel ride, kids carousel, mini pirate ship ride, bumper cars, miami ride, swing carousel ride, etc. If you are in need of carnival mobile rides, please email us, and we will send you pictures and price list.

road train
BAPT-07 Road Train for Sale

Model: BAPT-07
Size: 5200 mm×1880 mm×2200 mm
Parameters: One locomotive, two coaches
Max Speed: 30 km/h
Voltage: 80 V
Power: 12 kW
Total capacity: 40 persons
Coach quantity can be customized
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tourist train ride manufacturer
BAPT-08 Tourist Train for Sale

Model: BAPT-08
Size: 5300mm×1520mm×2000mm
Max speed: 30 km/h
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 14 persons
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Tourist Train for Sale

Tourists train rides are very common in scenic places and big parks which are giant in capacity. There are two types of tourists train in Beston: diesel tourist train and electric tourist train. Diesel tourist train is powered by diesel which can bear higher weight. You can choose the model according to your practical needs.

carnival train
BAPT-09 Carnival Trains for Sale

Model: BAPT-09
Weight: 1000 kg
Capacity: 16 Persons
Power: 4 kW
Voltage: 60 V
Light: 12 V
Turning Diameter: 6 m
Height: 1.9 m
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small train
BAPT-10 Small Trains for Sale

Model: BAPT-10
Height: 0.8 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 0.3 kW
Capacity: 4 persons
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miniature rideable train
BAPT-11 Miniature Rideable Train for Sale

Model: BAPT-11
Height: 1.2 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 3.5 kW
Capacity: 14 persons
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Mall Train for Sale

Mall train for sale here in our company is also a hot choice for our customers. Mall train rides are designed for big shopping malls which are electric trackless trains. Electric mall train enables people to ride on the train while having a look of shops at the mall. Parents can sit together with their kids enjoying the happy music of the trackless ride.

track train
BAPT-12 Giant Track Train for Sale

vintage trackless train
BAPT-13 Vintage Trackless Train for Sale

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Party Train for Sale

Beston train rides, either track train rides or trackless train rides, can be used in parties like a birthday. For example, you can use the train as a way to hold foods, beverage, and gifts while you holding a birthday party at home. Train rides for parties also can be seen in churches which are regarded as a container of God’s goodwill. Therefore, if you need one, please contact us without hesitation, and we will give you the best train rides at the best price.

party train
BAPT-14 Party Train for Sale

miniature train track
BAPT-15 Miniature Train Track for Sale

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Electric Trains for Sale

The majority of the train rides in Beston are electrical. Of course, if you want the diesel version, it is also available to you. Electric train rides are environment-friendly and easy to main and operate. From the orders of our customers, electric trains are in the majority. You can choose the model according to your needs.

Road Trains for Sale

Trackless train rides can be used on road to carry passengers. For example, if you are an owner of a travel agency, you can buy some road trains from us to carry tourists enjoying the scenery of the whole city.

small rideable train
BAPT-16 Backyard Railroad for Sale

Model: BAPT-16
Height: 0.8 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 3.5kW
Capacity: 16 persons
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Amusement Park Train Manufacturers

If you are looking for amusement park train rides, we recommend you Beston.

Firstly, we have different types of rideable trains for you to choose from. You can find backyard train, party train, carnival train, mall train, theme park train, birthday train, and tourist train here.

Secondly, amusement park rides in Beston have got the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval. So you can have our word on the quality of the rides.

Thirdly, we have our own factory. You can buy our rides directly from the factory without the third party, which save you many costs. And our engineers are skilled in manufacturing amusement park train and other popular amusement rides.

electric train rides
BAPT-17 Electric Train for Sale

thomas the train ride
BAPT-18 Varied Thomas the Train Ride for Sale

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Advantages of Beston Amusement Train Rides

  • Perfect after-sales service. We have a team who is responsible for helping our clients in solving problems. If you need any technical help or something goes wrong with our rides (except human damage), you can get timely help.
  • Competitive factory price. You can buy our miniature rideable trains and other amusement equipment from our factory. We have a large-scale factory, and our engineers have dedicated themselves to decreasing the coast with quality proved at the same time.
  • Easy to drive and maintain. Our carnival train rides are stable and easy in driving. Our amusement trains are good in quality, so you can rest assured to buy.
mall train
BAPT-19 Mall Train for Sale

miniature railway
BAPT-20 Miniature Railway for Sale

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