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Beston Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Vietnam

By Bestonparkrides

We are so happy to help Vietnam customers building an indoor playground! Vietnam customers buy several sets of amusement rides including tagada ride, track train ride, zoo carousel ride, electric bumper car, mechanical bull ride, and indoor playground equipment.

Those kiddie rides and thrill rides are very popular among tourists according to the later feedback of the customer. The cooperation between Beston and Vietnam customers is very successful because they are not only satisfied with Beston Company but also with park rides in Beston.

Beston Tagada Ride in Vietnam Playground

Beston Electric Bumper Cars in Vietnam

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Vietnam customers visit Beston Company and factory before the purchase of these rides to make sure that they find the right supplier. After the visit, they decide to buy these rides directly because they find that Beston Company is a big-scale company which takes three-floor of the building and with staff almost 300. And what’s more, Beston factory is more than 50000 square meters and with factory staff over 200. They are so satisfied with the trip to Beston Company.

Beston Track Train Rides in Vietnam

Beston Mechanical Bull Rides in Vietnam

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Tagada rides in Beston has different models which can be tailored to kids and adults. We have varied electric bumper cars for you to choose, such as battery bumper cars, laser bumper cars, ice bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, kids mini bumper cars, and hydraulic bumper cars.

Beston Zoo Carousel Ride in Vietnam

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Carousel rides are always the hot choice for Beston customers. You can find Christmas carousel, ocean carousel kiddie ride, unicorn merry go round, car merry go round, and 2 story carousel rides. And track train rides also have many types for you to choose from. You can come to the track train rides page to choose what you want. Indoor playground equipment has many themes, and we can customize it for you.

Beston Indoor Playground Equipment in Vietnam

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