Beston Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Uzbekistan

What you see now is one of the feedback from Beston Uzbekistan customer because we have built several parks in Uzbekistan. We are so happy that our amusement rides do such a great help to our customers.

The amusement equipment below is all rides we plan for our customer in Uzbekistan. In exception of these rides, Beston also manufactures other types of amusement rides which can be applied to theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other funfairs, such as varied spinning rides and thrill rides.

chair swing ride
Beston Chair Swing Ride in Uzbekistan Park

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rocking' tug ride
Beston Rocking’ Tug Ride in Uzbekistan Park

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plane rides
Beston Self-Control Rotary Plane Rides in Uzbekistan Park

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teapot ride
Beston Teacup Ride in Uzbekistan Park

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From the pictures, you can see that our Uzbekistan customer orders many park rides including ferris wheel ride, teacup ride, self-control plane ride, robot walking ride, trackless train ride, roller coaster ride, chair swing ride, ladybug kiddie ride, and swing tower ride.

How beautiful are these rides against the black sky! Tourists spin round and round on the teacup ride and ladybug kiddie ride. Screams come out from the roller coaster ride and swing tower ride spreading the whole park. Tourists linger on these fun rides. And our customer is also satisfied with our rides.

They have decided to establish a long-term partnership with Beston Company, which is a win-win cooperation, and we look forward to the future cooperation.

trackless train rides
Beston Tackless Train Ride and Robot Ride in Uzbekistan Park

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self control plane ride
Beston Ferris Wheel and Plane Ride in Uzbekistan Park

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After seeing this, are you ready to cooperate with us? If you have needs in building an amusement park or theme park, or just some rides to make your park more attractive, you can feel free to contact us because we are always here waiting for helping you!

swing tower ride
Beston Swing Tower and Roller Coaster in Uzbekistan Park

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