Bumper Cars for Sale in Nigeria

Amusement park bumper cars are very popular amusement ride among tourists, which, in turns, boosts the rapid development of bumper cars business. As a hot amusement equipment, the bumper car ride is suitable both for kids and adults because it enjoys an easy operation, high safety and very exciting.

The bumper cars run in a certain area, and people can experience the excite and enjoyment of this amusement park rides by hitting each other without any hurt on their bodies. Old bumper cars may have much potential danger in running and hitting, but our new bumper cars are safe and smooth in running, beautiful and various in appearance, and varied in types.

amusement park bumper cars for sale
Beston Battery Bumper Cars in Nigeria

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electric bumper cars for sale
Quality Electric Ground-grid Bumper Cars

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Concerning the type of our dodgem bumper car, we have many varied kinds, such as electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, laser bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, ice bumper cars and water bumper cars. And in fact, ice bumper cars and water bumper cars belong to inflatable bumper cars which can run both in water and on ice.

So if you want to start a bumper cars business no matter in the water park, amusement park, or ice park, bumper amusements will be a perfect choice.

Types of Bumper Car Ride for Sale in Nigeria

We have so many varied kinds of amusement bumper cars that you can choose any one kind you need. Electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, laser bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars are four kinds of amusement park cars which popular among our former customers.

Our electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and laser bumper cars can be applied to indoor or outdoor amusement parks, car theme park, playground, funfairs, carnival, fairground, etc. And our inflatable bumper cars are suitable for places like a water park, shopping mall, family fun center, ice theme park, or any other places which have flat floors.

electric bumper car
Beston Thomas Bumper Cars for Sale

bumper cars on ice
BRIBC-1C Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

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Electric Bumper Cars to Nigeria

Electric bumper cars can be classified into three kinds which respectively are bumper cars amusement which draws power floor, dodgems ride which draws power from the ceiling, and bumper car which draws power both from the floor and the ceiling.

Floor-powered bumper car ride has its rule in running. When the rider of a classic bumper car, what the rider needs to do is to finish the circle round in the area as fast as he can, and of course the rider can also hit motorized bumper cars ride by others to make them away from the routine or lower speed of their fairground bumper cars.

Electric dodgems which draw power from the floor can automatically set the time of running as battery bumper cars. The timing control system of the dodgems and bumper cars can be achieved by remote control, and one remote control can control dozens of bumper car rides which are set in one area. When the set time is over, the operator of the dodgem bumper car rides just need to turn off the switch of the amusement park cars.

The speed of the carnival bumper cars are low generally, but floor-powered electric bumper cars are relatively faster in speed than other kinds of amusement park bumper cars. That’s because there is a layer of rubber tires around the electric floor bumper cars, and even though the rides hit together, electric bumper car and rides will not be damaged.

electric dodgems
Beston BRBC-1A Electric Bumper Car for Sale

Model: BRBC-1A
Material: Fiberglass
Speed: 7km—10km/h
Loading weight: 150kg
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Electric ceiling bumper cars are a kind of electric dodgems which draw power from the ceiling. The electric ceiling bumper cars are driven by a bumper car motor. Alternating current is converted by the DC motor and is transmitted by the electrode plate to the motor of the bumper car, and then the wheels are driven by the deceleration mechanism.

Riders sitting in the best electric bumper cars drive or stop the electric dodgems with foot switch control, and they can change the direction of the electric ceiling bumper car by the steering wheel. As electric floor bumper cars, ceiling-powered electric bumper cars also have rubber tire to buffer the collision from other riders.

electric floor bumper cars
electric bumper cars for sale

Model: BRFD-2A
Material: FRP+steel
Input voltage: 380V, 50HZ
Output voltage: 48V
Color: can be customized
Music: MP3 or Hi-Fi
Weight: 150kg
Speed: 6-11km/h
Control: remote control
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Battery Bumper Cars in Nigeria

Battery operated bumper cars are made of environmentally-friendly and anti-wear FRP and are equipped with many functions, such as advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing control, etc. The bumper car battery is 24v. The appearance of the battery powered bumper cars is designed according to images of lovely animals.

Our battery bumper cars are so popular among kids, adults, and customers because this kind of amusement bumper cars features in gorgeous colors, non-fading, environmentally-friendly, anticorrosion, good stability, novel design, highly safe and varied application. There are many types of battery powered bumper cars, such as drift bumper cars, super hero bumper cars, flying sauds bumper cars, flying rabbit bumper cars, space ships bumper cars and so on.

Each remote bumper car can accommodate two people. The speed and music of the battery operated bumper cars can be set by yourself, and the color and theme of the battery bumper cars can be customized without any extra charge.

battery bumper car manufacturers
battery bumper cars for sale

Model: BRBC-2A
Capacity:2 persons
Weight: 200kg
Battery: 12V,140A
Charging time:8 hours
Using time:10 hours
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Laser Bumper Cars

Laser bumper cars are different from other kinds of fairground bumper cars because it is equipped with a laser shooting point and a laser receiving point to achieve the interaction of riders. We have two kinds of laser bumper cars which are metal bumper car and inflatable bumper cars.

Our inflatable laser bumper cars can be applied both in ice and flat floor, and are very hot among tourists and customers. Our laser bumper cars are remote bumper cars which means that they need to be turned on or off by an operator. But the rider can freely control the direction of the laser bumper cars.

When the rider is shot one or nine times, the seat of the rider will vibrate, and the lights will shine constantly. When the rider in laser bumper machine is shot ten times or over, the laser bumper cars will stop running and move as a circle in one certain area, which is very interesting and interactional.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for sale in Nigeria

Inflatable bumper cars are a type of bumper cars which can be varied used in water parks, kiddie parks, ice world, flat floors, and etc. And inflatable bumper cars are bumper cars for toddlers. Kids over 5 years old can ride on the inflatable to enjoy the happiness of driving. Inflatable bumper cars are battery powered bumper cars which can be designed as ice bumper cars, water bumper cars, laser bumper cars and battery operated floor bumper cars.

The seat part of the inflatable is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, and the lower part of the remote bumper cars are made of PVC(polyvinyl chloride)which is totally friendly for the environment. Our inflatable kids bumper cars are characteristic of 360 degrees rotation, gorgeous LED lights, time-setting system, long-lasted and large capacity battery and full digital control system.

water bumper boats for sale
Beston Water Bumper Boats for Sale

Model: BRIBC-1A
Battery: DC 12V,55AH*2pcs
Car size: φ1.9m
Loading weight:150kg
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If you have any needs in above-mentioned bumper cars, please contact us, and all colors, music, and appearance can be customized according to your requirement without any extra charge.

Advantages of Beston Dodgem Bumper Cars

  • Easy and safe operation. When the switch is turned on, what the ride needs to do is to hold the two handles which can control the running direction of the dodgems ride. And all electric bumper cars are protected by tires, so there is no damage when rides hit each other.
  • All fairground bumper cars are controlled by the digital system.
  • The color, size, music, and appearance of the carnival bumper cars can be customized.
  • One year warranty and lifelong tracking services.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship and skilled workers.
  • Varied application. Our amusement bumper cars can be applied to amusement parks, shopping malls, car theme parks, ice world, carnival, kiddie fun parks, fairground, water parks, and so on.

Dodgem Bumper Car Parts

A bumper car mainly consists of bumper car cars, bumper car track, bumper car floor, bumper car battery or bumper car motor, the bumper car handles and other decoration parts. Bumper car cars are bumper car bodies which form the main part of amusement bumper cars. Our bumper car battery enjoys a reputation for lasting long and large capacity. Bumper car floor is the designed area for dodgem bumper car to run. Bumper car handle is designed for riders to control the direction of a bumper car.

If you are interested in any type of amusement park bumper cars, please contact us because Beston group is a professional bumper car manufacturer and a supplier of many different kinds of amusement rides. we believe that both our amusement equipment quality and price and service attitudes can make you satisfied.

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