Buy Amusement Park Rides in Beston-Iraq Customer’s New Park

How exciting the news is that a new park is built in Iraq with the help of Beston Amusement Equipment Company. Here we express our truthful thanks to Iraq customers’ trust. Although Beston has helped many customers in different countries such as Uganda, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia, Nigeria, etc., built new parks, we still treat every customer sincerely.

From the picture we can see that Iraq customers buy carousel ride, electric bumper car, human gyroscope ride, wacky worm kids roller coaster ride, mini ferris wheel ride, mini Frisbee ride, samba balloon ride, and self-control rotary plane rides here in Beston. According to the later feedback, our Iraq customers said our kiddie rides and thrill rides help him a lot in his park business, and we are happy to hear that.

samba balloon
Beston Samba Balloon Ride in Iraq Park

small ferris wheel
Beston Kids Ferris Wheel Ride in Iraq Park

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Beston is a professional amusement rides company in Chinese which is specialized in the design and production of different types of amusement park rides. Iraq customers choose Beston as their cooperative partner because of our good reputation and products. From the very beginning, they find us in Google, and our sales manager provide excellent services for them, such as factory price list and detailed products information.

And then they come to Beston factory to see that whether we are specialized enough to build a new park for them. But after the visit of our factory and company, they place their order without hesitation because they marvel at the scale of Beston Company.

Beston has exported to over 100 countries around the world, and we have built three oversea warehouses in Pakistan, Russia, and Uzbekistan. To provide more help to you, we keep ourselves moving on. We hope you will be the next one to cooperate with us, and we will surprise you.

carousel ride
Beston Carousel Ride in Iraq Park

helicopter ride
Beston Sel-Control Rotary Plane Rides for Sale

wacky worm coaster
Beston Wacky Worm Ride in Iraq Park

miniature roller coaster
Beston Caterpillar Roller Coaster in Iraq Park

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