Carnival Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Carnival rides are generally regarded as amusement rides which can create enjoyment and thrill feelings for people. Beston is an expert amusement equipment company in manufacturing carnival amusements, and you can find different types of carnival rides in our company. Carnival equipment in our company is attractive in appearance and good in quality.

From kids carnival rides to extreme carnival rides, Beston always follows the principle of supplying the best carnival rides around the world, and from the feedback of our customers, we are proud to recommend you our carnival fair rides. Carnival amusement rides can be often found in fairs and parks which are the happy world for kids and adults. Except for types of carnival rides we have produced, we can also customize popular carnival rides, so welcome your contact.

Carnival Rides

We have different types of carnival rides for you to choose, such as extreme carnival rides, kids carnival rides, spinning carnival rides and popular carnival rides. Each kind of carnival amusements own its suitable passengers, and each one has its own features. All carnival rides names are designed and produced to bring enjoyment and excitement to people, and if you want people to be happy, choose our most popular carnival rides, and you will not regret your choice.

Extreme Carnival Rides

Extreme carnival rides can make people feel excitement and thrill. Wild carnival rides are not like kids carnival rides which are fast in speed. We design and produce scary carnival rides to cater to the need of thrill-seekers and to create benefits for carnival businessmen.

Passengers riding on the scariest carnival rides can make their body and mind relax, and they have no need to worry about any concerns in life. What they need to do is to enjoy the moment sitting on the cool carnival rides. What a great thing! Our fun carnival rides will be a healer of your troubled heart. Crazy carnival rides we recommend to you mainly are carnival rides kamikaze, carnival roller coaster, carnival wheel ride, paratrooper carnival ride, carnival rides Miami and yoyo carnival ride.

Kids Carnival Rides

Kids carnival rides are designed for kids and also for adults because they are suitable both for kids and adults. Miniature carnival rides are usually very cute in appearance to attract the attention of kids, and the low speed and lovely music in our mini carnival rides are acceptable for kids so that their parents have no need to worry that their kids will be scared by our carnival rides for children. Kids carnival rides share many commons with backyard carnival rides and indoor carnival rides. For instance, they are slow in speed and small in size.

For kids carnival rides, we have octopus carnival ride, soft playground, carousel carnival ride, helicopter carnival ride, carnival train ride and carnival boat ride. All of these are available to you, and they can be tailored to your requirements.

Chair O Plane for Sale

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Spinning Carnival Rides

Spinning carnival rides are carnival rides that spin, or we can say carnival ride that goes in a circle. Spinning carnival rides are so popular because they are special in design and experience. Carnival rides that spin can not only self-rotation but also rotation of their cabins.

We have carnival swing ride, octopus carnival ride, carnival horse ride and helicopter carnival ride for you to choose. Riding on the spinning carnival rides, riders can fell strong centripetal force, and release their laughter with the running of carnival ride that goes in a circle.

Popular Carnival Rides

We also have some popular carnival rides for you, such as ocean walk ride, wacky worm ride, pirate ship ride, energy storm ride and Frisbee ride. These popular carnival rides enjoy a high popularity among tourists and our customers, and if you need, please contact us.

BRWS-12B/C Portable Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

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Portable Carnival Rides for Sale

Portable carnival rides refer to those traveling carnival rides which can be move easily from one place to another. Mobile carnival rides become more and more popular because they are convenient for you to move and you don’t have to plane a site for them, which could save many costs for you. Portable carnival rides in Beston mainly consist of portable kids Ferris wheel rides, trailer mounted mini pirate ship rides, portable teacup rides, mobile swing chair rides and mechanical bull rides.

What we list here are some of the mobile carnival rides, and there are still other kids amusement rides which can be turned into traveling carnival rides. So if you are looking for portable carnival rides which are not on the list, please contact us to help you out.

Beston portable carnival rides are easy to move because they are very light, and you just have to prepare a truck to drive away. And actually, our mobile carnival rides not only can be applied to carnivals but also can be used to funfairs, parties, festive activities and seasonal events. We can provide many different kinds of portable carnival rides in different themes, colors, and music.

So if you have any need in portable carnival rides or other carnival amusements, please contact us, and we will guarantee you the best-quality amusement rides and excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.

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