Purchase Popular Amusement Park Rides to Nigeria

amusement park rides for sale in Nigeria

Customers in Nigeria bought a series of amusement park equipment to Nigeria! The product lists in the park includes the following: ferris wheel, 24seats carousel rides, 4 sets go karts car, dumbo rides and some other equipment. And we also arranged the delivery for our customers to guarantee the safe and quick shipping to Nigeria! … Read more

Congratulations: Nigerian Park Built by Beston Is Put into Operation

mini swing rides for sale in Nigeria

Congratulations! The park in Nigeria built by Beston amusement has been put into operation. And all amusement equipment in the park are running stably and in good condition. More importantly, the earnings of the park owner are very well. Amusement Park in Nigeria This park project are is located in Ibadan Nigeria.The park and the … Read more

Installation of Amusement Park Rides in Nigeria

kiddie plane rides for sale

Beston has exported some amusement equipment to a Nigeria Park. It includes the double face ferris wheel for kids, fruit worm kids roller coaster rides, self-control kiddie plane rides and some other amusement rides. Our customers in Nigeria reflect that their customers feel satisfied with these rides in their park.The followings are customer feedback of … Read more

Beston Amusement Park Design in Nigeria

free amusement park design

Beston has installed many parks of different sizes around the world, such as Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Ugada, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and so on. Especially, Nigeria is one of our main and largest market and we have established a long-term relationship with many customers in Nigeria. We have designed … Read more

Fruit Worm Roller Coasters for Sale in Nigeria

small roller coasters for kids in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of our main and largest market of amusement equipment in Beston company. We have set up several amusement and theme parks in Nigeria. Besides, Beston also supplies and installs different types of amusement park rides for some parks and entertainment center in Nigeria.  Please check our website to get more details and … Read more

Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale in Nigeria

professional kiddie plane rides - self-control rotary rides for sale

Self-control kiddie plane rides are popular amusement rides in different parks in Nigeria. And Beston self-control rotary plane rides are well received by many kids and visitors in parks and malls. Beston has sold several sets of self-control kiddie rides in Nigeria, including the kiddie plane rides, kiddie bee rides, etc. All these kiddie rides … Read more

Installation of Beston Chair Swing Rides in Kenya

carnival swing rides for sale

Beston has installed the most popular spinning rides and thrill rides – chair swing rides in a park in Kenya. After it was finished to set up in the park and opening for kids and families, it is welcomed by many kids and their parents in the parks. Our customers in Kenya said to us … Read more

Successful Installation of Beston Kiddie Swing Rides in Nigeria

mini carnival swing ride for sale

Contact for Prices Congratulations! A beautiful kiddie swing ride and some other amusement park rides are successfully installed in a park in Nigeria. Our customers have bought several amusement rides from our company – the professional and leading amusement park rides manufacturer in China! Now we have completed the installation and all equipment runs well. … Read more

Amusement Park Equipment for Sale in Belarus

disco ride

It’s the fourth time that Belarus customer purchases amusement equipment from Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Company. After the first cooperation, our Belarus customer is very satisfied with Beston amusement rides, which makes him the other three times purchases. We are very glad that he can establish a long-term partnership with us, and we will keep … Read more