disco ride for sale in Nigeria

Client Feedback of Beston Park Project in Nigeria

Several months ago, one of our customers from Nigeria contacted us to purchase some popular amusement rides to install in a park project in Nigeria. Due to months of hard-working and cooperation in Beston, the outdoor park project – Diamond … Read more

Beston Compound Hotel Supporting Project in Nigeria

Beston Compound Hotel Supporting Project in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Project in Nigeria Beston successfully helped our customer in Nigeria build an attractive park project. And now everything goes well and our customer felt very satisfied with our professional park design, quality amusement equipment as well as our … Read more

Amusement park rides for sale in Nigeria

Popular Amusement Park Rides Shipping to Nigeria

Check below to find the popular amusement park rides from Beston group: small roller coaster (sliding dragon roller coaster), 24 seats UFO disco rides and 20m ferris wheel to the park in Nigeria. The photos are product and delivery pictures, … Read more

amusement park rides for sale in Nigeria

Purchase Popular Amusement Park Rides to Nigeria

Customers in Nigeria bought a series of amusement park equipment to Nigeria! The product lists in the park include the following: ferris wheel, 24 seats carousel rides, 4 sets go karts car, dumbo rides and some other equipment. And we … Read more

kiddie plane rides for sale

Installation of Amusement Park Rides in Nigeria

Beston has exported some amusement equipment to a Nigeria Park. It includes the double face ferris wheel for kids, fruit worm kids roller coaster rides, self-control kiddie plane rides and some other amusement rides. Our customers in Nigeria reflect that … Read more

free amusement park design

Beston Amusement Park Design in Nigeria

Beston has installed many parks of different sizes around the world, such as Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Ugada, Mexico, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and so on. Especially, Nigeria is one of our main and largest market … Read more

small roller coasters for kids in Nigeria

Fruit Worm Roller Coasters for Sale in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of our main and largest market of amusement equipment in Beston company. We have set up several amusement and theme parks in Nigeria. Besides, Beston also supplies and installs different types of amusement park rides for some … Read more

professional kiddie plane rides - self-control rotary rides for sale

Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Self-control kiddie plane rides are popular amusement rides in different parks in Nigeria. And Beston self-control rotary plane rides are well received by many kids and visitors in parks and malls. Beston has sold several sets of self-control kiddie rides … Read more