Client Feedback of Beston Park Project in Nigeria

Several months ago, one of our customers from Nigeria contacted us to purchase some popular amusement rides to install in a park project in Nigeria. Due to months of hard-working and cooperation in Beston, the outdoor park project – Diamond Park has been put into operation for a period of time. From the client feedback videos and photos, the park project which was built by Beston satisfied our customers’ demands and has brought a higher return on his investment. Here are feedback from our customers.

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Amusement Rides in the Diamond Park in Nigeria

After consultation and communication, our customer in Nigeria finally choose a list of amusement park rides for the park project we built for them. The park solution we customized for customers in Nigeria included different thrill rides, theme park rides, kiddie rides, etc. You can find the disco rides, mini swing rides, double face ferris wheel, bumper cars, elephant trackless train, sliding dragon roller coaster for kids, mechanical bull rides, etc.

dragon roller coaster for sale in Nigeria
Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster for Kids in Nigeria

mini ferris wheel manufacturer in Nigeria
Double Face Ferris Wheel in Nigeria

dodgem bumper cars for sale in Nigeria
Quality Bumper Cars in Nigeria

Which types of amusement rides are you interested in?

Beston Amusement Park Rides Delivery to Nigeria

The delivery service Beston can supply for our customers can guarantee the goods transported to them safely, quickly and in time. Before delivery, we will assemble the amusement equipment and test all amusement rides. The test running includes the no load test, partial load test and full load test. All what we do is to make our customers can install the equipment smoothly and successfully when these equipments arrived to them. Besides, we have selected many freight forwarders who can provide better service with competitive price! Therefore, please rest assured and contact us whenever you need us, Beston will provide excellent services and supports to assist you all!

Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster Track in Nigeria
Sliding Dragon Mini Roller Coaster Track

Amusement Rides Materials in Nigeria
Amusement Rides Materials in Nigeria

Amusement Rides Parts in Nigeria
Amusement Rides Parts in Nigeria

Packing for Amusement Rides in Nigeria
Packing for Amusement Rides in Nigeria

Amusement Park Rides Delivery in Nigeria
Amusement Park Rides Delivery in Nigeria

Amusement Rides Delivery in Nigeria
Amusement Rides Delivery in Nigeria

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Photos and Videos of Beston Park Project in Nigeria

Now, all amusement rides in the Diamond Park has been installed successfully. Beston guided the installation online and offline, and we will provide foundation drawings, installation instruction and videos, installation guidance, etc., which can ensure the installation easily. After a period of preparation, now it has opened for business and here are some photos and videos our customers provided for us. And all amusement rides are working well and have brought a quite a number of profits. At the same time, the park we built is also bringing happiness and fun for all tourists, which will leave a pleasant memory for them!

disco ride for sale in Nigeria
UFO Disco Rides in Nigeria

Popular elephant theme trackless train for sale in Nigeria
Elephant Trackless Trains for Sale in Nigeria

Related Park Projects from Beston Amusement

In the past few years, Beston amusement has installed different types of park projects in Nigeria, as well as other countries. We can design and customize various park solutions for our customers, such as amusement and theme design, design for scenic spot and leisure resort, plaza playground, park design for business district, indoor fun centers of various themes. Which types of park designs are you planning to build? Do hesitate to contact Beston Amusement whenever you have some demands! We will provide you professional services and supports, and suitable park solutions to make our customers’ park business succeed! Contact Beston to realize your dream and build a fun and magic world here!

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