Beston Compound Hotel Supporting Design in Nigeria

Compound Hotel Project in Nigeria

Beston successfully helped our customer in Nigeria build an attractive park project. And now everything goes well and our customer felt very satisfied with our professional park design, quality amusement equipment as well as our excellent services.
Hello, I am from Nigeria. I planned to build an outdoor park near my hotel and resort and I contacted Beston for some suggestions. Beston has helped us a lot in designing the park solution, producing the amusement rides, equipment delivery and installation. Now it functions very well after it has been built for more than one year. And I can get good support from Beston whenever I need help. Thanks for all your support!
Beston park project in Nigeria

Customer Cooperation Process in Nigeria

Amusement park equipment for sale - production selection
Consulting & Product Selection
Project Introduction: Our customer in Nigeria has land (1800 square meters) available for investment next to his hotel and resort. Then he contacted us through one of our clients in Nigeria and sent us a catalog about what they need.
Select Products: But, the amusement rides they choose are out of date in the amusement market. Then, considering our customers’ benefit, we suggest some new park rides which are popular among most customers, such as the UFO disco rides, kiddie Ferris wheel. After checking the videos and photos, he finally chose 7 sets of amusement rides from us for his project: carousel ride, swing ride, space walking ride, fruit worm roller coaster, self-control kiddie plane ride, disco ride, and kiddie ferris wheel.
Beston Outdoor Park Project in Nigeria
1800 m2 Outdoor Park Design
Confirm Park Design: According to the final product list and the actual situation of the land (including the land areas), we confirmed the park design for our customer within one week, which is the optimal solution. Of course, in order to satisfy our customer and meet his demands, we changed the park solution at least four times.
Beston Park Design: It is well known that the park solution is our strength, and we can provide different park solutions for our customers, including the amusement and theme park design, indoor fun center design, product customization and lighting project. Which one are you interested in? Please feel free to contact Beston for details!
Amusement park rides production process
Production and Test
• Rustproof: Because of the rainy weather, we suggest the waterproof treatment for all amusement equipment to extend the service life of amusement rides, including all the frame and electrical components. We adopted a new spray-painting process with special painting before rust-removal for all frame.
• Factory Visit: He asked his agent to come to visit our factory, and we also had a short video conference with our customer in our factory. And at last, they are at ease with our factory as well as our product quality. We promise that all Beston amusement rides are directly from our factory.
• Running Test: we finished production within 45 days and it takes 10 days for us to arrange the running test for all amusement rides before the delivery.
Beston amusement park rides installation in Parks in Nigeria
Installation and Delivery
• Delivery: Because of the COVID-19, most factories and ports have been closed, and we have no choice but to delay the delivery. But we spare no effort to arrange the delivery as soon as it is available. Finally, the amusement equipment arrived to our customer in Nigeria after two months of sea transportation.
• Installation: In general, we would like to dispatch our engineers to our customers for the installation. But, due to the impact of the epidemic at that time, there is no way to fly to Nigeria. So, we sent the foundation and installation drawings to our customer and guided the installation online through the local technical first time. In the process, we tried our best to solve every problem and also offered some spare parts to replace. Now, the the outdoor park function well until now.
Compound Hotel Project in Nigeria built by Beston
Project Operation and Profitability
• Project Operation: This hotel has been opening for more than one year in Nigeria and everything goes well now. Besides, it has become one of the most popular places in this hotel and resort.
• Profitability: As the amusement rides are very popular and always attracts a lot of passengers for the park project as well as the hotel. And it not only can bring benefits to the outdoor park, but also it can attract customers for the hotel, which means much more profits. So, the CEO of the Vinmilan Hotel & Resort felt very satisfied with our company: Beston Amusement! He hopes to cooperate with us for more park projects with Beston in the future.

Beston Always Cares About Our Customers’ Demands!

“We have always insisted on fulfilling our mission: focus on the essential needs of our customers, to provide the competitive and overall solutions and continuously create maximum value for customers!”
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