Congratulations: Nigerian Park Built by Beston Is Put into Operation

Congratulations! The park in Nigeria built by Beston amusement has been put into operation. And all amusement equipment in the park are running stably and in good condition. More importantly, the earnings of the park owner are very well.

Amusement Park in Nigeria

This park project are is located in Ibadan, Nigeria. The park and the amusement rides in the park are all planned, designed and supplied by Beston amusement company. And the park has been set up completely and put into operation. Visitors feel fairly satisfied with this park as well as these attractive amusement park equipment.

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Nigerian Park Built by Beston Is Put into Operation

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The park is mainly composed of the kids amusement rides and some thrill rides, which attracted many visitors’ attention in the park or around the park. It can attract  a large stream of people, which can bring huge profits for the park owner.

Beston Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Beston has exported different types of amusement park rides for sale in Nigeria, such as chair swing rides ( mini swing rides), self-control kiddie plane rides, Fruit Worm Roller Coasters for kids, disco rides, tagada rides, roller coaster rides, ferris wheel, carousel rides, amusement trains, bumper cars, etc. Beston not only supplies all types of park rides but also designs and sets up amusement park, theme park, and water park for customers.

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Beston Kiddie Bee Rides in Amusement Park

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Fruit Worm Roller Coaster for Kids in Nigeria

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small roller coaster rides for kids
Fruit Worm Roller Coaster for Kids in Nigeria

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Kiddie Swing Rides in Nigerian Park

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Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer

BESTON group is not only the first-class amusement equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, but also has a professional amusement project planning and design team. Because of the rich experience in amusement project planning and design, Beston can provide the efficient and high-quality integrative service for customers all over the world.

Our professional teams offer the services from planning and design of the amusement and theme park project to the supply and installation of amusement equipment. Therefore, our integrated service has received a good reputation at home and abroad market.

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