Disco Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Disco ride, also known as disco roller coaster, flying UFO ride, magic bowl rides or flying disco ride, can be regarded as one types of thrill rides or swing rides, which often can be found in thematic parks, amusement parks, fair and funfair ground.

Disco rides for sale in Beston company enjoys a high popularity both at home and abroad, and customers choose our disco ride because of the attractive appearance, exciting music, first-class quality and perfect services of our disco thrill rides in Nigeria. Our disco ride will be your best investment choice.

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BARD-01 Beston Disco Rides for Sale in Nigeria

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Design Thinking of Amusement Park Disco Ride in Nigeria

We design and produce disco ride aiming at making tourists feel the happiness of deep relaxation and stress releasing. We adopt the shape of a half-pipe as the track of our disco ride which looks like a lunar crescent. The design is very novel and very attractive. Besides, we employ a circular platform as the place people sit. The platform moves back and forth along a halfpipe track while spinning.

When people sitting on the platform of our disco ride, with the accumulating of speed, they will experience high speed, rotation, and centrifugation, which is very exciting and thrilling, just like the feeling in a roller coaster ride or any other kinds of thrill rides. Can you imagine the effect of putting a disco roller coaster ride in your amusement park, theme park or carnival occasion?

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Beston BARD-02 Flying Disco Rides for Sale

Model: BARD-02
Height of the equipment: 8m
Running height:0.6-5.6m
Voltage: 380v
Power: 22kw
Speed: 10.93m/s
Capacity: 24 persons
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Working Principle of Beston Disco Roller Coaster

In terms of the working principle of amusement park rides disco roller coaster, it is not complicated. Actually, the electronic control unit is the main switch. When people are ready, the operator turns on the switch, and then, the turntable disc will slide back and forth along the track. Each side of the track is the highest point, and the middle part of the disco ride track is the lowest point.

The turntable disc glide from the lowest point to the highest point and then to the lowest point. In this process, passengers will fully experience the enjoyment of weight loss. In addition to the back-and-forth movement of the turntable disc of the disco ride, the turntable itself also rotates circularly. The feeling is just as exciting and thrilling as riding on a roller coaster ride.

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Beston BARD-03 Disko Ride for Sale

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Beston BARD-04 Disco Rides for Sale

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Advantages of Beston Disco Rides for Sale in Nigeria

  • Gorgeous and colorful LED lights. Our disco ride thrill rides have an attractive appearance, and except the shape and color, what the most beautiful is the LED lights. We decorate the disco ride with different colors of LED lights. And when the night falls, the disco ride with changeable colorful LED lights can grasp people’s eyes easily.
  • Fine workmanship. Our factory is staffed with skilled workers to produce top-quality disco ride. Our company is specialized in the design and production of amusement rides for a long time, so we can assure you the workmanship of our disco ride.
  • Novel style and good quality. The halfpipe track is very interesting and attractive to tourists. What’s more, our disco ride is decorated with many beautiful patterns which are quite eye-catching. Our disco ride is made up of first-class galvanized steel and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics). And the principle of our company is to strive for survival on the basis of quality, which means you have nothing to worry about the quality of our disco ride or any other kind of amusement rides.
  • Excellent performance and simple operation. Our disco ride thrill rides enjoy a reputation for durable and stable performance, and you can find it true for our customers. What is more important is that our disco ride is simple in operation, and the perches, we will send the engineer to your country to train operator for you free of charge.
Beston Disco Rides for Sale in Nigeria

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Main Parts of Disk O Ride in Thematic Park

A disk o ride mainly consists of a sliding track, a turntable disc, and an electric control unit. A sliding track in a disco ride, as the track in a mini roller coaster, a tagada ride and amusement park trains, serves as a part of the normal operation of a disco ride. The turntable disc, like the platform in the disco tagada rides, is the place to accommodate passengers. Along the turntable disc, there are inwards-facing seats or outwards seats which usually can hold 24 people, less or more.

The electronic control unit is designed as headquarter of the disco ride. And generally speaking, any kind of amusement ride, either roller coaster ride, chair swing ride, samba balloon ride or ferris wheel ride, mini-shuttle mini roller coaster ride, kamikaze ride, has an electronic control unit. All these parts combine together and become a thrilling and exciting disco ride.

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Disk O Ride in Beston

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Shipping and Package of Disco Ride in Nigeria

  • Package. All amusement rides in our company will be packed with bubble film carefully, and then we will use iron frames to protect the ride. When you receive the ride, you will find a wooden box, and inside the wooden box, it is our popular funfair rides.
  • Shipping. When we pack the amusement rides for you, we will, at the same time, contact the most suitable shipping way and shipping house.

Services of Beston Disko Rides for Sale in Nigeria

  • Detailed relevant information.
  • One-year quality warranty.
  • Installation free of charge.
  • Train operator for free.
  • Technical help at any time.

Safety Regulations for Disco Ride

  • Alcohol-affected people are not allowed.
  • Kids must ride at accompany of an adult.
  • People with sudden illness are not allowed.
  • Fasten the seatbelt and check it carefully.

If you are interested in our disco ride or any other kind of amusement rides, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the top-quality products and first-rate services.

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