Drop Tower for Sale in Nigeria

Drop tower is a kind of free fall ride and vertical drop ride for its falling from the high air. According to tourists’ feedback, a mega drop ride is much more thrilling than a coaster ride for its large vertical structure. With gorgeous lights, continuous up and down motion, and high safety, the giant drop is very popular among thrill-seekers.

When riders ride on the giant drop, the gondola will carry and lift them to the top of the drop tower. The mega drop ride will stop for a few seconds when it comes to the top of the tower, and then it will release itself to the bottom of the ride. And in the bottom of the ride, there is hydraulic damping system which ensures the safety of riders.

drop tower ride
Beston BARD-01 Giant Drop Tower Ride for Sale

Model: BARD-01
Capacity: 16 persons
Operating Height: 18.6m
Tower Height: 23m
Area: 9m*9m
Diameter of Rotation:3.7m
Voltage: 380v/220V 50HZ
Total Power: 66kw
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Beston Drop Tower Ride Design

Beston design the big drop ride as 23m in total height, 18.6m in operational height, and 16 persons in capacity. But the height and capacity are not limited because they can be tailored to your special needs.

From the appearance or video of the drop tower ride, we can see that the ride looks like a high tower with a circular gondola around its body part. We design it high in height and narrow in width to make it more thrilling in riding and small in area-covering. The shape of the gondola can be circular and horizontal.

vertical drop ride
Beston BARD-02 Free Fall Drop Ride for Sale

Model: BARD-02
Height: 24m
Capacity: 16 persons
Speed: 6m/s
Area: 13m*12m
Voltage: 380v
Total Power: 100kw
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Beston Drop Tower Ride Cost in China

As a professional and leading amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston is quite mature in manufacturing drop ride and other types of amusement equipment. We have a production base of more than 50000 square meters, and factory staff more than 200. You can trust us because we have exported to over 100 countries around the world.

From the assembling of raw material to the final amusement park equipment, we make it on our own. So the cost is lower than many suppliers who have no their own factory and skilled engineers. If you are interested in Beston or Beston amusement rides, you can come to visit our factory or company at any time.

best drop tower rides
Beston BARD-03 Drop Tower Thrill Ride for Sale

mega drop ride
Beston BARD-04 Hot Sale Free Fall Amusement Ride

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Drop Tower Thrill Ride Height

Drop tower height can be customized according to your requirement. The higher the drop tower ride, the thriller it is, and the higher the cost. Maybe you’ve seen the tallest drop ride in the world. It is so thrilling and stimulating that many people have no enough courage to ride on it. The reason that you choose the free fall drop ride is to meet the needs of the majority, so it’s important that you choose a drop ride with reasonable height.

Similar Ride to Drop Tower Carnival Ride

Here we have a ride which is very similar to drop tower ride which is called frog hopper ride. Frog hopper ride is designed for kids, so it is much smaller than a mega drop ride. Frog hopper ride is cute in appearance to attract kids, and the speed of this ride is set suitable for little kids.

The working principle of the frog hopper ride is similar to drop tower themed ride. And the seat number and ride height can be customized according to your special needs.

Attentions When Riding on the Drop Tower Ride in Nigeria

  1. People with acrophobia, heart disease, high (low) blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, neurological disease, dizziness, high myopia, alcoholics, and children is less than 1.2 meters in height, 90 kg weight above, aged above 65 years old are not allowed to ride the mega drop ride.
  2.  Easy slippage items (such as mobile phone, camera, gold and silver ornaments, watches, glasses, shoes, etc.) should be taken off before riding on the drop tower ride.
  3. Passengers should follow the instructions of the operator, and sit in sequence, press the lever and fasten the seat belts on the drop tower fair ride.
  4. Passengers should wait for the device stopping safely before unlocking the seat belt and opening the safety bar.
big drop ride
Beston Free Fall Drop Tower Ride in Night

mega drop ride
Beston BARD-05 Giant Free Fall Ride for Sale

Want To Know More Information About Beston Drop Tower Ride?

Drop Tower Physics

From the drop tower video or picture, we can see that a drop tower ride mainly consists of a circular or horizontal gondola, main tower part, and electricity part. The gondola carrying riders is lifted to the top of the drop tower, and release down to the bottom of the ride. The continuous movements are on and on until time is up.

And there is hydraulic damping system to slow down the speed of the free fall drop tower ride. The sudden stop and drop of the drop ride bring many screams to your park.

Drop Tower Ride Manufacturer in China

Beston is a leading and professional drop tower thrill ride manufacturer and other types of amusement park rides, such as family and kiddie rides, fairground rides, theme park rides, carnival rides, and spinning rides. You can find varied amusement equipment here in Beston with guaranteed price and quality.

We will offer you the most reasonable and competitive price rides with top quality. We have exported our rides to over 100 countries, so you can rely on us. We have three oversea warehouses respectively in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

And to provide more services and quality amusement rides for you, we will keep moving to manufacture more types of good-quality rides.

Technical Data of Beston Best Drop Tower Rides

ItemDrop Tower Ride
Ride Total Height23m
Operational Height18.6m
Area Covering9m*9m
FoundationFixed Foundation
Lifting Speed≤1.2m/s
Falling Speed≤4m/s
Velocity of Rotation7rpm
Diameter of Rotation3.7m
Number of Gondola1
Capacity16 Persons
Cycle of Operation180s
Driving Power66kw
Voltage3N+PE 380V/220V 50HZ
Life Operation Time15 Years

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