Energy Storm Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Energy storm is a spinny ride which enjoys a high popularity among teens and adults. Passengers in the energy storm ride go upside and down with the rotation of the gondola and link arms, which is very thrilling and stimulating. Many fair patrons and carnival owners are fond of our energy storm amusement ride for its exciting music, shiny appearance, and durable operation. Therefore, if you are interested in our energy claw ride, please contact us at any time you like.

This kind of carnival ride is characteristic by its extreme thrill and exhilaration. The fair ride mainly consists of 3/4/5 arms, a hydraulic motor, the main axis, and gondolas. When the energy storm fair ride starts to work, the main arms will spin around the axis, and at the same time, the gondola will rotate as well.

energy claw ride 
energy storm ride for sale

Model: BRES-24C
Size: D13mxH5.5m
Capacity: 24P 3 arms
Power: 25kw
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Speed: 8.7-9.5rpm
Space area: 15mx15m
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What is an Energy Storm?

The energy storm refers to a kind of carnival ride and thrill ride which can be found in outdoor places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, and fairgrounds. The energy storm carnival ride is geared towards teens and adults who seek thrilling experience for fun or for stress releasing. Energy storm ride is just like its name, and when people sit on it, they can have the feeling of staying in the center of a storm.

energy storm fair ride
energy storm amusement ride for sale

Model: BRES-24A
Size: D13mxH5.5m
Capacity: 24P 3 arms
Power: 25kw
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Speed: 8.7-9.5rpm
Space area: 15mx15m
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energy storm carnival ride
energy storm fair ride for sale

Model: BRES-24B
Size: D13mxH5.5m
Capacity: 24P 3 arms
Power: 25kw
Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ
Speed: 8.7-9.5rpm
Space area: 15mx15m
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How Does an Energy Storm Work?

An energy storm ride is mainly driven by a motor and hydraulic pressure, and the energy storm ride mainly includes a central axis, swivel arms, link arms and cabins. There are colorful LED lights atop the central axis and the swivel arms of the energy storm. In terms of the movement of the energy storm show ride, it is varied.

Firstly, under the drive of the motor, the swivel arms spin around the central axis.

Secondly, link arms in an energy storm fair ride can roll upside and down which in turns, drive the up-and-down movements of the cabin, and furthermore, with the 360 degrees’ rotation, the gondola can be vertical and inverted. The mixing of different movements enables passengers to fully relax.

The swivel arms of this cool fair ride can be designed as three, four or five, and if the energy storm ride has three arms, it can accommodate 24 passengers. If the carnival ride has four arms, 32 passengers can be held, and if the arms are five, it means that 40 people can ride the popular fair ride at the same time. It is very exhilarating and stimulating!

energy storm
Beston Quality Energy Storm Ride for Sale

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Main Parts of an Energy Storm

As a huge and thrilling fair ride, the energy storm ride mainly includes the central axis, main arms, link arms and gondolas. All these joint parts make the energy claw ride thrilling and stimulating.

  • Central axis.
    In an energy storm carnival ride, the central axis is designed to support the entire energy storm ride and to play the role of rotation. Driven by the motor, the central axis rotates so that the energy storm ride, this new kind of amusement park ride, spins.
  • Main arms.
    Main arms in an energy storm fair ride are the part closely connected with the top part of the central axis. And the main arms is also connected with the link arms. The role of the main arms in an energy storm is like a bridge between the central axis and the link arms, and the length of the main arms in an energy storm directly decide the size of the energy storm ride.
  • Link arms.
    Link arms refer to the part connecting main arms and cabins in the energy claw ride. The exit of the link arms makes the rotation of the cabins come true. And the cabins are set in the link arms, which you can clearly see in the energy storm ride video and pictures.
  • Gondolas.
    Gondolas are designed to accommodate passengers. Normally, in an energy storm ride, each link arms comes with four gondolas, and each gondola can hold two people. When the main axis spins, each bucket in the energy storm also can rotate in the air, which makes the passengers go upside and down in 360 degrees.

Thanks to the central axis, main arms, link arms and gondolas, the energy storm becomes a new and popular amusement park rides for teens and adults. Fair patrons and carnival owners choose our energy storm for its novel appearance, quick returns, and good quality.

energy storm
best carnival rides energy storm for sale

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Characteristics of Beston Energy Storm

  1. Easy operation.
    Although our spinning carnival ride, that is the energy storm, is very large in size and complicated in design, it is quite simple in operation. Energy storm is controlled by a motor and hydraulic pressure, and once we turn on the switch, the energy storm ride will start to spin.
  2. Shiny appearance.
    Our energy storm is very cool and shiny in appearance. Before the energy storm ride is finished, we polished it four layers of paint, and after the final paint, we will put the energy storm ride in a baking house, which makes our energy storm show ride smooth and shiny.
    What’s more, we also decorate the energy storm with colorful LED lights. When the night comes, you can see a bling-bling energy storm.
  3. Cheerful music.
    Another reason why our energy is so popular is that we apply cheerful music to it. Self-rotation, shiny appearance and exciting music make passengers feel that they are travel around the outer space.
  4. Excellent quality.
    The frame of our energy storm ride is made up of good-quality steel, and the cabin and other decorative parts are made up of the first-class fiberglass reinforced plastics which is barely possible to wear and tear. And with the improvement of producing skills, we are more mature in making amusement park rides, including energy storm.
  5. First-rate services.
    Before the purchase of our energy storm, we will provide you detailed relevant information, and after the buying, we will contact suitable shipping house for you to ensure you receive the products timely and in good condition.
    In addition, we will also send the engineer to your country to install the energy storm free of charge. One-year quality warranty will be offered, and you can contact us at any time for technical help.
energy storm
energy storm show ride for sale

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Energy Storm Manufactures

Honestly saying, there are many energy storm manufacturers, but we can assure you that either in quality or in services, our company is in a leading position.

By the way, when you have decided to buy an amusement ride, you should select and compare it among several companies, and the thing you should bear in mind is to carefully consider the quality, brand and maintenance frequency. Only in this way, can you buy an amusement ride with good quality and durable operation.

We produce many types of amusement rides, like swing tower ride, roller coaster ride, ferris wheel ride, carousel, bumper car ride and track and trackless train. Up to now, we have exported over 100 countries, such as Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so on. Another thing worth noting is that we have established 3 oversea warehouses separately in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

Do contact us please if you are in need of an energy storm, or any other kinds of amusement park rides, theme park rides, and carnival rides. Good-quality amusement rides and first-rate services will be provided.

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