Fairground Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Fairground rides are amusement ride which can be found in fairs which are held to provide a place for kids or adults enjoyment. Then fun fair equipment would be indispensable for making people have fun. Fairground amusements are quite like amusement equipment in outdoor fun parks which are exhibited to attract tourists to ride on them.

double decker carousel ride manufacturers in Nigeria
Beston carousel ride for sale in Nigeria is investors’ perfect choice for their indoor and outdoor park business. Merry go round carousel rides are fairly popular for their beautiful appearance and unexpected experience. What’s more, Beston amusement park carousel enjoys ...
electric bumper car
Amusement park bumper cars are very popular amusement ride among tourists, which, in turns, boosts the rapid development of bumper cars business. As a hot amusement equipment, the bumper car ride is suitable both for kids and adults because it ...
giant wheel ride
A Ferris Wheel, also known as observation wheel, panoramic wheel, gondola wheel or carousel wheel, is very popular in amusement and theme parks in Nigeria. And the main reason that why amusement ferris wheels are so popular is that the ...
dragon coaster
Kids roller coaster is very popular in amusement parks, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, playgrounds, theme parks, carnivals, and fairgrounds. Beston mini backyard roller coaster enjoys a high popularity among our customers and tourists for its attractive appearance, high safety ...
buy umbrella fairground ride
Paratrooper ride rotates circularly, so we can call it a circus ride, which can be easily found in outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, and fairground. In contrast to modern thrill rides, the paratrooper is a ride suitable for almost ...
viking ship ride
Pirate ship ride, also called viking ship ride, pirate boat ride, or corsair ride, is one kind of pendulum rides like frisbee ride and kamikaze ride which is characteristic of forward and backward swings. With competitive factory price and high ...
frisbee fair ride manufacturer
The Frisbee ride is one kind of pendulum rides manufactured in Beston, just like pirate ship boat ride and skymaster ride. It is also been called gyro swing ride, pendulum swing ride, and Frisbee flat ride. Riding on the Frisbee ...
octopus amusement park rides
Octopus ride is a kind of spinning rides like samba balloon ride, liberty music bar flat ride, and teacup ride. The ride is designed both for kids and adults with high safety efficient and exciting riding experience. Octopus swing ride ...
jumping kangaroo ride
Kangaroo jumping ride is one kind of jumping ride like jump and smile ride with the cute kangaroo as its prototype. Riding on the electric kangaroo jumping ride, riders will experience fun jumping with vivid music. Kids can sit together ...
rockin' tug ride
Rockin tug, manufactured by Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Company, is a popular fair ride in many places like amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other funfairs. The ride is suitable both for kids and adults, and you can check ...

The characteristics of fun fair equipment which can attract tourists can be the appearance or music of the ride. So if you decide to buy fairground equipment, you must choose those which can grasp tourists’ eyes. Beston fair ground rides are novel in appearance, varied in types, vivid in music, colorful in lights and exciting in running.

We are professional in producing fair amusement rides because we have a group of skilled engineers and responsible staffs. If you choose our funfair machines, you will get many benefits.

Types of Fairground Rides for Sale in Nigeria

We can see that in the fairground, there are so many kinds of amusement rides waiting for people’s riding. So if your fun fair equipment can be varied, it will be good for your fairground business. We have five types of fair ground rides for you to choose which respectively are fairground rides that spin, extreme fair rides, kids fair rides, classic fairground rides and new fairground rides, and you can choose as you need.

giant wheel ride
89m Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale

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Spinning Fairground Rides for sale in Nigeria

Fairground rides that spin refers to those fairground amusements which can spin circularly, such as chairoplane, cup and saucer ride, ferris wheel, self-control plane kiddie rides, octopus spinny rides, jellyfish ride and ocean walk ride. Those fun fair equipment share a common feature that spinning.

And some of the fairground rides that spin could be self-control which means that riders could control the running of the fun park rides when they are in self-rotation. Riders could control the funfair rides by the handles inside the cabin, which strongly increase the excitement under the effect of centripetal force.

the teacup ride
Bee Teacup Amusement Ride for Sale

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Extreme Fair Ride

The extreme fair ride is fun fair equipment which is thrilling and stimulating, such as Miami ride, skymaster ride, tower swing, rockin’ tug ride, Frisbee ride, roller coaster ride, pirate ship ride, and kamikaze ride. The extreme fair ride is characteristic of high in speed, giant in size and stimulating in riding. Riders sitting on the extreme funfair ride will experience the feeling of weightlessness and fully release themselves.

paratrooper fair ride
Carnival Rides Paratrooper for Sale

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Children’s Fairground Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Kid fair rides are those carnival fair rides which are designed for the young child, such as octopus ride, trackless train rides, ocean walk ride, teacup ride, fairground carousel ride and wacky warm ride. Although these fairground amusements are tailored to kids, they are also suitable for adults. Parents could sit together with their kids, which is good for their communication.

Kids fair rides are not so exciting as extreme fair rides because fast speed is not suitable for kids. Our kids’ fair rides take lovely cartoon images and adopt vivid music which can arouse kids interest to ride the funfair machines.

Classic Fairground Rides in Nigeria

Classic fairground rides are that amusement equipment which enjoys a long history and can be often seen in fairgrounds, such as ferris wheel ride, roller coaster ride, mini roller coaster ride, pirate ship ride, Frisbee ride and carousel ride. People are familiar with these vintage fairground rides for they are so common in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals or playgrounds.

But the charm of these classic fairground rides is that they are always appreciated by tourists. Tourists think that classic fairground rides should ride every time they go to a fairground or amusement park.

carnival roller coaster
3-Loop Rollercoaster Carnival for Sale

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New Fairground Rides for Sale in Nigeria

New fair rides are those fun fair equipment which is newly designed, such as human gyroscope ride, leswing car rides, lucky lion rides, plastic playground slides, mechanical bull rides, toy excavator, forest party rides, happy car rides, flying squirrel rescue kiddie rides, liberty music bar ride, and so on.

These new fair rides are designed and produced guided by high technology, so they have a lot of attractions for tourists. New fair rides are novel in appearance. In addition, new fair rides mean they are not often seen in fun parks or fairgrounds, so if you buy these new amusement rides ahead of other fairground businessmen, you will have the advantage of attracting more riders.

Fairground Ride Manufacturers in China

If you are wondering where can I buy a fairground ride, we recommend you Beston amusement equipment company. Zhengzhou Beston is a profession amusement equipment supplier. Although you can find many manufacturers online, we believe that we are your best choice because we can provide you best-quality funfair rides and first-rate services.

We have a series of certificates to prove you the quality of our amusement rides, and we will tell you how excellent our services are through actions. We can provide you one-stop service. You can enjoy reasonable and competitive factory price in Beston, and your visit to our company and factory are welcomed at any time.

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