Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria

A Ferris Wheel, also known as observation wheel, panoramic wheel, gondola wheel or carousel wheel, is very popular in amusement and theme parks in Nigeria. And the main reason that why amusement ferris wheels are so popular is that the observation wheel has characteristic of a wide application, suitable for people of different ages, and high cost performance.

ferris wheel
88m ferris wheel ride for sale

Model: GFW-88
Total height: 88m
Wheel diameter: 83m
Cabin number: 54
Total capacity: 324 persons
Ride time: 18min/round
Area: 45m*40m
Rated voltage: 380v/220v 50Hz

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 Visitors love it not only because it is an icon of an city, but also it can bring special feelings for parents and romantic story for lovers. Riders can see the beautiful scenery far away in the city. Sitting on the beautiful cabins of the electric ferris wheel, passengers will indulge themselves in elegant and lovely music, and colorful and glorious shining LED lights in the night make tourists linger on and on.

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What to do you know about a ferris wheel? It is an amusement ride with rotating upright wheel and many cabins for carrying passengers attached in the rim so that with the rotation of the wheel, cabins of a ferris wheel with passengers can spin as well with a low speed.

large big wheel
120m big wheels for sale

Model: GFR-120
Machine height: 120m
Wheel diameter: 107m
Cabin Number: 68
Each cabin: 6.per
Area: 60 m × 60m
Speed: 20 min/r
Total Power: 37kW
Full Power: 140Kw
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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A ferris wheel keeps its upright by gravity, and that’s the reason we design a ferris wheel as a complicated mechanical structure of the connecting rod which adjusts its holding level synchronously with the position of the cabin.

Different types of ferris wheels with different heights are available in our company from Nigeria ranging from 5 meters to 120 meters. If the ferris wheel ride is high enough, passengers can look over the landscape of the whole city with the lifting of the ferris ride.

Types of Beston Ferris Wheels to Buy in Nigeria

Beston group have produced many different types of ferris wheels with different dimensions and heights for Nigeria. Different ferris wheel dimensions have diverse application places and are suitable for various people of different ages.

Ferris wheel height in our company covers from 5m to 120m which totally can meet your needs. As for the types of the fair wheel ride, we have ferris wheel for kids and giant wheel ride available in the parks in Nigeria.

the big wheel
115m big wheel ride for sale

Height: 107m
Diameter: 115m
Running Speed: 14m/s
Running Power: 35.2Kw
Loading Capacity: 384 persons
Cabin Number: 64
Site: 51m*45m
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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big wheel prices
110m giant ferris wheel for sale

Model: GFR-110
Machine height: 110m
Wheel diameter: 98m
Cabin Number: 64
Each cabin: 6.per
Area: 60 m × 60m
Speed: 20 min/r
Total Power: 37kW
Full Power: 140Kw
Hydraulic friction rubber wheel drive
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giant wheel ride
104m giant wheel for sale

Model: GFW-104
Total height: 104m
Wheel diameter: 99m
Cabin number: 60
Total capacity: 360 persons
Area: 44m*37m
Total power: 55kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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giant wheel ride
89m giant ferris wheel for sale

Model: GFW-89
Height: 89m
Diameter: 83.5m
Running Speed: 18min/circle
Running Power: 45Kw
Loading Capacity: 324 persons
Full Power: 150Kw
Cabin Number: 54
Site: 45m*45m
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Giant Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria

The giant ferris wheel is a fair wheel which is over 15 meters but no more than 120 meters in height.

The big ferris wheel has more functions than small ferris wheel which can serve as an observation wheel of a city, such as the Eye ferris wheel. Normally, we can see that in an outdoor amusement park or theme park, big carousel wheel is often accompanied by giant roller coaster and carousel which are regarded as three symbolic amusement equipment in one park.

Concerning ferris wheel dimensions, we have various choices for you, such as 20m ferris ride, 25 ft ferris wheel, 30m electric ferris wheel, 42m spinning ferris wheel, 49m fair wheel ride, 72m fairground wheel, 88m fair wheel ride, 120m ferris wheel carnival ride, etc. And the most popular ferris wheel heights among our customers of the big panoramic wheel are 49m ferris ride and 88m playground ferris wheel.

big wheel ride
giant ferris wheel for sale

Model: GFW-72A
Total height: 72m
Wheel diameter: 67m
Cabin number: 48
Total capacity: 192 persons
Area: 48m*44m
Total power: 16kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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giant wheel ride
65m giant wheel for sale

Model: GFW-65
Machine height: 65m
Wheel diameter: 60m
Cabin Number: 42
Each cabin: 4.per
Area: 36.5 m × 30m
Speed: 15 min/r
Power Total Power: 22.75kW
Driving Mode: mechanical friction/hydraulic
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great wheel prices
52m big wheels for sale

Model: GFW-52
Total height: 52m
Wheel diameter: 50m
Cabin number: 36
Total capacity: 144 persons
Area: 33m*28m
Total power: 12kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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carnival ferris wheel
giant wheel for sale

Total Height:49M
Rotation Diameter:43M
Number Of Cabins:20
Capacity Of Cabin:4pers
Covering Area:16×20m2
Running Time:7rpm
Drive Mode: Mechanical Transmission
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49m Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria 

For 49m ferris wheel ride, the total height of it is 49m, but actually, its service altitude is 46.7m. And the 49m fairground ferris wheel is equipped with 30 cabins, and each cabin can accommodate 4 people. The rotation speed of the funfair wheel up to 0.2m/second, and 49m amusement park ferris wheel needs a 35*25m² area to make it run normally.

88m Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria 

88m playground ferris wheel is much higher than 49m ferris ride. This giant wheel ride has 54 cabins, and each ferris wheel cabin can hold 6 people. When the carnival ferris wheel is fully taken, it can accommodate 324 people. Can you imagine how splendid it is?

It takes 15 minutes for the 88m big ferris wheel to run a circle. The diameter of the turntable is 83m, and it takes an area of 42*36m². In our 88m carousel wheel, there is an air conditioner, which allows passengers to ride even in hot summer.

amusement park ferris wheel
50m big wheel ride for sale

Model: GFW-50
Height: 50m
Cabins: 32
Capacity: 32*4
Area: 32*35 m²
Power: 30KW
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giant wheel ride
42m big wheels for sale

Model: GFW-42
Total height: 42m
Wheel diameter: 38.4m
Cabin number: 24
Total capacity: 96 persons
Area: 23m*26m
Driving power: 16 kw
Rated voltage: 380v/50Hz
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Small Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria

Different from giant ferris wheel, small ferris wheel is specially designed for kids which has a height lower than 10 meters. Children’s ferris wheel is produced with many lovely images, such as stars and moons. Even though kids are not suitable for big ferris wheel, they can ride on the mini ferris wheel looking over the scenery of the park.

With lovely cartoon appearance, sweet music and gorgeous LED lights, our miniature ferris wheel and new ferris wheel are superior to old ferris wheel in functions and appearance, and are good family rides choice.

backyard ferris wheel
5m mini big wheel for sale

Model: GFW-5A
Total height: 5.5m
Cabin number: 5
Total capacity: 10 persons
Area: 5.5m*4.5m
Total power: 3kw
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kids ferris wheel price
Beston Small Ferris Wheel for sale

Model: GFW-5B
Total height: 5m
Cabin number: 5
Total capacity: 10 persons
Area: 6m*6m
Total power: 4.5kw
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mini ferris wheel for sale
Beston Double Face Ferris Wheel Ride in Nigeria

Model: GFW-6A
Machine height: 5.5m
Pod number: 10
Capacity: 20 persons
Area: 6.5m*4.5m
Power Total Power: 5.5Kw
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double ferris wheel for sale
Beston Strawberry Double Ferris Wheel for Sale

Machine height: 5.5m
Pod number: 10
Capacity: 20 persons
Area: 6.5m*4.5m
Power Total Power: 5.5Kw
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As for ferris wheel mini, we have two types. The one is ferris wheel small with one wheel, and the other is double ferris wheel which has two wheels rotating at the same time. Comparing with small ferris wheel with one rotation wheel, double ferris wheel has more cabins which can accommodate more people at one time.

Meanwhile, except for the rotation of the wheels, our double ferris wheel can achieve self-rotation which means that the main axle of the double ferris wheel can rotate with the rotation of the two wheels.

Children’s ferris wheel is wildly applied to parks, amusement parks, kiddie parks, communities, schools, resorts, gardens, backyards, fairgrounds, playgrounds, Children’s palace, and other funfairs because it takes a small area, and its novel design, special structure, and lovely appearance. We can customize the cabin shape, color or size according to your special needs without extra charge.

giant wheel ride
42m big wheels for sale

25 ft ferris wheel
25 ft ferris wheel for sale

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Ferris Wheel Parts

As a big observation wheel, it is quite complicated in manufacturing. A playground ferris wheel mainly consists of ferris wheel axle, ferris wheel upright, ferris wheel wheel, ferris wheel driving system, electrical system, ferris wheel painting, ferris wheel car, ferris wheel motor, ferris wheel seat, ferris wheel lights, etc. each part plays a different role in the running of the amusement park ferris wheel.

ferris wheel manufacturers
ferris wheel parts for sale

Want to know more?

Ferris wheel upright refers to the part in carousel wheel supporting and stabilizing the whole ride to make it rotate smoothly and steadily.

The material we adopt to produce ferris wheel upright is Q235B which is a kind of steel characteristic of certain elongation, strength, good toughness, castability, easy stamping, and welding. This type of steel is mainly used for welding structural parts with high quality requirements in construction and bridge engineering.

Ferris wheel axle includes the diameter of an axle, bearings and circular disc in the carnival ferris wheel. The circular disc in the carnival ferris wheel is also made up of Q235B which is superior in many ways than normal steel materials.

ferris wheel manufacturers
30m fairy wheel for sale

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Ferris wheel car is cabins in fairground ferris wheel. The shape of the cabin can be various, such as flower basket, telephone booth, glass door, etc., or you can tell us what shapes you want, and we will customize for you according to your special needs. Inside the cabin of the funfair wheel, there are the air conditioner, sound equipment, video, interphone, and fire extinguisher. The air conditioner in our fair ferris wheel is Midea which is a leading conditioner brand in China.

Ferris wheel lights is another outstanding characteristic of our fair wheel ride. When nights come, our best observation wheel lights the whole park, and tourists cannot move their eyes from the gorgeous panoramic wheel, so they will ride on the carnival ferris wheel and enjoy the charming night scenery of the city. We can design the color of the gondola wheel according to your requirement.

Ferris wheel painting of our carousel wheel is another thing worth mentioning. We paint three layers of paint to make the electric ferris wheel smoother and shinier. The primer of the playground ferris wheel is epoxy zinc rich primer which features in good anti corrosion, and the intermediate coat of the ferris wheel ride is open guard mid coat, and the finishing coat of the observation wheel is Fluorocarbon paint which has excellent performance, especially non-dust absorption, and non-fading performance.

Ferris wheel motor belongs to the ferris wheel driving system which functions as driving the running of the giant observation wheel. We adopt gear motor which has a good reduction ratio and low noise when the new ferris wheel is running.

How a Ferris Wheel Works?

A ferris wheel carnival ride works under the influence of acceleration, force, gravity, mass, inertia and centripetal acceleration. A ferris w rotates at a constant speed, but under the effect of direction, the speed of the fairest wheel is always changing. And the cabins of an amusement park ferris wheel are attached to the rim of the ferris wheel which makes the ride stays upright.

When the driving system starts to run, it provides electric strength for the rotation of the fairground wheel. Passengers sit on the cabins of fairground ferris wheel and rise from the lowest position to the highest position. In this process, they will fully experience the feeling of inertia and gravity. They can overlook the panoramic landscape of the whole park or city which is very exciting and happy.

carnival ferris wheel
carnival ferris wheel for sale

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Ferris Wheel for Sale Price in Nigeria

We have many different types of ferris wheel, and the price of funfair wheel with different ferris wheel height couldn’t be the same. But here may I give you some advice that is the price is not the most important thing for you in choosing a fair ferris wheel because the factors which influence the price of a fair wheel ride are various. For example, the quality of the ferris wheel motor, ferris wheel axles, ferris wheel painting, among others. You must take everything into consideration in buying a carnival ferris wheel.

Henan Beston is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer. We have exported our ferris wheel ride and other kinds of amusement park rides to over 100 countries. As a ferris wheel manufacturer with a good reputation among our customers, we assure you the quality of our fair wheel ride. Each amusement ride in our company has one year warranty and lifelong tracking services.

Advantages of Beston Amusement Park Ferris Wheel

  • Customization of LED lights color, ferris wheel car shape, and ferris wheel color.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, skilled engineers, and meticulous workers.
  • One year warranty and lifelong tracking system.
  • Free installation and free operator training.
  • Technical help at any time you need.

Technology Highlight of Beston Fair Wheel Ride

  1. All materials of ferris wheel carnival ride are made of seamless steel tube.
  2. All the parts are closed with steel pipe which can effectively avoid internal rust and improve carnival ferris wheel service life.
  3. After welding, the whole amusement park ferris wheel experiences shot blasting to improve the adhesion of paint, corrosion resistance and prolong fair wheel ride service life.
  4. All parts are made by CNC, which makes the funfair wheel has an accurate dimension and neat and beautiful appearance.
  5. After the welding of important parts, the whole process of post-weld inspection will improve the overall quality and precision of the carousel wheel.

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