Fight Shark Island Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Fight Shark Island is a newly-designed amusement park water rides. We can also call it a spinning ride because when the kiddie ride starts working, it is like a carnival ride that goes in a circle. This spinny ride is a good family ride because the cabin can accommodate both kids and adults. Sitting on the seat, kids or adults control the water gun which is designed in the shape of a small shark, or laser gun to shoot different kinds of animals on the central island.

And when animals are shot, they will make varied postures, such as spraying water and raising hands, which is very lovely and interesting. In the central part, there is a big shark, and if passengers on the kids’ theme park rides shoot the big shark, he will squirt out a column of water to attack the tourists. This kind of amusement park rides for kids enables tourists to entirely focus on the cool carnival rides and to enjoy themselves.

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BRSI-A Fight Shark Island for Sale

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Many kinds of amusement rides are suitable both to kids and adults, such as samba balloon ride, chair flying ride, mini shuttle mini roller coaster ride, cup and saucer ride, track and trackless train ride, robot amusement ride, ferris wheel, carousel, octopus ride etc. And all these amusement equipment is characteristic of low speed and easy operation because kids are too young to play thrill rides like roller coaster, kamikaze amusement ride or tower swing which are too thrilling and exciting.

Sitting on the fight shark island amusement ride, kids can fully experience the enjoyment of childhood and adults can also enjoy the happy time with their beloved children. Our fight shark island theme park water rides can often be seen in water parks, amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, funfair ground, fairground etc. And actually, our former customers and customers we are chatting now take in varied business, and our fight shark island Chinese amusement rides bring them many benefits and we have formed a long-term partner relationship.

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Fighting Shark Island Kids Amusement Rides for Sale

Model: BRSI-B
Capacity: 24
Diameter: 10m
Arm No.: 6
Seat: 12
Voltage: 380V
Power: 5kw
Speed: 12rpm
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Characteristics of Fighting Shark Island New Carnival Rides

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BRSI-D Fight Shark Island Amusement Rides for Sale

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  • Novel design
    We design the fighting shark island as an ocean world with a big shark in the middle and some other ocean creatures on the central part, such as dolphins, little sharks, turtles, and so on. Including the cabins, we take the shape of a fish. Kids sitting on the seats and shoot creature in the middle part looks like little fishes are fighting with some bigger creatures, which is quite exciting.
  • Craftsmanship
    We adopt the first-class fiberglass to make the fighting shark island kids amusement rides, and every part of the ride is skillfully made by our engineers and technical staff. Our skills in producing amusement equipment are quite mature, and all our engineers and staff have taken in this career for many years, so we can assure you the quality of our kids’ carnival rides fighting shark island kiddie rides.
  • One year warranty
    All amusement rides in our company have successfully passed the ISO9001 quality insurance system and been approved by with BV, SONCA and CE certificate. After the purchase of our fight shark island kiddie ride in one year, if something goes wrong for the quality of our spinning carnival ride, we will repair or change it free of charge. What’s more, we will provide lifetime tracking services which means that even the spinning fair ride is not in the one-year warranty time, we will also provide technical help at any time you need.
  • Varied application
    Whatever you are an owner of an amusement park, theme park, large shopping mall, park, or a patron of a carnival, fairground, our fight shark island kids ride is good enough to meet your requirement and can attract many tourists for your business.
  • Vivid music and colorful LED lights
    When kids fighting with “shark”, there is vivid music to make the game more interesting and exciting. When they shoot the creatures in the middle part of the fight shark island amusement ride, the sound of the water gun is like a real game gun. LED lights are another characteristic which lights the whole ride in the night, and the light shines with the rhythm of the music. Every kid cannot resist the temptation of our interesting fight shark island spinning fairground ride.
  • Customized
    Speed, color, and shape of the fight shark island new amusement rides can be customized.
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BRSI-C Small Amusement Rides Shark Island for Sale

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Safety Regulations of Fighting Shark Island Rides for Children

  • Tourists cannot over the fence when the fight shark island children’s rides are running.
  • Riders are not allowed to stand up when they shoot.
  • Kids must be accompanied by adults.
  • Tourists affected by alcohol are not allowed to ride the fight shark island amusement park equipment.
  • If the rider feels not well when the rides for children is running, stop the amusement ride immediately.
  • Each cabin can accommodate no more than two people.

Where to Buy Fight Shark Island Carnival Rides?

Henan Beston amusement park rides company, located in the middle part of China, specialized in the design and production of amusement park equipment. After years’ development, we have already mature in making different types of amusement rides and have exported to over 100 countries around the world.

A thing worth mentioning is that we have established three oversea warehouses respectively in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, and we are still expanding our company scale and customers group. The reason why our company can develop so well is that we always strive for quality of the amusement equipment and services to our customers, and the two factors are the key to make us survive in this business explosion time.

We deal with many different types of amusement equipment, such as thrill rides, spinning rides, kiddie rides, inflatable rides and water park rides. So if you have any needs to fight shark island kiddie rides or other types of amusement equipment, please feel free contact us, and we truly hope you are our next partner.

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Zhengzhou Beston

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