Flying Chair Ride for Sale in Nigeria

As a popular playground equipment, flying chair ride finds its way to amusement parks, theme parks or carnival occasions many years ago. From its name, we can tell that this kind of amusement park ride is very exciting. People sit in the chair of this ride and fly in the air. Few people can resist its attraction. With its perfect combination of adventure and excitement, flying chair ride in our company is a good choice for your park operation.

Beston can supply different types of Flying Chair Ride for Sale in Nigeria with different themes and capacities. Welcome to check here to send us an inquiry to get the latest price!

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What is a Flying Chair Ride?

A Flying Chair Ride,  also known as swing carousel ride, flying swinger, chain swing ride, chair-o-plane, yo-yo ride or spinning chair ride, is a classification of swing ride, which can be easily found in amusement parks, theme parks, and other fun occasions.

The reason why flying chair ride is called a swing carousel is that its appearance looks like a carousel ride. The swing carousel involves various kinds of motions, such as rotation, lift, and inclination angle. These functions make the flying chair ride more exciting and thrilling.

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Model: BRWS-32A
Capacity: 32 persons
Turntable Diameter: 12 m
Height: 10 m
Rotary Diameter: 15 m
Power: 15 kw
Voltage: 380 v
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BRWS-36A Swing Carousel Rides for Sale
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Model: BRWS-36A
Capacity: 36 persons
Covering area:18m
Height: 10 m
Power: 15 kw
Voltage: 380 v
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Different Types of Chair Swing Rides in Nigeria Market

We have different types of chair-o-planes, such as kids swing ride, carnival swing ride, fair swing ride, fruit swing ride, giant flying chair ride, chair swing ride with a tilted roof, chair-o-plane without a tilting head, and so on.

Chair Swing Ride with a Tilted Roof

A swing carousel with a tilted roof can be compared to a big umbrella with a tilting head, hanging many beautiful, exquisite and safe seats. As the swing carousel rotating, hanging seats whirl and dance like waves in the air.

If you are excited when a plane takes off, you will be more exciting because of the centrifugal force bringing by the rising rotation. With the increase of the centrifugal force, you and the chair will fly in the air, and surprisingly, all the other passengers in the wave swinger are in the same height and the same angle with you.

A flying chair is not the only feature of our wave swinger with a tilted roof, and another characteristic is that with the rotating of the seats, the roof also tilts, which makes a rapid rotation of the hanging seats in 360 degree. The feeling is like you are sitting in the clouds and on the crest of a wave.

The rotating and flying of the seats and the roof are very attractive to the tourists in amusement parks or theme parks. It’s so exciting and adventurous that you must experience by yourself!

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Model: BRWS-32B
Capacity: 32 persons
Turntable Diameter: 12 m
Height: 10 m
Rotary Diameter: 15 m
Power: 15 kw
Voltage: 380 v
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Chair-O-Plane without a Tilting Head

A wave swinger without a tilted roof, even if it is less thrilling than a chair swing ride with a tilting head, has its own charm. With the rising and falling of the chairoplane, hanging seats spin circularly in the air. This kind of swing ride is quite suitable for the riding of an adult and a kid. When the wave swinger starts to work, the adult can relish the fun of the childhood, and the kid can leave an unforgettable memory.

Popular Mini Swing Ride for Kids in Nigeria

Kiddie swing ride is designed and manufactured for children particularly. Comparing with giant flying chair ride, mini yo-yo ride focuses more on enjoyment, because kids are too young to experience the thrill and excite of wave swinger for adults. Riding on kids yo-yo ride, kids will fully experience the fun of their childhood, and this experience in an amusement park or a theme park will be an unforgettable memory for them.

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Model: BRWS-12A
Capacity: 12 persons
Turntable Diameter: 8m
Height: 8m
Rotary Diameter: 10m
Power: 15 kw
Voltage: 380 v
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BNFC-12C Quality Clown Swing Rides for Kids in Nigeria

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-12C
Capacity: 12 persons
Diameter: 5.5m
Height: 2.8m
Power: 3kW
Voltage: 380V
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Covering area:8.5m*3.5m
Voltage:220V/60HZ 110V/50HZ
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Giant Flying Chair Ride

Giant wave swingers are to meet the pursuits of young people. Big-sized yo-yo rides, on one hand, have more seats than other types of wave swingers, and on the other hand, are more adventurous and exciting than common-sized chair-o-planes. Riding on our chair-o-planes, they can fully release their stress, and come back to the carefree days of childhood.

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Swing Carousel Physics

According to what I have mentioned above, a swing carousel mainly includes a roof, a chassis, chains, seats, and motor. For the column is telescopic, the motor drives the ride rising slowing with the slight swinging of the hanging seats. When the swing carousel comes to its peak, it begins to rotate at a certain speed. And some kind of chair wing rides can tilt their head, and under this circumstances, the rides will rise and fall with the rotation of the head. With the increase of eccentricity, the ride will become more exciting and thrilling.

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To know more models of chair swing.

Main Parts of Chairoplane

  • Umbrella-like top. Every swing carousel has a roof which is quite like a big umbrella, functioning as a top of a chair swing ride. Inside the roof, there is a motor to drive the tilting and flying off the swing carousel. And the roof can be designed as different types of patterns, such as animals, figures, and cartoons, or we can produce according to your specific requirement.

  • Chassis. A chassis is like a foundation of a house, used as a floor offer of a chair swing ride. The chassis is connected to the roof by a column, and the column serves as a tool for the swing carousel lifting to the top.

  • Chains. Chains in a chair swing ride function as a connection of seats and the roof. Different sizes of chair swing rides possess different numbers of chains, 36 seats flying chairs, for instance, have 18 chains, and 16 seats flying chairs is equipped with 8 chains. The chain of our chair swing ride is made up of steel, which is very strong so that it can bear the high weight.

  • Seats. Seats are another indispensable part of a chair swing ride. They are like the train of a roller coaster ride and cabin of ferris wheel ride. Chair-o-plane seats in our company are all made up of top-quality fiberglass, so you don’t have to worry about their damage.

  • Motor. The motor in a chair swing ride is like the heart of a person, and without it, the ride has no energy to move. According to the check of quality inspection bureau in China, our motor is of high quality. What’s more, many of our customers give feedback to us that our motor is very good, and they don’t have to cost a lot to repair it or replace it.

Steps for Experiencing Chair-O-Planes

  1. Prepare on the platform.
  2. Make sure visitors have no heart disease, high blood pressure, or some other paroxysmal disease.
  3. Take off things that are easy to fall off, such as hats, necklace.
  4. Sit in the ride.
  5. Fasten the seatbelt.
  6. Check the safety belt again.
  7. Launch the ride.

Unique Characteristics of Beston Wave Swinger Ride

  • Easy operation. After free installation, our engineers will train operators for you free of charge, and the operation is easy enough to operate by one person.
  • Excellent services. Detailed information about wave swingers will be provided in before-sale and in-sale time. And after the purchase, we will find you the most suitable shipping house. In addition, we will provide you a one-year quality warranty, and you can contact us at any time.
  • Long use life. We can promise you the best quality of our wave swingers. From raw material to producing process and skills, we carefully obey the requirement of quality inspection authorities. So our chair swing rides take the leading position comparing with other manufacturers.

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