Flying Squirrel Rescue Kiddie Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Flying squirrel rescue kiddie ride is the newest amusement park ride in Beston which is designed for kids. Flying squirrel rescue kiddie ride is a kind of strongly interactive ride which make kids become braver. This type of kids’ fair ride is newly-designed by Beston Company, and many people have never seen it. So I believe that if you buy one flying squirrel rescue kiddy ride for your park, it will be a great success for your business.

Beston Flying Squirrel Rescue Spinning Rides for Sale

flying squirrel rescue ride
Beston Flying Squirrel Rescue Spinning Rides for Sale

flying squirrel rescue ride
Detailed Part of Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride

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From the picture we can see, there is a vulture who holds a baby squirrel in hand standing on the rock, and around the rock, 8 little vultures hiding in the eggshell. And there are also squirrels on the ground waiting for the rescuing of the baby squirrel. When the ride is on, kids sit on the squirrel cabin and ready to attack the vulture by water guns.

Flying Squirrel Rescue Kiddie Amusement Rides

Flying squirrel rescue kiddie amusement ride is quite like fight shark island rides because they both use water gun as the weapon and spinning as movements. One different point is that flying squirrel rescue kiddie ride can fly up and down like self-control helicopter ride and bee ride.

We design flying squirrel rescue kids’ carnival ride as 16 cabins, and each cabin can hold 2 persons. The spinning ride takes an area of 13m*13m, and the size of the kiddy new amusement park ride is 11m*11m. The operational speed of the flying squirrel rescue ride ups to 1.8m/s, and the operational height is 1.8m so that kids can have a fun in a certain height and rescue the squirrel baby.

Flying Squirrel Rescue New Amusement Park Rides for Sale

flying squirrel rescue new amusement park ride
Beston Flying Squirrel Rescue New Amusement Park Ride for Sale

Item: BEFS
Voltage: 380V
Power: 20KW
Size: φ11m
Service Height: 1.8m
Operating Speed: 1.8m/s
Floor Area: φ13m
Capacity: 32 persons
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New Amusement Park Rides- Rescue Flying Squirrel

Beston has designed many types of new amusement park rides in recent years, such as VR ride, liberty music bar flat ride, lucky lion kids amusement ride, forest party ride, Le Bar car ride, and indoor playground equipment. We design these rides to create more fun for people and bring more benefits to park owners.

In the flying squirrel rescue ride, we equip it with land laser water gun, marine water gun, and aerial cannon. The aerial cannon can shot out colorful ocean balls to hit the vulture. It is one of the newly-designed rides in Beston Company because we employ new images which are not adopted before.

Although it spins like many other kiddy rides, it has its own educational meaning which cannot be shown in other rides. The ride is very fun to play and make kids linger on.

Flying Squirrel Rescue Little Kid Rides in Beston Factory

flying squirrel rescue ride
Flying Squirrel Ride Before Painting

flying squirrel rescue spinning carnival ride
Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride in Beston Factory

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Flying Squirrel Rescue Spinning Fair Rides

We design flying squirrel new fair ride with spinning as its main movements because spinning rides are always well received by tourists in many places like fairgrounds, amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, and carnivals.

In exception of flying squirrel spinning fair ride, Beston also manufactures many other types of spinning rides such as chair o plane, happy jellyfish ride, carousel ride, samba balloon ride, aerotrim gyroscope, etc. spinning rides feature in spinning around a central axle and sometimes with up and down movements.

Different Cabins of Beston Flying Squirrel Rescue Kids Fun Rides

flying squirrel rescue kiddie ride
Cabins of Flying Squirrel Rescue Kiddie Ride

Flying Squirrel Rescue Spinning Ride
Cabins of Flying Squirrel Rescue Spinning Ride

Isn’t Our Flying Squirrel Rescue Kiddie Rides Fun?

Unique Features of Flying Squirrel Rescue Kids Fair Rides

  1. Original design. We use vultures and flying squirrel as the image of the spinning carnival ride which is almost not seen in other amusement park equipment. So it will be an attraction for tourists, especially for kids.
  2. Large capacity. The flying squirrel rescue ride has 16 cabins and can accommodate 32 people at one time. You will get quick returns after the purchase. And can you image 32 kids fighting together to rescue baby flying squirrel from the vulture?
  3. Customization. You can choose the color, cabin number, and music according to your inclination. What Beston pursues is to meet your needs and create benefits for you. You can tell us your requirements, and we will satisfy you as much as possible.
  4. Small footprint. Flying squirrel rescue ride is a kind of kiddy ride, so it doesn’t cover a large area like giant roller coaster ride. This small kiddie ride takes an area of 13m*13m but with a large capacity. So it is a wise investment if you want to get a quick return with a small ride.
  5. Wide application. Flying squirrel new amusement park ride can be widely applied to indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, large entertainment centers, carnivals, and fairgrounds.
  6. Excellent services. Our engineers will install the kid’s carnival ride for you free of charge, and the operator training is also for free. After the purchase of the spinning ride, it enjoys a one-year warranty. Technical help is always available to you.

Design Picture of Flying Squirrel Rescue New Fair Ride

flying squirrel rescue ride
Design Picture of Flying Squirrel Rescue New Fair Ride

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Flying Squirrel Rescue New Theme Park Rides Price

As a reputable amusement equipment manufacturer in China and abroad, Beston had its own professional production base of more than 50000 square meters. We not only manufacture flying squirrel rescue spinning carnival rides but also many other types of amusement rides like thrill rides, family and kiddie rides, carnival rides, spinning rides, theme park rides, and fairground rides.

A large factory means that we deal with all procedures by ourselves ranging from the assembling of raw materials to the final products. And there is no agent between us. You can buy varied park rides directly from Beston Factory at a lower price.

And what’s more, we have exported our rides to over 100 countries around the world, and they are satisfied with the quality and price of Beston amusement rides. If you are interested in Beston, welcome your visit to our company and factory!

Design Inspiration of Flying Squirrel Rescue Rides for Children

Beston designs the flying squirrel rescue kiddie rides according to the true story in China. Tibet, one of the remote province in northwestern China, has many ugly and ferocious vultures which feed on small animals like flying squirrels. Many squirrel babies are stolen and eaten by vultures. So the squirrel family decides to fight back to save their babies.

Flying squirrel rescue new theme park ride not only brings much fun for kids but improve their abilities to coordinate their hands. And more important thing is that through this type of kiddy ride, kids become braver and more righteous in the rescuing process.

Therefore, we recommend you to buy a flying squirrel rescue kiddie ride for your park because it will create more fun for your park, and can let tourists see its educational meaning.

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