Frisbee Ride for Sale in Nigeria

The Frisbee ride is one kind of pendulum rides manufactured in Beston, just like pirate ship boat ride and skymaster ride. It is also been called gyro swing ride, pendulum swing ride, and Frisbee flat ride. Riding on the Frisbee park ride, riders will have the feeling of flying in the sky and weightlessness. The two solid support frames ensure riders to fully experience the fun of Frisbee ride with no need to worry about safety.

frisbee carnival ride
Beston BARF-01 Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

frisbee amusement park ride
Beston BARF-02 Frisbee Fair Ride for Sale

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The gondola of the Frisbee amusement park ride is just like a circular Frisbee with many outward seats attached on it. When the ride in operation, gondola of the Frisbee fair ride starts to swing back and forth in a certain angle, and the angle of the Frisbee carnival ride can be 110°, 120°, 180°, 240°, and 360°. The higher of the angle means the thriller of the gyro swing ride. In exception of the angle, the height of the Frisbee ride can also be tailored to your requirement.

Choose Frisbee Amusement Ride in Nigeria

We classify different types of Frisbee amusement park ride in accordance to the swing angle and seat number in Beston. We have 6-seat mini Frisbee ride, 16-seat giant Frisbee ride, and 24-seat giant Frisbee. 360° Frisbee park ride is the most extreme one among these types of Frisbee carnival rides. Frisbee flat ride can be widely applied to amusement parks, theme parks, and fairgrounds. Mini Frisbee ride can also be used in carnivals.

pendulum ride 360 supplier
BLH-23B Beston 360 Degree Pendulum Thrill Rides for Sale

Model: BLH-23B
Installation type: stationary
Running height: 20.4m
Running Speed: 13m/s
Motor power: 78.5KW
Swing angle: 360°
Speed: 8r/min
Rotation dia.: 19.8m
Covering area: 15m*14.5m
Service life: 8 years
Weight: 23.2T
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frisbee fair ride manufacturer
BLH-BC23 Beston Big Pendulum Rides for Sale

Model: BLH-BC23
Seat capacity: 23
Voltage: 380V,50Hz
Power: 80kw
Swing angle: ± 110°
Height: 13.8m
Running Height: 18m
Area: 14*18m
Container: 2*40HQ
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Giant Frisbee Thrill Rides in Nigeria

Giant Frisbee ride refers to spinning pendulum ride which has seat more than 16 (including 16 seats). This type of Frisbee fair ride belongs to thrill ride which is suitable for adults. The most common giant Frisbee ride in Beston is 16-seat and 24-seat. By the way, the seat number of the Frisbee amusement park ride can be customized.

pendulum amusement park rides for sale
BARF-01 Beston Giant Pendulum Thrill Rides for Sale

Model: BARF-01
Seat capacity: 30
Voltage: 380V,50Hz
Power: 150Kw
Swing angle: ± 110°
Height: 14m
Running Height: 18m
Area: 24m*18m
Container: 2*40HQ
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Mini Frisbee Ride for Kids in Nigeria

Mini Frisbee ride is designed for kids like the mini roller coaster because kids are too young to ride on that thrilling ride like giant roller coaster ride and giant Frisbee ride. But riding on the mini pendulum, kids can also experience the excitement and fun of the Frisbee ride.

Mini Frisbee ride is just like the giant Frisbee ride in appearance except for the size. They are all equipped with beautiful colorful LED lights and vivid music. Kids will have a good memory on the Frisbee ride.

mini frisbee
Beston BARF-06 Mini Frisbee for Sale

Model: BARF-06
Height: 3.8m
Size: 4.5*4.5m
Area: 6*5m
Swing Angle: ±60°
Power: 10KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 6 persons
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frisbee amusement park ride
Beston BARF-07 Small Frisbee Ride for Sale

Model: BARF-07
Capacity: 6 persons
Area Covering: 6m*8m
Height: 4m
Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Power: 12kw
Swing Angle: ±60°
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Frisbee Ride 360 for Sale in Nigeria

Frisbee ride 360 is one type of giant Frisbee ride and extreme Frisbee ride. Pendulum ride 360 means the ride can swing 360° which is very exciting. Frisbee ride 360, slingshot ride, roller coaster ride, swing tower ride, giant tagada ride, and human gyroscope ride are the best loves of thrill-seekers because they can fully experience stimulation and excitement on these rides. Can you image riding on a Frisbee ride that goes upside down?

mini pendulum rides for sale
BAR-MF6 Beston Mini Firsbee Rides for Sale

Model: BAR-MF6
Capacity: 6 persons
Area Covering: 6m*8m
Height: 4m
Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Power: 12kw
Swing Angle: ±60°
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Beston Frisbee Carnival Ride to Nigeria

Frisbee carnival ride mainly refers to mini Frisbee ride because the mini pendulum is small enough to make into portable and to carry to carnival occasions. With shiny LED lights, vivid music, and a small area covering, mini Frisbee ride will be an ideal investment for carnivals.

Actually, there are other types of rides in Beston are suitable for carnivals, such as mini carousel ride, small pirate ship ride, mini tagada, bumper cars, portable teacup ride, kids ferris wheel ride, etc. If you are a carnival patron, come to Beston, and I believe we can meet your requirement.

frisbee fair ride
Beston BARF-10 Giant Frisbee Ride for Sale

frisbee pendulum ride
Beston BARF-11 Frisbee Park Ride for Sale

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How to Choose a Frisbee Carnival Ride?

Park owners must be careful in choosing Frisbee carnival rides or any other types of amusement rides because the quality of the rides is directly connected to the safety of riders. When buying the Frisbee fair ride, you should be careful about the following problems.

Firstly, the raw material of the Frisbee ride should be in top quality. The two frames or arms of the Frisbee flat ride should be made of solid steel, and the paint on the ride should be car-grade paint because car-grade paint can be non-fading and corrosion resistance.

Secondly, the ride should be with excellent after-sale services because if something goes wrong with the ride, the manufacturer should provide you with relevant services to protect your benefits.

Thirdly, you should choose a big company with a good reputation because each company starts with a small company. If the supplier is a big company and with its own factory, it means that their rides are welcomed by customers, which implies their excellent park rides.

big pendulum ride
Giant Frisbee Ride Seats in Beston Factory

giant frisbee ride for sale
Frisbee Ride in Beston Factory

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Beston is a professional amusement park equipment manufacturer which has a products production base of more than 50000 square meters, and staff in factory more than 200. And except for the 200 staff in the factory, there are many sales managers waiting for help you.

Amusement rides in Beston have been exported to over 100 countries around the world, such as America, UK, Uganda, Brazil, South Africa, India, Negril, etc. And what’s more, we have built three oversea warehouses separately in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

All amusement rides in Beston ranging from thrill rides, fairground rides and carnival rides to kiddie rides and spinning rides, enjoy a one-year warranty.

And if you buy our rides, we will install the ride for you free of charge, and the operator training is also for free. We will also provide you with lifelong tracking services, and technical help is always available to you. Choose Beston, and we will not let you down.

Technical Parameter of Beston Frisbee Rides:

name of the productsbig pendulumbig pendulum
swing speed410m/min410m/min
Max swing±120°±120°
rotation speed6-12circles/min6-12circles/min
rotation diameter18.70ft15.75ft
MaterialSteel and glass fiber reinforced plasticsSteel and glass fiber reinforced plastics
Volume53 m363 m3
length of steel cube39.37ft36.09ft

Frisbee Amusement Park Ride Physics

Frisbee amusement park ride working principle is quite simple. With two arms as support, the suspended pendulum attached with a circular gondola and many seats rotates in a certain angle. The swing angle of the Frisbee fair ride is between 120° and 360°, and you can choose the rotation angle according to your need.

Riders will experience weightlessness on this ride under the effect of inertia and gravity. When the Frisbee flat ride gains its acceleration, it will rise to the higher height. The circular motion is round and round until the set time. If you like spinning rides or thrill rides, a Frisbee ride will be a good choice.

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