Happy Jellyfish Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Jellyfish ride or happy jellyfish ride is an amusement attraction in our company which is mainly geared to kids. As a type of kids carnival ride, jellyfish ride is not as exciting and thrilling as thrill rides like roller coaster ride, chair swing rides, energy storm ride, and paratrooper ride, among others.

A happy jellyfish kiddie ride is like mini chair swing ride and samba balloon ride which all mix lifting, rotation and tilting together. What’s more, the cockpits in happy jellyfish ride and samba balloon ride can be controlled by passengers, which means that the cabins can spin circularly with the rotation of the ride. People can experience a lot of fun in this kids carnival rides.

Children’s Park Rides Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Model: BRJF-24C
Arm: 8
Capacity: 24 persons
Power: 11.5kw
Voltage: 380v/220v
Area: 10m*10m
Speed: 1.8m/s
Operating height: 1.8m
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Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Model: BAR-JRA
Total height: 3.5m
Diameter: 9m
Rising height: 1.5m
Power: 11KW
Voltage: 380V
Cockpit No.: 8
Capacity: 24 persons
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As a new amusement ride, the normal size of a happy jellyfish ride is 8-cockpit, and each cockpit could accommodate four people. Jellyfish ride is a good family ride because it enables parents and kids sitting together. For adults, our jellyfish amusement rides offer a choice for them of reviving childhood, and for kids, they will be deeply impressed by our jellyfish kiddie rides.

Our happy jellyfish ride is suitable for outdoor and indoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, communities, shopping malls, resorts, living squares, and schools. With attractive appearance, lovely music and quick returns, our jellyfish ride will be a wise investment. If you are interested in our beautiful jellyfish kiddie ride, please contact us at any time, and we will reply you within 24 hours.

Characteristics of Jellyfish Kids Carnival Rides

  • Attractive appearance. The name of our happy jellyfish ride comes from its shape. In the top of the cockpit, there is a jellyfish-like roof. When people sit in this kids amusement, they will feel like interacting with jellyfish, and with the ocean-themed music, miniature amusement park rides will totally be a temptation for kids.
  • Varied application occasions. Our jellyfish ride, one of the mini amusement rides, can be applied to outdoor and indoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, communities, shopping malls, resorts, living squares, and schools.
  • Durable and longtime performance. The cabin and jellyfish-like roof are made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics), and the framework of the jellyfish ride is made of good quality steel. In addition, we paint five layers of paint before the kiddie rides are finished. All these processes make our jellyfish mini amusement park rides smoother.
    We have exported our amusement rides to many countries, such as Brazil, Nigeria, Indonesia, Korean, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. so you have no need to worry about the quality of our kids’ carnival rides.
    ·360 degree rotary and up down
    ·360 degree self-rotary.
    ·Best family rides choice.
    ·Cabins can be customized.
BRJF-24A Jellyfish Fairground Rides for Sale

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Main Parts of Jellyfish Fairground Rides

A jellyfish fairground ride mainly consists of a central axis, arms, cabins, jellyfish-like roofs, and other decorative parts.

  • Central axis. In a jellyfish kiddie ride, the central axis is designed to support the entire jellyfish ride and to play the role of rotation. Driven by the motor, the central axis rotates so that the jellyfish kiddie ride, this new kind of amusement park ride, spins.
  • Arms. Arms in a jellyfish amusement ride are the part closely connected with the top part of the central axis. And the arms are also connected with the jellyfish-like roofs. The role of the main arms in a jellyfish miniature amusement ride is like a bridge between the central axis and the jellyfish-like roofs.
  • Cabins. Cabins are designed to accommodate passengers. Normally, in a jellyfish fairground ride, each arm comes with one gondola, and each gondola can hold four people. When the central axis spins, each bucket in the jellyfish kiddie ride also can rotate in the air controlled by passengers.
  • Jellyfish-like roofs. On top of each cabin, there is a jellyfish-like roof. Our design inspiration comes from beautiful jellyfishes which makes this kind of kiddie ride more attractive.
BAR-JRB Amusement for Kids Jellyfish

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Safety Regulations for Jellyfish Kiddie Rides

  1. Each cabin in one jellyfish kiddie ride accommodates no more than four people.
  2. Safety belt should be fastened until the happy jellyfish mini ride stops.
  3. Alcohol-affected people and people with high blood pressure and heart disease are not allowed to ride.
  4. Kids must be accompanied by adults.
  5. When the jellyfish ride is in operation, passengers cannot stand up or unlock the seatbelt.
  6. Please shout aloud if you don’t feel well when the ride is in operation.

Best Services of Happy Jellyfish Rides

  1. Detailed relevant information will be provided before the purchase to make sure our kids carnival rides meet your requirement.
  2. You can visit our company and factory to know more about our amusement rides at any time.
  3. We will send engineers to install the kiddie rides for free.
  4. Our engineers will train operator for you free of charge until they can operate the amusement equipment skillfully.
  5. One-year quality warranty will be provided.
  6. Technical help will be provided at any time.
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BRJF-24B Jellyfish Fairground Rides for Sale

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Approved by ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE, different kinds of amusement equipment have been warmly welcomed by over 100 countries, like Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Korean, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Brazil and so on, and up to now, we have built 3 warehouses respectively in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

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