Human Gyroscope for Sale in Nigeria

Human gyroscope, also called gyro ball ride, gyro spaceball and 3D space ring ride, is a kind of amusement equipment which is designed according to the prototype of space ring. Riding on the human gyro ride, riders will have the feeling of weightlessness just like in the remote space.

Human gyroscope ride in Beston Company takes the shape of three different-sized rings. And gyroscope chair is set in the center of the human gyro ball to hold passengers. When the operator turns on the switch, the rings of the human gyro will make 360-degree spins in all direction, which drives the movements of gyroscope seat. Beston gyroride is very popular among customers for its easy operation, low cost, high returns, and small area taking.

The gyro human can be widely applied to indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, fairgrounds, carnivals, entertainment centers, and other funfairs.

human gyro
Beston BARG-01 Gyro Ride for Sale

Model: BARG-01
Speed:1.8 adjustble
Material: FRP and STEEL
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Human Gyroscope Ride Classification

We classify gyroscope humain into three kinds in accordance to the number of gyro seat. So we have gyroscope attraction with 2 seats, astronaut gyroscope with 4 seats, and gyroscope for people with 6 seats. Gyro extreme ride has a different price for the different accommodation of riders. And the speed and the color of the gyro extreme can be adjusted according to your requirements.

gyroscope attraction
Beston BARG-02 Human Gyroscope for Sale

Model: BARG-02
Power: 3KW
Capacity: 2
Material:sealess steel tube
Volume: 14CBM
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2-Seat Human Gyro Ride

2-Seat human gyro ride is the giant gyroscope which can hold two riders at one time. Riders who sit on the gyro spin ride are back to back, and they can experience the excitement of the gyro ride together. Riders could turn round and round until the gyro ball ride is stopped in the set time. It’s so exciting to have this kind of experience which is quite like spinning rides energy storm ride.

astronaut gyroscope
Beston BARG-03 Human Gyroscope Ride for Sale

Model: BARG-03
Area: 4.5*4.5m
Height: 3.4m
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 380V/220V
Capacity: 6 persons
Material: FRP and STEEL
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4-Seat Gyroscope Amusement Ride

4-Seat gyroscope amusement ride is a little bigger than 2-seat gyro ball ride because it has two seats on each side. The operation of aerotrim gyroscope is the same no matter gyroscope attraction with 2 seats, astronaut gyroscope with 4 seats, and gyroscope for people with 6 seats. What the operator needs to do is to turn on the switch to activate the gyrosphere ride, and it will stop in the setting time.

gyro extreme
Beston BARG-04 Gyroscope Ride for Sale

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extreme gyro
Beston BARG-05 Electric Gyroscope for Sale

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6-Seat Human Gyroscope

The 6-Seat human gyroscope is the biggest orbitron gyroscope we have manufactured up to now. Of course, we can produce the human gyro with different seats according to your special requirements. On each seat, there is safety belt and shoulder pressure bar to ensure the safety of the riders.

Gyroscope Chair

Gyroscope chair or seat is designed to accommodate riders. Gyro seat in Beston is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics which is strong enough to bear high weight. The seat is welded with the most inner ring of the human gyro ride by strong steel bars so that you have no need to worry about spinning out of the gyro ride when it is in operation. The color of the gyroscope chair can be blue, yellow, purple, or black. You can choose the color you like, and our skilled workers will manufacture it excellently under your requirement.

gyroscope amusement ride
Beston BARG-06 Gyro Ride for Sale

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gyroscope for kids
Beston BARG-07 Gyro Xtreme for Sale

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Characteristics of Beston Human Gyro

  • Easy operation. It is very easy in operating the gyroscope for people because there is an electric control unit. There are “start” and “stop” buttons in the electric control cabinet. The spinning time of the human gyro ride is set ahead of time, so the thing what the operator needs to do is to press the “start” button. And if riders don’t feel well when the gyroscope amusement ride is in operation, the operator can press the “emergency” button which can stop the ride immediately.
  • Customization. The color of the ring and seat and the number of the seat can be tailored to customers’ requirement.
  • Quick returns. According to the feedback from our customers, gyro spin ride is very popular with tourists. Beston giant gyroscope can hold six people at one time. The high popularity and capacity ensure the great returns.
  • Excellent services. We offer a one-year warranty for the gyro ride. If something goes wrong with the gyroscope ride within one year, we will send accessories to you free of charge. But the fright is not included. Technical help is always available to you.
giant gyroscope
Beston BARG-08 Gyro Extreme Ride for Sale

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gyro spaceball
Beston BARG-09 Gyro Spin Ride for Sale

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Human Gyroscope Price

Beston is a big amusement rides manufacturer in China, so we have our own factory. All parts of the human gyro ride are assembled by our staffs which means that our price will be lower than our competitors. And you can save the agency fee if you buy human gyroscope from us because we offer you the factory price.

gyro ball ride
Delivery of Beston Hot Sale Gyroscope Ride

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Human Gyroscope Manufacturers

Beston is a professional amusement equipment company in China. We have exported our amusement park rides to over 100 countries, such as South Africa, India, America, Canada, Australia, Netherland, Czech, etc. And oversea warehouses operation is our unique highlight in recent years.

We have built 3 warehouses separately in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan and we will keep on moving. In exception of human gyroscope ride, we also manufacture many other types of amusement rides, such as carousel rides, samba balloon rides, jump kangaroo rides, electric bumper car rides, amusement park train rides, and Miami rides, among others.

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