Installation of Amusement Park Rides in Nigeria

Beston has exported some amusement equipment to a Nigeria Park. It includes the double face ferris wheel for kids, fruit worm kids roller coaster rides, self-control kiddie plane rides and some other amusement rides. Our customers in Nigeria reflect that their customers feel satisfied with these rides in their park.The followings are customer feedback of the installation of Beston Amusement Park Rides from the park in Nigeria:


mini Ferris wheel for sale
Beston Double Ferris Wheel Installation

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kiddie ferris wheel manufacturer
Double Face Mini Ferris Wheel in Nigeria Park

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kiddie plane rides for sale
Beston Kiddie Plane Rides in Nigeria

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small roller coaster rides from top supplier
Fruit Worm Roller Coaster Rides for Kids in Nigeria

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Which kind of amusement park rides are you planing to buy? Are you planing to set up an amusement and theme park? Or are you planing to invest in amusement rides? How many sets do you need? Please leave your requirements in details, Beston company will response you as soon as possible!

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