Jump and Smile Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Jump and smile, also known as techno jump, is one kind of spinning fairground ride which can be often found in theme parks, amusement parks, some entertainment centers, fairgrounds, and carnivals. Techno ride can be a love for thrill-seekers if it is made into high-speed, and at the same time, it also can be a good family ride if it is in middle-speed. Jump techno speed and cockpit can be tailored according to your requirements.

jump n smile
Beston BARJ-24A Techno Jump Ride for Sale

Item: BNJM-24A
Capacity: 24 persons
Size: 12*12m
Area: 14*14m
Speed: 2m/s
Power: 20kw
Voltage: 380v
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The techno jump ride is controlled by the electric systems to make the radial arms rotate up and down around the central axis. The jump smile is quite like self-control rotary bee rides and spinning plane rides which also do up and down movements. When tourists ride on these rides with dynamic music and gorgeous lights, they will feel like surf in the sea waves.
jump &smile
Beston BARJ-24B Jump and Smile for Sale

Item: BNJM-24B
Capacity: 24 persons
Size: 12*12m
Area: 14*14m
Speed: 2m/s
Power: 20kw
Voltage: 380v
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Different Types of Jump and Smile

The type of the techno jump ride is decided by the number of arms. Normally, we have 8-arm jump and smile, 10-arm jump ride, and 12-arm jump techno. In each arm, there is a seat, and each seat can accommodate 3 riders at most, which means that 8-arm jump ride can hold 24 people at one time, 10-arm jump techno 30 people, and 12-arm 36 people at one time. Of course, techno jump ride with different arms has different price, but we can guarantee that we offer you the factory price.

jump and smile
Beston BARJ-30A Jump and Smile for Sale

Item: BNJM-30A
Capacity: 24 persons
Size: 14*14m
Area: 16*16m
Speed: 2m/s
Power: 20kw
Voltage: 380v
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jump ride
Beston BARJ-30B Jump Ride for Sale

Item: BNJM-30B
Capacity: 24 persons
Size: 14*14m
Area: 16*16m
Speed: 2m/s
Power: 20kw
Voltage: 380v
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8-Arm Jump and Smile for Sale

8-Arm jump n smile is the smallest compared with another two types. It enjoys a capacity of 24 riders. The color of the ride can be green, black, blue, or pink. The seat and some decorative parts of the jump ride are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) which is solid of not easy to distort or wear. With gorgeous lights, dynamic music, and up and down random movements, riders will have a wonderful trip on the jump ride.

jump & ride
Beston BARJ-24C Jump Smile for Sale

techno jump ride
Beston BARJ-30C Techno Ride for Sale

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10-Arm Jump Smile for Sale

10-Arm techno jump ride is another hot sale model in Beston customers. Beston amusement ride is very hot in Middle East, Africa, and Russia. If you have any needs, our sales managers are 24-hour online waiting for helping you. All your detailed requirements can be realized here in Beston because the goal of Beston group is to meet your requirements.

jump and smile ride
Beston BARJ-36 Techno Jump Ride for Sale

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12-Arm Jump Techno for Sale

12-Arm techno jump is the last model that we recommend to you. You can choose the suitable model according to your cost, or you can ask for help from our sales managers. They will give their reasonable advice in accordance to your current situation. What we assure you is that our jump and smile ride will bring riders endless unforgettable excitement and thrill with different PLC process. If you are interested in our jump ride, just drop us an email, and we will provide you with the best products and services.

techno jump ride
Jump and Smile Ride in Beston Factory

techno ride
Beston Techno Jump in Night

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Characteristics and Advantages of Beston Jump and Smile Ride

  1. 360-Degree rotation with up and down movements.
  2.  An ideal thrill and spinning rides for adults.
  3. Gorgeous LED lights and dynamic music.
  4. Colors and models can be customized.
  5. Competitive factory price.
  6. Approved by ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, and ISO14001.
  7. Delivery the product in required time.
  8. Standard exporting packages.

How Does A Techno Jump Work?

Techno ride does random spinning up and down movements. When the operator presses the “start” button, the jump & ride will spin from a low speed, and then it starts to accelerate with arms moving up and down like waves. When the arms are lifted to the high air, they will stop for a while and then fall down all at once, which is very exciting.

The jump n smile makes clockwise and anticlockwise movements. The working principle of techno jump ride is quite like self-control rotary bee rides, amusement park helicopter ride, and energy storm ride because they are all spinning rides and do up and down movements.

Similar Amusement Rides to Techno Jump Ride

There are some rides which are quite like techno jump ride in working principle, so I present them here for you to choose from.

techno jump ride
Beston Jump and Smile Car Ride for Sale

techno jump ride
Beston Horse Techno Jump Ride for Sale

kangaroo jump ride
Beston Kangaroo Jump Ride for Sale

self-control rotary bee rides
Beston Self-Control Rotary Bee Rides for Sale

Want to Know More Detailed Information About Techno Jump Ride?

Techno Jump Ride Manufacturer

Exported to over 100 countries, Beston has been a famous brand in amusement park rides sector. We manufacture many different types of amusement park equipment, such as thrill rides, family and kiddie rides, carnival rides, fairground rides, indoor and outdoor amusement rides, spinning rides, mechanical rides, and theme park rides.

To update our product lists, we design many new rides recent years, such as forest party rides, flying squirrel rescue rides, VR rides, indoor extend equipment, lucky lion rides, liberty music bar ride, etc.

Compared with other amusement rides supplier, Beston can provide you a more competitive price because we have our own factory of 50000 square meters. From the assembling of raw material to the final product, we manufacture with mature skills. If you have any needs for amusement equipment, you can come to Beston, and we will provide you with top quality rides with factory price and excellent services. Also, we welcome your visit to our factory and company!

amusement park helicopter ride
Beston Self-Control Rotating Plane Rides for Sale

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Technical Data of Jump Ride

Speed4-5 rounds/min
Warranty12 month

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