Kamikaze Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Beston kamikaze ride is the hottest amusement park rides in our company. With high quality and competitive price, kamikaze ride produced by our company gains a lot of popularity among our customers in Nigeria and many other countries. Kamikaze is a kind of thrilling rides like large roller coaster ride, paratrooper rides and swing tower rides, which can be easily found in outer amusement parks, and it also caters to the needs of young people who pursue thrill and entertainment. As a new kind of outdoor amusement park thrill ride, the kamikaze ride looks like the combination of two pirate ship rides. When the kamikaze fair ride is in operation, especially when the cockpits run to the highest height, the cockpit is parallel to the ground and passengers are totally upside down. You can imagine how exciting and stimulating the ranger rides are! If you are an owner of an amusement park, our kamikaze ride is your best choice, which brings more fun to your park and attracts more visitors.

kamikaze ride height
ranger ride for sale

Model: BRKR-32A
Power: 30KW/45KW
Voltage: 380v
Covering area:10m*14m/12m*16m
Material: FPR+steel
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Definition of the Kamikaze Ride

Kamikaze ride, also known as skymaster ride, Apollo ride, double-arm ranger and mikaze juego mecanico, is a kind of pendulum amusement ride. Skymaster ride is a newly-designed outdoor amusement park rides. It looks like two pirate ship rides that could rotate within 360 degrees. When riding in this ride, passengers seem to fly in the sky. The two arms of kamikaze ride form a shape of X, so it is also been called as X chariot and two-sides swing clock.

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skymaster ride for sale

kamikaze amusement ride
kamikaze ride for sale

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Technical Parameter of Beston Skymaster Carnival Ride

Speed: 13m/s
Swing diameter: 12.5m
Swing degree: 360
Cabin: 2pcs
Capacity: 16/32persons
Area: 10m*14m/12m*16m
Total weight: 15t
Driving power: 30KW/45KW
Voltage: 380v

Note: Skymaster ride can be customized in shape, size, color, capacity, and style according to your requirement.

How Does a Skymaster Ride Work?

An skymaster ride or Apollo ride includes a stationary tower and two arms. In this amusement ride, each arm looks like a pirate ship ride, and people sit in two rows in each arm. People sit in different directions, that is to say, they face in an opposite direction. When the ride is launched, the two arms swing backward and forwards to accumulate momentum. As the two arms are connected to one motor, they can swing at the same time, but they swing in different directions with one arm swinging clockwise while the other rotates counterclockwise.

With shoulder harness and a secondary locking bar, riders can fully enjoy the happiness and thrill brought by skymaster ride without worrying about falling out while the ride is in motion. According to the reaction of visitors who have experienced our kamikaze carnival ride, you will find that this kind of amusement park ride is so thrilling and exciting that they can’t help playing it again and again.

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skymaster carnival ride for sale

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Beston Skymaster Ride Price in Nigeria

Compared with other kamikaze ride manufactures, kamikaze ride in our company always enjoy a reputation for a reasonable and competitive price. With the rapid development of science and technology, the producing skills and efficiency in our company have been greatly improved, which means the decrease in our costs. The more important thing is that you can have a long service life. Maybe our kamikaze ride price is a little higher than others, but gradually you will find that our rides worth that price because we can promise you the quality. If you buy a ranger ride just because it has a lower price than us, finally you will see that its quality has no guarantee. Therefore, our kamikaze ride will be a wise investment in Nigeria for you. If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with the most cost-effective double ranger!

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Beston Skymaster Ride for Sale

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Beston Double Ranger Ride for Sale

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Advantages of Beston Kamikaze Ride in Nigeria

Kamikaze ride or Ranger ride in our company is upgraded by high-tech, and the material used in producing kamikaze ride is corrosion resistance. We employ high-quality steel and fiberglass to make the products use longer, which means that our ranger ride has the best quality. Therefore, visitors, no matter adults or children, they can experience the fun brought by our skymaster ride without worrying out the problem of safety. We receive many feedbacks from our customers both in abroad and domestic, and they all think our ranger ride worth buying. Please check to find the most attractive kamikaze ride in Nigeria from Beston here!

Features of the Kamikaze Ride for Sale in Nigeria

During the producing process, we strictly check each process line. Even a screw, we will check carefully. Our product is made up of high-quality steel and fiberglass. The seatbelt in our ranger ride is another advantage because we employ the best material and process it with advanced skills. Besides, we will enclose safety regulations after the installation.
∙Good quality
We have specific quality assurance specialist, so if the product cannot meet the requirement of quality inspection bureau, we will not allow it to be used in amusement parks. After the ranger ride is finished, we will decorate it with excellent paint to make sure it doesn’t lose its luster in the rainy or snowy day.
∙Attractive appearance
We employ top quality paint to add luster to our product, and what’s more, different types of patterns are used to make our product more attractive to visitors. LED lights are another factor that enables our product to stand out. Another important thing is that our kamikaze ride is designed as the combination of two pirate ship rides, which indicates that adults and children will be interested in it because passengers can not only enjoy the fun of a pirate ship ride but also the thrill and excite of our kamikaze fair rides.
∙Quick returns of profit
With high quality and amazing appearance, you can quickly earn back your cost. If you install it in your amusement park or theme park or carnival, it will bring lots of visitors, because people cannot resist its attraction, which in turns boost the development of your park.

skymaster carnival ride
Ranger Ride  for Sale in Beston

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After-Sale Services of Kamikaze Amusement Ride in Nigeria

1. One-stop service. One-stop service means after the purchase of our skymaster fair ride or other theme park rides, we can provide any help you need.
2. Detailed relevant information in before-sale and in-sale. Before your buying of our double ranger, we will provide detailed information to ensure our ranger ride meets your requirement.
3. Free of maintenance in a limited time. After the purchase, we will offer you a one-year quality warranty, and if something wrong of our carnival rides kamikaze, we will fix it free of charge.
4. Free of installation. When the purchase is finished, our skilled engineers will set off at the same time with the kamikaze carnival ride to install the ride for you free of charge.
5. Free training of operators.
6. Free of technical help at any time.
7. Free visit to the factory at any time.

Where Can You Buy Meteor Hammer Rides?

Our company is specialized in the design and production of amusement park rides, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides, water park rides, inflatable rides and spinning rides, and the kamikaze ride is one of our hottest product. If you are interested in our kamikaze fair rides or any other kind of amusement park rides in Nigeria, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a reasonable and competitive price.

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