Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Kangaroo jumping ride is one kind of jumping ride like jump and smile ride with the cute kangaroo as its prototype. Riding on the electric kangaroo jumping ride, riders will experience fun jumping with vivid music. Kids can sit together with parents enjoying family happy time. This family and the interactive ride is a good choice for those who come to a park with two or four family members or friends. It will be a great success for investing such a fun ride!

amusement park kangaroo jumping ride
Beston Amusement Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

Item: BARK-6-6/BARK-8
Capacity: 12/16 persons
Height: 4/6m
Diameter: 7/9 m²
Area: 7*7/10*10 m²
Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 12kw
Voltage: 380v

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The working principle of this ride is quite like a jumping kangaroo, and it comes with ups and down movements. The difference between kids’ kangaroo jumping ride and self-control helicopter ride is that it cannot be controlled by riders themselves.

Design of Jump Kangaroo Ride

We design amusement park kangaroo jumping ride into two common models, 12 seats jump kangaroo rides and 16 persons’ kangaroo jumping rides.

12 Seats Jump Kangaroo Rides

12 seats jump kangaroo rides have six arms, and at the end of the arm, there are two attached kangaroo seats. Riders sit on the belly of the kangaroo with safe pressure bar protection. When the jumping kangaroo amusement rides are in running, there is a tilted angle between the seat and the central axle, which makes the customized amusement park kangaroo jumping ride a little exciting. The jumping speed can be adjusted according to your requirements.

BARK-6 Electric Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

jumping kangaroo ride
BARK-6 Electric Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

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16 Persons Kangaroo Jumping Rides

16 persons’ kangaroo jumping ride is another hot sale model in Beston. There are 8 arms attached to the central axle. With a large capacity and appealing appearance, the kiddie rides kangaroo happy jump is very popular among tourists. And the main color of the ride is yellow which is very bright and beautiful. These two yellow colors are a little different, and you can choose in accordance with your inclination.

BARK-8 Kiddie Rides Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

low price jumping kangaroo amusement rides
BARK-8 Kiddie Rides Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

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Good Family Rides Kangaroo Jump Ride

According to the research our marketing department, the majority of the people who choose to ride on the electric kangaroo jumping rides is family members together. Little boys and girls sit together with their mother or father and enjoy the happiness of relaxing. And riding amusement kangaroo jumping rides with kids is a good chance for parents to be closer with their kids.

Amusement rides are magic things which bring so much fun to people. And we are so happy to be an amusement park kangaroo jumping ride and many other amusement equipment manufacturers. We will dedicate ourselves to provide more help for park businessmen and to create more fun for modern people.

BARK-8 Outdoor Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

amusement kangaroo jumping rides
BARK-8 Amusement Park Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

outdoor kangaroo jumping rides
BARK-8 Outdoor Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale

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Similar Jumping Rides to Happy Kangaroo Ride

There are several amusement park jumping rides which are quite similar to outdoor kangaroo jumping rides. And in case you are interested in them, detailed information is presented here. If you want to get the piece list, please feel free to contact us.

Amusement Park Rides Kangaroo Jump Rides Price

As a professional amusement park kangaroo jumping ride supplier, Beston can guarantee you the price and quality of the kangaroo jump ride. But we must let you know the culture of our company, the principle of our production, and the developing trend of our factory.

  • Firstly, if you want low price with low quality, please don’t contact Beston because we live on high quality. And actually, the product with the lowest price may be the most expensive one.
  • Secondly, if you want high-quality rides with the lowest price, please don’t contact Beston because we never use low-quality materials to cheat our customers.

But if you want safe amusement rides, please contact us without hesitation because we Beston has developed for more than 20 years without even a single accident, and we have our own large factory with the quality inspection system, specialized technician teams, and after-sales team.

What’s more, our amusement rides have been exported to over 100 countries around the world, and our customers have benefited from our amusement equipment and many of them want to order more from us.

kids ride jumping kangaroo
Seats Color of Kangaroo Jumping Ride

happy kangaroo
Seats Color of Kids Kangaroo Happy Jump Ride

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Features of Kids Ride Jumping Kangaroo

  1. Customized seat number, color, and music.
  2. 360-Degree rotation and jumping.
  3. Speed can be adjusted.
  4. Smooth and vivid music.
  5. Attractive cute appearance.
  6. Guaranteed quality and price.
  7. Excellent after-sale services.

Application of Jumping Kangaroo Amusement Rides

Happy kangaroo rides enjoy a wide application, such as indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnival, playgrounds, family entertainment centers, etc. Kiddie rides kangaroo happy jump is small in footprint, so it can be applied to many places where fills with large crowds. Our customers apply the electric kangaroo jumping rides to varied places, and they benefit a lot from them.

If you are planning to buy a kiddie rides and have no idea to buy which one, I recommend you our amusement kangaroo jumping ride. It will be a great help to your business.

jumping kangaroo amusement rides manufacturers
Beston Quality Happy Kangaroo for Sale

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Amusement Park Kangaroo Jump Ride Manufacturer

Beston is professional in manufacturing jumping kangaroo amusement rides and many other types of amusement park rides like merry go rounds, kids roller coaster, breakdance ride, wave swinger, amusement park train rides, samba balloon ride, paddle boat, energy storm ride, etc. If you are interested in Beston amusement rides, you can come to our home page to get the detailed information.

Jumping Kangaroo Amusement Rides Specification

ItemKangaroo Jumping Ride

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