Kiddie Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Kiddie rides are one kind of amusement park rides which are designed specifically for kids and family members. Kiddy ride can be often seen in shopping malls, supermarkets, public squares, parks, communities, schools, family amusement parks, kids water theme parks, and etc. Compared with thrill rides, kiddie rides feature in low in speed, small in size, lovely in music and beautiful in appearance to cater to the needs of kids. Beston kiddy ride machine usually takes the images of the cartoon, such as the plane, train, balloons, jellyfish, octopus, robot, shark, and so on, which can grasp kids attention at once. Therefore, we believe if you buy kids fair rides from our company, they can bring you lots of benefits in short times.

ride on train with track

Ride on Train with Track for Sale in Nigeria

Track train is an amusement park train which can be applied to varied places like outdoor or indoor amusement parks, theme parks, preschools, communities, living squares, gardens, zoos, family entertainment center or festivals. Henan Beston in China produces many types ...
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dragon coaster

Kids Roller Coaster for Sale in Nigeria

Kids roller coaster is very popular in amusement parks, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers, playgrounds, theme parks, carnivals, and fairgrounds. Beston mini backyard roller coaster enjoys a high popularity among our customers and tourists for its attractive appearance, high safety ...
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trackless Train Rides

Amusement Park Trains for Sale in Nigeria

Amusement park train enjoys its high popularity for such a long time because it’s a perfect transportation ride in so many places, such as scenic places, backyards, shopping malls, streets, fairgrounds, parties, churches, carnivals, theme parks, zoos, golf court, and ...
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most popular trackless train

Trackless Train for Sale in Nigeria

Trackless train rides, also known as mall train ride or mini express trackless train, are one type of functional amusement equipment powered by chisel, diesel or electric motor. We have different types of trackless trains, such as diesel trains, tourist ...
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amusement park carousel ride price

Carousel for Sale in Nigeria

Carousel ride, also been called merry go round ride, is a kind of amusement ride which can often be found in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, zoos, and some festive occasions. The carousel ride is regarded as a circular ...
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mini observation wheels for sale

Mini Ferris Wheel for Sale in Nigeria

Mini ferris wheel is a kind of popular kiddy rides which can be widely used in carnivals, fairgrounds, schools, playgrounds, malls, parks, etc. We all know that ferris wheel is a classic amusement park rides and its attraction has never ...
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carnival carousel for sale

Small Carousel for Sale in Nigeria

Small carousel is a kind of amusement park kiddie rides which is designed for little kids. Manufactured with high-quality FRP and stainless steel, kiddie carousels in Beston are bright in color and durable in performance. Beston small merry go round ...
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teacup amusement ride supplier

Teacup Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Information on the Teacup Ride Teacup ride is a kind of amusement ride which can be found in indoor or outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, fair and funfair ground. Teacup ride is characterized by cup-style spinning vehicles atop a ...
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miami wave ride

Miami Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Miami ride is a kind of amusement equipment which does reciprocating revolving movements when operating. It is very stimulating for passengers to feel the alternation of being overweight and weightlessness under the effect of rock music. The Miami fairground ride ...
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jumping kangaroo ride

Kangaroo Jumping Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Kangaroo jumping ride is one kind of jumping ride like jump and smile ride with the cute kangaroo as its prototype. Riding on the electric kangaroo jumping ride, riders will experience fun jumping with vivid music. Kids can sit together ...
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new paddle boats for sale

Paddle Boats for Sale in Nigeria

Boat with paddles is a kind of amusement park water rides which can be easily found in varied water parks like amusement parks, indoor swimming pool, lakes, reservoir and scenic spot. As a popular amusement park rides in summer, our ...
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mini shuttle small roller coaster

Mini Shuttle Kids Roller Coaster for Sale in Nigeria

Mini shuttle kids’ roller coaster can be regarded as an amusement ride, carnival ride, fairground ride, funfair ride, theme park ride or fair ride for sale in our Beston group. As a small-sized and newly-designed amusement park rides, mini shuttle ...
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self-control bee ride outdoor playground rides suppliers

Amusement Park Rotating Bee Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Self-control bee ride outdoor playground ride is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment which allows passengers to rise and fall through the control button in cabins. On top of the electric self control bee ride, there is a queen ...
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fun fair equipment

Fight Shark Island Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Fight Shark Island is a newly-designed amusement park water rides. We can also call it a spinning ride because when the kiddie ride starts working, it is like a carnival ride that goes in a circle. This spinny ride is ...
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excavator for children

Kids Excavator for Sale in Nigeria

Kids electric digger is a kind of kiddy ride designed according to the real construction vehicle. We have two kinds of kids electric backhoe. One is coin operated diggers, and the other is remote control kids micro excavator. These two ...
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robot ride

Robot Amusement Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Robot amusement ride, designed by Beston gramusement, is inspired by the popular movie "Transformers". As a newly-designed and hot theme park ride, robot amusement ride successfully finds its way to amusement park rides market and becomes one of the most ...
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carnival rides samba balloon ride for children

Samba Balloon Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Samba balloon ride is geared towards teens and kids, and actually, it is also a good family attraction. Samba balloon ride can be classified as amusement park rides, carnival rides, fair rides, and theme park rides, which indicates that you ...
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spinning rides

Self Control Rotary Plane Rides for Sale in Niegria

Kiddie self-control plane amusement ride is a new type of amusement equipment which is suitable both for kids and adults. Our low price and best mini plane kiddie rides can accommodate 20 people at one time with one cabin sitting ...
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forest party kiddie rides

Forest Party New Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Forest party amusement rides are new types of theme park rides. This kind of new amusement park rides adopt the image of animals living in the forest, such as bears, rabbits, giraffes, elephants and eagle, and this is the reason ...
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Rides for children functions as making their childhood happy and their physically strong. In kids fun parks, we can see that parents often accompany their kids to ride the kids’ carnival rides because when we design kids amusement, we take parents into consideration. Fun parks with kids fun rides will be a perfect place for kids and parents to close their relations.

Beston Kiddie Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Beston has designed and produced many kinds of cool kiddie rides, such as children’s roller coaster, soft indoor playground, kiddie train ride, Thomas kiddie ride, kiddie carousel, kids ferris wheel, kiddie boat ride and helicopter kiddie ride. Kids and parent like kids theme park rides because they are positive, healthy, educational and leisure. And at the same time, kids riding machine enables kids to learn something through lively activities.

We have different types of kiddie park rides for you to choose, and you can choose according to your needs. If you have no idea to buy a specific kind of kiddie amusement, our sales manager will give you some advice. And we have a team who can make a plan for your park. Little kid rides can spin, fly and we promise for our kids’ amusement games to take kids on magical journeys that are perfect for their height and age.

Themes, LED lights colors, cabin shapes, music and size of the amusement park rides for kids in our company can be customized according to your needs without extra charge. So if you have any need in kiddie ride amusement, please feel free contact us. We are always here for you!

bumper cars on ice
Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

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Characteristics of Beston Kiddy Ride for Sale

  • Craftsmanship. Beston outdoor and indoor kiddie rides are all made with excellent craftsmanship because our engineers and staff are very responsible, they do everything on amusement for kids by hand skillfully and meticulously.
  • Customization. All of our children’s amusement park rides can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Competitive price. As a big and professional amusement equipment company, we can provide you a reasonable and competitive factory price with on middlemen between us.
  • Excellent services. We can provide you one year warranty, free installation, free operator training, and technical help.
  • Varied application. Our children’s amusement rides can be widely applied to outdoor or indoor amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, playgrounds, communities, living squares, schools, carnivals, and funfairs.
small roller coaster
Mini Roller Coaster for Sale

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Kiddie Rides Manual

  1. Face forward and remain seated in an upright position with your back and shoulders against the seat back and hold on until the miniature carnival rides come to a complete stop.
  2. Backpacks, purses, electronics, stuffed animals and other loose items are not permitted on most amusement for kids.
  3. Glasses must be secured, and smaller items may be secured in cargo pockets, waist packs, left in a locker or with a non-rider.
  4. No smoking while in line or riding the kids’ park rides.
  5. Finish food and drink before boarding the amusement rides kids.
  6. All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses, and seatbelts, must be positioned, fastened and tightened at all times you are on the children’s amusement park rides.
  7. No picture taking while riding some children’s park rides.
  8. Keep all parts of your body inside the miniature amusement park rides unit at all times.
  9. Shirts and shorts are required on all kiddie rides carnival.
swings amusement park ride
Wave Swinger for Sale

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Kids Rides Music Player

Compared with vintage kiddie rides, our children’s park rides are equipped with multiple melodies with the music changing each time the ride is used, which prolong the interest of the child on the small carnival rides. All of our carnival rides for children have a solid state audio playback device akin to flash-based MP3 players, which allows you to download music according to your special needs, such as standard pop music and soft music.

And for some special mall kiddie rides, such as kiddie train ride, helicopter kiddie ride, and car kiddie ride, we will insert vivid music to make kids feel they are in real trains, cars or helicopters. Riders could fully indulge themselves in lovely music and enjoy the happiness brought by our children amusement.

mini bumper cars for sale
Indoor Bumper Cars for Sale

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How Do Kiddie Rides Work

Generally speaking, kiddie rides are small in size, so they are quite simple in working principles. Kids theme park rides work under the operation of operators in your park or shopping malls. The operator presses the start button in the electric control cabinet of the kids fair rides after passengers sitting well, and the little kids rides start to run.

If there is something emergency happened, the operator could press the red button emergency to stop the kiddy ride machine. The running time of the amusement park rides for kids can be set according to your requirement. When the kids amusement stops, the operator leads passengers out of the kids’ park rides in order.

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