Kids Excavator for Sale in Nigeria

Kids electric digger is a kind of kiddy ride designed according to the real construction vehicle. We have two kinds of kids electric backhoe. One is coin operated diggers, and the other is remote control kids micro excavator. These two kinds of diggers for kids both enjoy a high popularity for their highly-interesting. Excavator for children can be applied to amusement parks, squares, theme parks, shopping malls, experience pavilions and science and technology museums. If you are an owner of an amusement park, theme park, garden or science, and technology museum, our cool kids’ electric digger will be a wise investment.

excavator for children
diggers for kids

Model: BRKE-1A
Voltage: 220v
Power: 1.58kw
Longest continuous work time: 8h
Max elevating height: 1.98m
Length*width*height: 2.5m*1.0m*1.3m
Overall unit operating mass: 315kg
Ways to control: coin type/container type/remote control
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Child’s excavator is so popular among people because it’s a good family ride. Firstly, kids excavator digger is a good kiddy ride machine to exercise kids’ ability and develop their intelligence. Secondly, our kids’ electric excavator is suitable for kids and adults which means parents could play the kiddie ride with their kids. Our kids’ excavator digger is equipped with all functions that a real digger has, such as rotation and stretchable arms. The upper part of the diggers for kids can realize 90 degrees, 180 degrees or even 360-degree rotation.

Mini Excavator for Kids Classification

According to different operation ways, we design two kinds of excavator ride, that is, coin-operated diggers and remote control kids micro excavator. And according to the size of the kids’ backhoe, we have big digger for kids and kids mini digger. Even though the type is varied, the main parts of a children’s mini excavator are almost the same. A finished kids electric digger mainly consists of a chassis, seat, operation desk and arm.

A chassis of diggers for children is a part to support the entire body of the excavator ride which is made of good-quality steel. The seat and operation desk of a big digger for kids is connected together, and they are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Between the chassis and the seat and operation desk part, there is a rotation system to make the kids micro excavator rotates freely. The arm of a kid-size backhoe is stretchable to make kids feel the enjoyment and interest of the electric excavator.

kids excakids excavatorvator
kids electric excavator for sale

Model: BRKE-2A
Packing size: 3.2mL*1.2mW*0.9mH
Shell color: Customized(27kg)
Load: 260kg
Model: Inner spindle hydraulic special motor
Control system: optional timer/coin/magnetic/remote control system
Music: MP3 with SD card
Rotation angle: 90, 180,36
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Coin Operated Diggers

Coin operated diggers are characteristic of a coin slot in seat part. The number of the coin is decided by you. It can be three, four, or even ten because the diggers for children can be regarded as a tool to exercise kids’ operational ability and to develop their intelligence. What’s more, the play time is also can be set by yourself. If the kid is the first time to play the kids riding digger, staff can show them how to play, and let kids do by themselves.

kids excavator
kids excavator digger for sale

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Remote Control Kids Micro Excavator

The remote control kids micro excavator is named for the button in the operation desk. The button in the electric excavator can control the start and the end of the excavator ride. This kind of child size backhoe is also very convenient in operation. Sitting on kids electric dozer, kids can choose different types of materials to dig, such as sand, dirt and plastic little ball. Even though they can’t operate the real digger, they can feel the excitement and enjoyment of a real digger from our kids’ electric excavator.

kids electric excavator
kids electric digger for sale

Model: BRER-1A
Size: 2.8*0.75*1.75m
Power: 0.75kw
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Suitable age: more than 3 years old
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Big Digger for Kids

We also have big digger for kids, and this child size excavator is very common to see. Kids ride on backhoe can operator the kiddy ride to dig sand, dirt or little balls. Comparing with kids mini digger, big digger for kids is suitable for bigger kids, and the experience is more changeable.

Kids Mini Digger

Kids mini digger is smaller in size, and this excavator ride is often popular among little kids who still have no ability to operate a big digger for kids. We design kids mini digger with excavator kid song which is very catchy and lovely for kids.

mini excavator for kids
childrens electric digger in Beston

Model: BRME-1A
Capacity: 1 person
Wooden packaging: 1.9*1.1*0.9m
Load: 80kg
Turning angle: 360°
Material: FRP+metal chassis
Battery powered and electric ones available
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Kids Outdoor Excavator

Our kids’ electric digger is also can be applied to outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, gardens etc. for those outdoor excavator rides, we design a sunshade on top of the seat and operation desk parts.

kids excavator digger
kids excavator for sale

kids excavator
kids electric digger for sale

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Electric Excavator Price

As a professional company specialized in the design and production of amusement rides, Zhengzhou Beston has its own amusement equipment factory, so from the raw material to the final amusement park rides, our staff manufacture all rides meticulously and skillfully. If you choose us, you can enjoy the factory price with no middle charge. Either the quality or the price of our excavator ride could meet your satisfaction. If you need other amusement park rides, such as roller coaster ride, teacup ride, self-control ride, track or trackless train, or ferris wheel and carousel, in exception of the mini excavator for kids, you can still find in our product catalog. We assure you the best quality amusement rides and first-rate services.

Special Features of Children’s Mini Excavator

  • Varied types. We have many kinds of children’s mini excavator for you to choose, such as coin-operated diggers, remote control kids micro excavator, big digger for kids, kids mini digger, and kids outdoor excavator. You can choose the one suitable for your business, and the size and colors can be customized according to your special demand without extra charge.
  • Wide application. Our kids’ electric excavator can be widely used in indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, science and technology experience museum, shopping malls and entertainment centers.
  • Skilled craftsmanship. Our engineers make every spare part carefully to ensure the best quality of our kids’ electric backhoe, to make sure the safety of passengers’, and to bring more benefits for you. After the purchase of the kids’ electric digger, our engineer will install the ride for you free of charge, and if anything goes wrong, we will repair or change the kids’ electric excavator for you free of charge in a limited time.
childs mini digger
children’s mini excavator for sale

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Notes to Kids Mini Digger

  1. Guardrail around the kids’ mini digger shall be installed to prevent pedestrians from walking on the guardrail.
  2. Excavator ride is not suitable for the place where has water spatter.
  3. Children must be accompanied by adults if they what to play kids mini digger.
  4. Check whether the screws of the equipment are loose or the pin is off, and lubricate the working device connection part regularly.
  5. Please provide a leakage protector at the total power supply.
  6. Replace the antifreeze hydraulic oil when the temperature is too low.

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