Liberty Music Bar Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Liberty music bar ride is the newest amusement park rides in Beston which is characteristic of circular motions like an energy storm fair ride. The flat ride liberty music bar can be applied to amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, and some entertainment centers. Liberty music bar ride will be a wise investment for its large capacity, crazy flips, good quality, dynamic music, and novel design. If you are interested in this type of Beston flat ride, please feel free to contact us.

Beston BARL-01 Liberty Music Bar Ride for Sale

Beston Liberty Music Bar Flat Ride for Sale

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The ride looks very crazy when it is in operation because it will flip back and forth with self-controlled function. Riders can control the movements of the liberty music bar ride through a joystick in the seat. The ride is suitable for anyone who has the courage to flip over the flat ride liberty music bar. Since the debut of Beston liberty music bar ride, it is well received by tourists.

Model of Liberty Music Bar-Self Controlled Flat Ride

The most popular model of liberty music bar flat ride in Beston is 8-arm. At the end of each arm, there are two seats in a cabin, so 8-arm liberty music bar ride can accommodate 16 people at one time. The diameter of the 8-arm flat ride is 12m (with rail), and the height of the ride ups to 4.5m.

The required power of this spinning carnival ride is 25kw, and the voltage can be 220v or 380v. Before the purchase of the ride, you should make sure that power and voltage in your country are suitable for the extreme fair ride.

Beston BARL-02 Liberty Music Bar Spinning Rides for Sale

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Liberty Music Bar-Newest Amusement Park Ride in Beston

The newest amusement park rides-liberty music bar ride in Beston-is inspired by the Brain Surge in Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. The working principle of Beston new amusement ride liberty music bar is the same as the brain surge, but the appearance is quite different.

The classic colors in our flat ride liberty music bar are red, white, black, green, yellow, and blue with red being the main color. And you can see that gorgeous lights are equipped to the flat ride. Can you imagine how splendid it is in the night?

Beston BARL-03 Liberty Music Bar Thrill Ride for Sale

Liberty Music Bar Flat Ride for Sale

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Liberty Music Bar-Quality and Hot Spinning Carnival Rides

Although there are so many types of spinning carnival rides like wave swinger and Frisbee ride, I think liberty music bar will be a love for people in carnivals. It will be an amazing trip for people who dare to flip over it. But making sure that the riders are healthy and old enough to bear the craziness. The operator should always keep an eye on rides on the liberty music flat ride in case some emergencies happen.

Seats of Liberty Music Bar Ride

Detailed Information of Liberty Music Bar Ride

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Special Features of Beston Extreme Fair Ride-Liberty Music Bar

  1. Amazing flips. Riding on the liberty music bar flat ride, riders will be impressed by the crazy flips which are also the feature that attracts tourists to have a try.
  2. Gorgeous lights. We equipped colorful lights on the ride to make it stand out in the light. With gorgeous lights and vivid dynamic music, liberty music bar ride becomes a love of tourists.
  3. Large capacity. Beston flat ride liberty music bar can hold 16 people at one time which ensures to get many benefits and quick returns.
  4. Competitive factory price. You can enjoy a competitive factory price when buying Beston new amusement park ride liberty music bar because we have our own professional production base, which also means that there is no middleman between us. You can buy the ride directly from Beston factory.
  5. Excellent services. Detailed information including technical parameter and price list will be sent to your email address before the purchase of the ride. And we will contact the most suitable shipping house for you after the order is put. The installation and operator training will be free of charge, and technical help is always available to you.
  6. Fully customization. You can choose the color, model, and music of the spinning liberty music bar ride according to your needs, and our engineers and factory skilled staff will meet your needs with advanced skills.
  7. Marvelous craftsmanship. Beston amusement rides are all in good quality because our staff is dedicated to making customers satisfied. If you can’t tell the craftsmanship from the detailed picture or video, welcome you to visit our company and factory, and we will show you Beston professional skills and marvelous craftsmanship.
Spinning Liberty Music Bar Ride

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How Does A Liberty Music Bar Thrill Ride Work?

The extreme carnival ride liberty music bar mainly consists of a giant central axle, arms, seats, wheels, and other electrical facilities. When the ride is in operation, the electrical system will drive the movement of the giant wheel beside the seats. And the seat will flip over and over again under the control of riders themselves.

In each seat, there is a safety bar and belt to keep riders’ safety. Riders realize the flip through the joystick in front of the seat, which means that the scale of the craziness of the liberty music bar flat ride is decided by riders themselves. I believe Beston liberty music bar ride will impress you.

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