Miami Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Miami ride is a kind of amusement equipment which does reciprocating revolving movements when operating. It is very stimulating for passengers to feel the alternation of being overweight and weightlessness under the effect of rock music. The Miami fairground ride makes passengers experience a complete release of body and mind!

Hot Miami Ride for Sale

Model: BAR-MR16A
Capacity: 16 persons
Running Height: 1.9m
Running Speed: 1.9m/s
Power: 55kw
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Arm Rotation Radius: 1.8m
Covering Area: 14m(L)*5m(W)*7m(H)
Fence diameter: 15m*5m
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It is also called Miami trip ride and Miami surf ride. The Miami surf ride is special for its two rotation arms and a row of seats. Two rotating arms are connected with a row of seats, and the rotation of the ground ride is driven by an electric motor. Beston Miami wave ride is equipped with safe security bars to restrain passengers on their seats. The backdrop of the Miami fever ride can be customized according to your requirement with an incredible airbrush art.

In the running process, the Miami ride makes clockwise and counterclockwise movements and the movements are done perpendicularly to the ground. What’s more, our Miami fairground ride features in quick acceleration which enables passengers to feel the feeling of overweight and weightlessness. When the Miami fair ride comes to the top point, there are a high negative G-forces, and the Miami surf ride will lift the passengers out of their seats. The Miami funfair ride will stop for a few seconds when it rising to the highest to give the gondola more time to come down and to make a good swing.

Discount Miami Rides for Sale

Model: BAR-MR1
Power: 12 kw
Capacity: 10 persons
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Covering Area: 8m*4m
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Miami Fever Ride for Sale

Model: BAR-MR10
Power: 12 kw
Capacity: 10 persons
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Covering Area: 8m*4m
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Technical Data of the Miami Ride

  • The Rotation speed of the miami ride is 1.9m/s
  • The number of the total passengers in miami trip ride can be 8/10/12/16/18/20.
  • The maximum capacity of receiving passengers of miami fairground ride is 144 people an hour with 12 times running per hour, 3 minutes running and 2 minutes for passengers’ on and off the miami fever ride.
  • Power: about 17KW.
  • Miami funfair ride timing setting: 0~9 minutes
  • The maximum height of the seats when mini miami ride is running can be 1.95m.
  • The maximum turning diameter of miami wave ride is 10m.
  • The diameter of the miami fair ride fence is 5 x 10 m.
Miami Funfair Ride  for Sale in Beston

Model: BAR-MR12
Capacity: 12 persons
Running Height: 2m
Running Speed: 1.9m/s
Maximum Turning Diameter: 10m
Power: 15kw
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Arm Rotation Radius: 1.5m
Covering Area: 8.5m*2.5m
Fence diameter: 5m*10m
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Miami Ride for Sale

Model: BAR-MR8
Power: 9kw
Capacity: 8 persons
Voltage: 380v/50hz
Covering Area: 8m*4m
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Characteristics of Beston Miami Fairground Ride

  • Customization. Seat number, backdrop pattern, music and LED lights color can be tailored to customers requirement.
  • Best after sale service. Except for one year warranty for miami fairground ride, we will also provide you lifelong tracking service.
  • Quick delivery. After the purchase of the miami trip ride, we will contact with shipping house as quick as we can, and send the amusement equipment to you as soon as possible.
  • Craftsmanship. In our own factory, we have our creative team, skilled engineers, and meticulous workmen.
  • Varied application. Miami surf ride can be of the found in amusement parks, theme parks, playground, carnival, fairground and other funfairs.
BAR-MR6A Miami Funfair Ride for Sale

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Miami Trip Ride Working Principle

Miami surf ride mainly consists of two rotating centers, fiberglass reinforced plastics seats and electrical control system. When passengers sit well on the seats, miami fair ride is started by an operator. The two rotating arms will drive the moving of attached seats.

When the miami surf ride starts to swing at first, it swings from right to left, and from left to left. When crazy wave ride accumulates enough strength, it will swing to the highest point and stop for a few minutes, and then under the force of G-force, it starts swinging again. The time of the running can be set according to your needs, such as 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 6 minutes.

Mini miami ride is very exciting and stimulating when swinging, so this miami ride attraction is very popular among young people. And the backdrop of miami funfair ride is an incredible airbrush art which can make the miami wave ride attract more tourists.

BAR-MR6B Crazy Wave Ride for Sale in Beston

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Miami Fair Ride Suitable Environment

  1. Voltage: 380V, 50HZ
  2. When the voltage fluctuation range exceeds the rated value of plus or minus 10%, the miami ride should be suspended until the voltage recovers.
  3. Miami wave ride should not be placed in the high voltage transmission and distribution rack line channel.
  4. If there is rain, snow, hail, fog or severe weather condition exceeding 10 m/s, carnival rides miami should be stopped temporarily.
  5. The suitable temperature of the miami funfair ride should be -10℃~38℃, and the relative humidity of miami fai is not more than 85%, and the right altitude for miami trip ride should no more than 2000m.
  6. The safe distance with the surrounding obstacles of miami ride is at least 500mm.
  7. The service life of the miami fever ride is no less than 10 years with operation time 8 hours a day and 300 days a year.
BAR-MR16B Miami Funfair Ride for Sale

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Note for Passengers of the Miami Ride

  • Tourists with heart disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, Meniere syndrome or pregnant women or other diseases such as coronaemia, mental illness and alcohol-affected are not allowed to ride the miami surf funfair ride.
  • Kids who are less than 1.3 meters tall are not allowed to ride the mini miami ride.
  • Stand and play in the miami funfair ride are prohibited.
  • Smoking is forbidden in waiting area, miami fai operation area and seats.
  • Tourists shall walk in and out of the miami ride platform following the instructions of the staff according to the prescribed route, not crossing the railings.
  • After visitors sit on the seat, the operator should make sure everyone on the miami trip ride is protected by the security bar and tell them to hold the handrail tightly with both hands.
  • When the miami fever ride is stationary, the tourist can release the safety pressure bar and exit the site from the exit in order.

Miami Ride Manufacturer

Beston group is a professional miami ride manufacture which has exported its different types of amusement equipment to over 100 countries. And Beston group is a leading brand in amusement park rides supply enjoying a reputation of high-quality amusement rides and first-rate services. So if you have any needs in miami wave ride or other amusement park rides, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides, inflatable rides and swing rides, you can contact us at any time, and we are always here for you!

Seats 10 seats 12seats 16seats
Area 10m*3.5m*5m 12m*4m*6m 14m*5m*7m
Height 3m 3m 3.5m
Running Height 1.45M 1.65M 1.95M
Voltage 380 V 380 V 380 V
Power 10 KW 12KW 15KW
Material Steel structure & FRP cockpits
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color Customization
Cabinet with control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc

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