New Amusement Ride Happy Flying Car for Sale in Nigeria

Happy flying car ride, also named as happy flying aircraft, crazy plane, super speed car, or crazy aircraft, is the newest amusement park rides in Beston. This new amusement park ride can be widely used in carnivals, fairgrounds, parks, indoor entertainment centers, theme parks, and other funfairs.

Beston New Amusement Flying Car Ride for Sale

Item: Flying Car Ride
Capacity: 16 people (*75kg = 1200kg)
Rotating Speed: 6rin/min
Swing Angle: 36°
Rail Length: 5.6m
Space (L*W*H): 6m*9m*2.2m
Voltage: 220V/50~60HZ
Customizable color, music, seat number, and other decorative parts.

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The super speed car ride is quite like rockin tug ride in working principle in exception of the difference of cabins. Riding on the crazy flying car ride, people will feel like driving an aircraft. We design the flying car ride with blue and white as the main color, which is very beautiful in appearance. And in the brim of the frame, we use splendid LED lights to make the new ride cool and eye-catching.

How Does the New Amusement Ride Happy Flying Car Work?

Like the pictures show, there are track, cabins, and electric accessories as the main parts of the happy flying aircraft ride. When pressing the “start” button in the electric control box, the super speed car ride will begin to slide along the track. The ride will speed up with the accumulation of time.

While the ride slide in the track like the meniscus slide coaster car ride, ruckin tug ride, roller coaster ride, and track train ride, its cabin can also spin in 360-degree, which is full of excitement. When the set time is over, the ride will stop sliding slowly. The working principle of the ride is very simple, and easy in operation.

Beston Flying Aircraft Ride for Sale

Beston Crazy Flying Car Ride for Sale

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Customizable Happy Flying Aircraft in Beston Group

The model we have exported is the one I present to you. Because the flying aircraft ride is the newly-designed amusement ride, so it hasn’t been exported in large numbers. If you like the model I present to you, you can just email us for the price list, and if you want your customized model, email to tell us your specific requirements. The color, speed, music, seat numbers, and other decorative parts all can be tailored to your needs. We believe the new carnival ride flying car will attract many tourists for you.

Beston Super Speed Car Ride for Sale

Seat of New Flying Car Ride in Beston

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Five Appealing Features of New Amusement Ride Happy Flying Car

  1. Large in capacity. Our new amusement ride happy flying car can accommodate 16-20 people at one time, which implies you can get a quick return.
  2. Small in footprint. From the bottom technical parameter form, you can see the covering space of our new amusement happy flying car ride is 6m*9m*2.2m.
  3. Fully Customized. You can choose the color, music, seat number, and other decorative parts of the new ride. And we will finish it in our professional workshop excellently.
  4. Competitive factory price. Beston has its own large-scale factory, which makes the cost lower than those who have no its own factory. There is no the third party between us, and you can buy our ride directly from the factory.
  5. Complete after-sales service system. We always stress after-sales service because it is very important for our clients, and it is a symbol of being professional and responsible.
Shipment of Beston Super Speed Car New Ride

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Similar Ride to Super Speed Car Ride

Ruckin tug ride manufactured in Beston is quite like the new amusement park ride super speed car. In case you are interested, I’ll present the detailed information below. Freely contact us if you want the price list.

Rockin Tug for Sale in Nigeria

Rockin tug, manufactured by Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Company, is a popular fair ride in many places like amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other funfairs. The ride is suitable both for kids and adults, and you can check the video by contacting us through email. Beston manufactures many quality flying car rides with guaranteed factory price. So if you want to buy one, please send us an email for price list and more detailed information. BERT-01 Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale Model: BERT-01 Capacity:8 persons Track Size:  6.76M* 1.15m*1.95m Car Size: 3.4m* 1.5m*1m Speed: 1.6m/s Power: 4kw Voltage: ...
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BRTR-01 Trailer Version of Rockin Tug Ride for Sale

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Why Choose Beston as the Flying Car New Ride Supplier?

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co is a reputable and professional amusement rides manufacturer in China which owns a large-scale factory. The happy flying car ride is the newly-designed amusement ride in Beston just like forest party ride, liberty music bar ride, flying squirrel rescue ride, lucky lion ride, VR ride, and indoor playground ride.

We have a team to design new amusement rides and analyze the demand of the market. With the complete after-sales service system, you can feel assured to buy our rides. Our rides have been exported to many countries around the world, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, America, Britain, South Africa, India, Korea, Nigeria, Jorda, etc.

Welcome your visit to our company, factory, and workshop!

Technical Parameter of Crazy Aircraft Ride

No. Item Specification
1 Capacity 16 people (*75kg = 1200kg)
2 Rotating Speed 6rin/min
3 Swing Frequency 20tims/min
4 Swing Angle 36°
5 Orbital Radius 6.5m
6 Taxiing Speed 1.8m/s
7 Rail Length 5.6m
8 Width 4.3m
9 Space (L*W*H) 6m*9m*2.2m
10 Power 6.5KW
11 Voltage 220V/50~60HZ
12 Capacity 16~20 person
13 Weight 1.5T
14 Space (L*W*H) 6m*9m*2.2m
15 Delivery One 40HQ
16 Spare Parts One set for Free

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