New Amusement Rides Sale in Nigeria

New amusement rides in Beston Company refer to those amusement rides which are newly designed. New amusement park rides 2018 mainly consist of human gyroscope ride, VR ride, Le Bar car rides, forest party kiddie rides, lucky lion kids amusement rides, liberty music bar ride and indoor amusement equipment which is designed to extend kids ability.

Our design and innovative team dedicate themselves to present more amusement park rides with original appearance and good meanings. Our best new amusement park rides are designed in recent times, which means that tourists are not familiar with them. Modern people full of curiosity to the new ride, so they will eager to experience ahead of others.

If you want to add new members for your amusement and theme park, our newest amusement park rides will be your preferred choice because they will attract crowds of tourists for your amusement park thanks to their novel design and fresh experience.

BAEP-1 Indoor Playground Rides for Sale

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BAHC-1 Happy Car Rides for Sale

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New Amusement Rides VS Old Amusement Park Rides

Old amusement park rides are those classic amusement rides like roller coaster ride, ferris wheel ride, giant pendulum ride, carousel ride and chair swing ride. Those amusement equipment are very common in amusement parks, theme parks, and playgrounds. Compared with old amusement rides, new amusement park rides are more attractive to tourists because they are not familiar with the new funfair rides.

Taking lucky lion kids amusement rides for an example, we design them as the image of a lion, and we call them lucky lion which means they will bring luck for you and for tourists who ride on them. Many people who do commercial business will have interest in them because they believe in the meaning.

Although some classic amusement park rides are indispensable for an amusement park or theme park, newest amusement park rides will do a great help for your amusement park business because more tourists mean more benefits, and we have faith in our new carnival rides to attract more tourists for your park.

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Unique Features of Beston New Theme Park Rides

  1. Original design. As a professional amusement equipment company, Beston has always strived for providing more new amusement rides for our customers. Our new theme park rides 2018 come to fruition for the day-and-night efforts of our engineers and staff. We believe our new rides at the fair will amaze you and your tourists.
  2. Advanced skills. Each type of new carnival rides adopts advanced skills to better the quality of them. And our VR rides are high technology themselves. Wearing the VR glasses, people could feel the excitement just like the real.
  3. Free and good services. All of our newest amusement park rides enjoy a one-year warranty. And our engineers will install them for you free of charge. Our engineers are also responsible for the training of operators so that they can show tourists how to ride them or to operate them correctly.
  4. Varied types for choose. Our new carnival rides are various in types. And the color, size, music, and theme of the new fair rides can be tailored to your special needs without extra charge.
  5. Wide application. Our new fair rides can be widely used in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, technical experiencing museum, playgrounds and other fun occasions.

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New Amusement Park Rides Manufacture

Beston Company is a company which specializes in the design and production of different types of amusement rides, such as thrill rides, family and kiddie ride, theme park rides, carnival rides and fairground rides. We have produced amusement equipment for many years, so our skills for manufacturing amusement park rides is mature.

Except for the design and produce of different types of amusement park rides, we still do amusement park design for our customers. We can design the park in a reasonable way, which can save cost and generate more benefits with limited resources.

Our customers who come from over 200 different countries around the world choose us for our good-quality amusement rides and excellent services, and we regard our customers not only as common business customers but as partners because we believe that we both can become better under the help of each other.

So if you have any need in amusement equipment, please feel free contact us, and we will provide you the best amusement rides and services.

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