Forest Party New Amusement Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Forest party amusement rides are new types of theme park rides. This kind of new amusement park rides adopt the image of animals living in the forest, such as bears, rabbits, giraffes, elephants and eagle, and this is the reason we call it forest party kids theme park ride. Although the ride is newly produced, this theme park equipment has received immense popularity because customers like the theme of prosperous spring.

Forest Party Rides
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Covering Area:11m
Rotation Speed:1.5m/s
Voltage:380V 11KW

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There are 12 cabins in the forest party children’s amusement rides with 8 cabins accommodating 8 people and 4 cabins holding 8 people. In sum, the forest party carnival rides for children can accommodate 16 people at one time.

When the forest party new fair rides start running, it rotates circularly which looking like all forest animals are dancing to music. When nights come, you will see colorful LED lights shining with the rotation of forest party popular rides. It seems like animals are holding a party in the forest with lights and music, which is very beautiful and lovely.

Special features of forest party new theme park rides

  • High safety coefficient. In each cabin, we adopt safety pressure bar to ensure the safety of the rider. The advantage of safety pressure bar is that when the forest party new amusement rides are running, passengers can grasp the safety bar, and we can often see the safety bar in some thrill rides like Frisbee rides and roller coaster rides which can ensure mechanical strength and not dampen passengers’ body.
  • Customization service. You can realize full customization about our forest party fun fair equipment or any other types of amusement rides. About the color and the image of the forest party amusement for kids, you can give us your requirement, and we will produce the popular rides for you according to your needs.
  • Original appearance. Maybe you have already seen amusement equipment which adopts the image of animals, but our forest party amusement park rides for kids make the animals more vivid. And on top of the forest party theme park equipment, there is an eagle with his wings spread.
    In front of the cabin of the forest party new amusement rides, there are rabbits holding mushrooms on their arms and snails lying on the mushroom. What’s more, the cabins actually are mother kangaroo’s stomach. When kids and adults sitting in the cabin of the forest party new fair rides, they look like babes of a mother kangaroo, which is very lovely.
forest party rides for sale
forest party juvenile rides for sale

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  • Easy operation. Our forest party new amusement park rides maybe look delicate and complicated in appearance, but it is quite easy in operation. The popular ride is controlled by an electric control unit. Once the switch is turned on, the new type forest party fun park ride will start to work, and passengers just need to sit on the amusement rides and enjoy the happy time.
  • Varied application. Our new type forest party small carnival rides have a wide application. You can apply it to an indoor or outdoor amusement park or theme park, and you can also use it to attract tourists by putting it in carnival, funfair or fairground. Whatever the places are, our beautiful and funny forest party new amusement park rides will attract many tourists and bring many benefits for you.
  • Competitive price. No matter our forest party popular rides or any other amusement equipment, we will provide you a reasonable and competitive price because we have our own factory, and there is no middleman between us.

After sale services of forest party new amusement rides

  • One year warranty. All of the amusement rides in our company have one year warranty. You can contact us at any time if something goes wrong with our amusement equipment, and we will repair or change it for you free of charge. But we assure you the quality of our theme park rides because all of our amusement park rides have passed the inspection of the relevant bureau. Quality of our fun park rides is always prioritized.
  • Free installation. You have nothing to worry about the installation of our forest party kids amusement or other beston amusement rides because we will send skilled engineers to install them for you free of charge.
  • Operator training. Our engineers are not only responsible for the installation of amusement rides, but also deal with the training of operators. They will teach your staff how to operate the new carnival rides correctly and tell things they should be careful when they operate the forest party fun fair ride.
  • Technical help. Even the amusement equipment you buy from our company is over the warranty, we still provide you relevant technical help and lifetime tracking services.
forest party kiddie rides
forest party lovely rides for sale in Beston

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How does forest party popular rides work?

Our forest party popular ride mainly consists of a chassis, cabins, and the central part. The chassis serves as a support of the whole fun fair ride, and it is connected with the central part and cabins by a rotation system to make the forest party kiddie ride rotate. The central part mainly functions as decoration. A flying eagle stands on top of the new fair ride with the elephant standing in a circle.

We design the cabin according to the image of a kangaroo with rabbits and snails as decoration parts. When the forest party amusement for kids starts working, it will rotate clockwise, and the rotation track is quite like waves moving upside and down. It looks like the mother kangaroo is dancing to music.

Notes for forest party amusement rides

  1. The operator should check the forest party kiddie rides regularly to ensure they are in good condition.
  2. Lead tourists to ride the fun fair ride in an orderly manner.
  3. Operator should not leave the amusement ride when it is in running.
  4. Making sure that riders are protected by safety pressure bar.
  5.  If someone feels not well when the ride is in running, the operator should stop the theme park ride at one, and take some actions to make him feel well.
  6. Kids should better accompany by adults (too little kids are not allowed to ride).
  7. Riders in forest party amusement rides should not over 16 people.

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