New Year Promotion in 2023

Good news for all customers in Nigeria! There is a Promotion Now to celebrate the New Year in 2023, and thanks for our regular customers’ support and trust in the past ten years! And the promotion for the New Carousel Rides and New Star Trains roller coaster for Kids are available in Beston Now! More importantly, the quantity is limited and there are only five sets for each of the promotional product. Welcome new and regular customers around the world to contact us to get more details about the new year promotion!
Promotion for New Carousel Rides and Star Trains

  • Promotional Amusement Rides: New Carousel Rides & New Star Train Rides
  • Limited Quantities: Only 5 Sets for Each Model
  • Event Date: 2023/01/01 to 2023/01/31
  • Targeted Population: it is available for all customers, including both new and regular customers.
  • More Promotion Details: anyone who are interested in the promotion and planning to invest in a park project, please feel free to contact us for more details:

Promotion for New Carousel Rides and Star Trains in Beston

New Star Train Rides: it is a kind of customized roller coaster for kids in Beston, which has a special star trains running on the closed and undulating track. In fact, the new star train rides are customized by our technical team according to other popular mini roller coasters in Beston, such as sliding dragon roller coaster, wacky worm roller coasters, and mini shuttle roller coasters. As a new amusement rides, it is popular in indoor and outdoor park projects. Therefore, customers can tell us your demands about the park projects, we can supply not only customized amusement rides, but also tailored park design.

kiddie roller coaster manufacturers in Nigeria
New Star Train Rides – Mini Roller Coasters in Nigeria
small roller coaster for sale - new star train rides in Nigeria
Kiddie Roller Coasters in Nigeria – Star Train Rides

customized mini roller coaster for sale in Nigeria
Customized Mini Roller Coaster Rides in Nigeria

mini backyard roller coaster for sale in Nigeria
New Star Train Rides in Nigeria

Are you planning to buy a popular mini roller coaster?

Paradise Carousel Rides: the new carousel rides are popular kiddie rides, and it sells well among most customers. In addition, investors can buy the carousel rides for their project in amusement and theme parks, children’s park, fairground and carnivals, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, indoor fun centers, shopping malls, and so on. With advantages of attractive appearance, unexpected experience, high cost performance, profitable investment, etc., it is wise to buy carousel rides to attract more tourists and boom your park business!

fairground carousel for sale in Nigeria
Beston New Carousel Ride Promotion in Nigeria

Working voltage: Three-phase five-wire AC380V 50Hz
Motor power: 3kW, 380V±5%, three-phase
Timing range: 1~5min±10s(Five-speed adjustable)
Direction of rotation : Clockwise
Frequency conversion starting time: 1~10s
Trojan jumping height: 180 mm
Disk speed: 1.8 m/s (Variable frequency conversion)
Slewing diameter: Φ5.3 m
Rated passenger: 16 person
Equipment net weight: ≈3T
Boundary dimension (indoor):Φ7m×3.7 m(H) Including fence size
Boundary dimension (outdoor):Φ7m×7m (H) Including fence size
Contact for Prices

buy paradise theme carousel kiddie ride for sale in Nigeria
Grand Carousel Rides with Attractive Lights

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Paradise Carousel Ride Seats in Nigeria

grand carousel for sale in Nigeria
Grand Carousel Rides in Nigeria- Horses

Indoor & Outdoor Projects with Beston Amusement Rides in Nigeria

Different amusement rides can be matched together to attract more passengers for different park projects. What’s more there are various park rides in Beston Amusement, such as thrilling rides, kiddie rides, family rides, theme park rides, fairground rides, carnival rides, and so on. When you are planning to invest in different parks in Nigeria, here are some park rides which are popular in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, zoos, compound hotel parks, city parks, indoor fun centers, and so on.

Beston One-stop Service to Support Park Projects in Nigeria

Most wise investors know that it is a great challenge as well as an opportunity in 2023. In order to succeed and stand out among so many competitors, they should be adept in finding and seizing every opportunity. Therefore, please feel free to contact Beston to grasp the chance to get the big discounts! In addition, we can provide excellent service and supports for our customers. And the one-stop service includes product selection, project planning, guidance on delivery and installation, project operation instruction, etc. Please rest assured to contact us for assistance, and we will help you wholeheartedly!

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