Octopus Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Octopus ride is a kind of spinning rides like samba balloon ride, liberty music bar flat ride, and teacup ride. The ride is designed both for kids and adults with high safety efficient and exciting riding experience. Octopus swing ride can be widely used in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, entertainment centers, schools, carnivals, and other funfairs.

Beston BARO-01 Octopus Amusement Ride for Sale

octopus amusement park rides
Design Picture of Beston Octopus Amusement Park Rides

octopus amusement ride
Beston BARO-01 Octopus Amusement Ride for Sale

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The octopus ride looks like a real octopus in appearance, which is very attractive. And we use dragon and the arms of the giant octopus ride. Cabins of the octopus funfair ride can be cute fishes or other images you like. Riding on the octopus ride, people will spin circularly with the cabin at a high speed. At the same time, cabins and the central axle of the big octopus ride rotate simultaneously with random up and down movements, and riders will be raised up and down accordingly.

Beston Octopus Fair Ride for Sale in Nigeria

The octopus ride can be designed as 5 to 8 arms with 2 or 4 cabins attached. Each cabin can accommodate two person. Actually, the size or model of the octopus ride can be tailored to your requirements. You can choose the color of the dragon arm and cabins, and the main color of the whole spinning carnival ride. We have manufactured octopus fair ride for many customers, so you can choose the model you like according to the following pictures.

Beston BARO-02 Octopus Fair Ride for Sale

octopus fair ride
Beston BARO-02 Octopus Fair Ride for Sale

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Beston Octopus Fun Fair Ride Cost

It is very reasonable for you to consider the price or coast of the octopus ride at the fair, and we know that you will find many manufacturers in Googles or other channels, but Beston, finally, will be your ideal choice. The reasons are as followings:

  • Firstly, Beston is a professional and reputable amusement equipment manufacturer in China and abroad. Our customers come from more than 100 different countries around the world, and we even build our warehouses in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. You can find our subsidiary corporations there so that you don’t have to come so far to visit our company and factory.

Beston BARO-03 Octopus Funfair Ride for Sale

octopus funfair ride
Beston BARO-03 Octopus Funfair Ride for Sale

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BARO-05 Beston Octopus Carnival Ride for sale

octopus amusement park rides for sale
BARO-05 Beston Octopus Carnival Ride for sale

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  • Secondly, we have our own production base. Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province of China where we have a professional production factory of more than 50000 square meters. We have the ability to manufacture qualified octopus fair ride and other amusement equipment for you.
  • Thirdly, our products get the approval of many authorities. We know that quality certificate is very important for amusement rides including octopus carnival rides because it directly decides whether the ride is qualified to go to market. Some manufacturers may offer you a lower price than any other supplier, but may I warn you that you will cost more in maintenance. Beston amusement park rides have got the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval, and our factory engineers and staff dedicate themselves to manufacture good quality rides for you all.

Beston BARO-04 Octopus Carnival Ride for Sale

octopus carnival ride
Beston BARO-04 Octopus Carnival Ride for Sale

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After-Sale Services of Octopus Amusement Park Rides

  1. We will provide detailed operation introduction not only in the form of paper but also suggestions from our skilled engineers.
  2. Octopus amusement ride installation will be free.
  3. Operator training for the octopus ride will be performed by our engineers free of charge.
  4. We will conform to standard package regulations to make sure the octopus fair ride is sent to you in perfect condition.
  5. One-year warranty.
  6. Technical help is always available to you.

Beston Octopus Fairground Ride for Sale

Detailed Parts of Octopus Carnival Ride to Nigeria

The main parts of the octopus ride are the central axle, arms, cabins, and other electrical accessories. If the following pictures are not enough to let you know our octopus fair ride, please contact us, and we will send you more detailed information about carnival octopus ride by email or other convenient channels.

octopus amusement ride
Arms of Octopus Amusement Ride in Beston Comapny

octopus fair ride
Detailed Part of Octopus Fair Ride in Beston Factory

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How Does An Octopus Fairground Ride Work?

Rotation is the main movements of the big octopus ride. Cabins and the central axle spin at the same time with riders been lifted up and down. The working principle of the octopus fairground ride is quite like self-control helicopter ride, rotary bee rides, and jump and smile ride.

You can find all these spinning rides on our website. When the operator press the “start” button on the electric control unit, fair rides octopus start to move at a low speed. And as the accumulation, the carnival ride called the octopus starts to spin at a high speed, which is very fun.

Giant Octopus Ride in Beston Factory

big octopus ride
Giant Octopus Ride in Beston Factory

octopus fairground ride
Cabins of Octopus Fairground Ride in Beston Factory

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Operation Tips for the Octopus Ride in Nigeria

  1. Operators should examine the octopus carnival ride every day before working. The mechanical system, control system, and hydraulic system must be checked carefully.
  2. Before plugging the power, operators should make sure that every rider is well protected by the seat belt on the octopus fairground ride.
  3. The operator must keep eye on passenger and equipment while working. “Stop” button should be pressed immediately if anything emergency happens.
  4. Power should be cut off every day, and the control system should be closed before leaving.

Beston Big Octopus Ride at Night

big octopus ride
Beston Big Octopus Ride at Night

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Technical Parameter of Octopus Funfair Ride

Capacity 30
Height of the Ride 4.5m
Operating Height 1.8m
Total Power 15kw
Weight 5.5t
Voltage 380v
Max. Speed 1.98m/s
Diameter 12m
Paint Environmentally-Friendly
Material FRP & Steel

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