Paratrooper Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Paratrooper ride rotates circularly, so we can call it a circus ride, which can be easily found in outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, and fairground. In contrast to modern thrill rides, the paratrooper is a ride suitable for almost all ages, except for infants and very small children. Therefore, if you are looking for an amusement ride for both kids and parents, our carnival rides paratrooper will be a wise choice.

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carnival rides paratrooper for sale

Model: BRUR-24A
Voltage: 380v
Area: Φ14m
Running height: 3.5m
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 24 persons
Cabin: 12
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Paratrooper ride is very special for taking the shape of umbrella-like canopies. Sitting on the cabins and with the increase of height, passengers rotate in 360 degrees, and our paratrooper fair ride can tilt at a certain angle so that people can experience the excitement in the high air and the sense of safety in the low altitude. We produce both mini paratrooper ride and giant paratrooper ride, and the size of these two kinds of umbrella ride can be customized.

Each paratrooper amusement ride can be designed as 8/10/12 cabins, and each cabin in the carnival rides paratrooper can accommodate two people, and it is a perfect family ride. The speed of the umbrella carnival ride can be controlled, and the color and theme of the umbrella fairground ride can be customized.

Paratrooper Ride Models Available in Nigeria

According to the demand of different groups of people, we presently produce two types of paratrooper rides, namely, mini paratrooper ride and giant paratrooper ride. As an amusement park ride, mini paratrooper ride and giant paratrooper ride share a common in operational principle, but they are different in speed, size, shape, and so on.

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Beston Paratrooper Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Model: BRUR-24B
Voltage: 380v
Area: Φ14m
Running height: 1.9m
Power: 7.5kw
Capacity: 24 persons
Covering Area: 7.5m*3.6m
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·Mini Paratrooper Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Mini paratrooper ride can be regarded as a kind of kiddie rides which is mainly geared towards kids. Comparing with giant paratrooper ride, mini paratrooper ride is smaller in size and lower in speed. Because of its small size and low speed, two kids are allowed to sit in one seat, and one kid and one adult are also allowed.

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paratrooper amusement ride for sale

Capacity:12/24 persons
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·Giant Paratrooper Ride for sale in Nigeria

Giant paratrooper ride is designed for teens and adults because it’s more exciting than mini paratrooper ride. Actually, giant paratrooper ride is also suitable for kids for its controllable speed and high safety.

upright paratrooper ride
paratrooper fairground ride for sale

paratrooper fair ride
carnival rides paratrooper for sale

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Unique Features of Beston Paratrooper Carnival Rides for Sale

  • ·360 degree rotary turning
    Paratrooper ride produced by our company can achieve 360-degree rotary turning. With the self-rotation of the paratrooper carnival ride, it can also tilt to a 45 degree, which is more exciting than those can only self-rotation without raising and tilting.
  • LED lights
    LED lights make the fair ride stand out. We set LED lights in the rim of the little umbrella and the canopy. The combination of colorful lights and exciting music attracts many tourists.
  • Varied application
    For giant paratrooper ride, it can be applied to outer amusement parks, theme parks, carnival, fairground and funfair ground. For mini paratrooper ride, it can be put in communities, shopping malls, resorts, garden-style hotels, schools and pedestrian streets.
  • Colors can be customized
    Colors and sizes of our carnival rides paratrooper can be customized according to your specific acquirement.
  • Attractive appearance
    As an amusement equipment, our paratrooper funfair ride is very attractive in appearance. Either kids or adults are fond of this kind of umbrella fairground ride.
  • Good service
    The principle of our company is to strive for survival on the basis of the quality of our amusement rides and to win the market with our first-rate after-sales services.
    Firstly, we will provide relevant product information for you as much as we can.
    Secondly, we will provide a one-year quality warranty.
    Thirdly, we will send engineers to your country to install the paratrooper ride for you free of charge.
    What’s more, technical help will be offered at any time.
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fairground rides paratrooper ride for sale

umbrella fairground ride
paratrooper fair ride for sale

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How does a Paratrooper Ride Works?

A paratrooper ride mainly consists of a pedestal, a bevel rolling center, 8/10/12 arms, seats and other decorative parts.

  • Pedestal
    A pedestal in paratrooper carnival ride is designed to support the entire machine, and inside the pedestal, there is a pneumatic lifting piston which is set to raise the paratrooper ride. In addition, the middle part of the pedestal is designed folded to give space to the lifting bearing.
  • Bevel rolling center
    The bevel rolling center in paratrooper ride can be found on the top side of the fairground ride. The rotating shaft enables the funfair ride to spin circularly.
  • Arms
    A paratrooper ride has 8/10/12 arms, and each arm has two main steel bars. To reinforce the arm of the paratrooper fair ride, we add many small steel bars between the two main steel arms.
    What’s more, from the picture you can see that arms in paratrooper ride are connected together by two circular steel bars. The design of the circular steel bars and small steel bars is to ensure the safety and the durable operation of the umbrella fairground ride.
paratrooper ride
Delivery of Beston Popular Paratrooper Rides
  • Seats
    Seats are another indispensable part of an umbrella carnival ride. In each arm, there is one seat, and each seat can hold two people. The thing worth noting is the umbrella-like canopy on the top of the seat in paratrooper fair ride. The color of the seat is varied, and the color of the top little umbrella is the same as the seat of a parachute carnival ride. On each seat, there is a safety bar to let passengers held and ensure their safety.
  • Other decorative parts
    The reason why our paratrooper amusement ride is so popular is that we add wonderful decorative parts, such as the canopy on top of the upright paratrooper ride. The canopy looks like the arms of an octopus ride with varied colors and a bunch of aquatic plants. The shape is unique and attractive to kids and adults. Furthermore, we decorate the carnival equipment with colorful LED lights in the rim of the little umbrella and the canopy which is very beautiful and shiny in the night.

Paratrooper ride is operated under the cooperation of the pedestal, bevel rolling center, seats, and arms. With the rotation of the wheel, the suspended seats in paratrooper ride are free to rock sideways and swing out under centrifugal force. And the ride can tilt at most 45 degree which makes the paratrooper carnival ride more exciting. As a new amusement park ride, paratrooper ride enjoys a high popularity for its durable and simple operation, novel appearance, and colorful LED lights.

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Instructions on Paratrooper Amusement Ride in Beston

  1. Each seat can accommodate two kids or one kid and one adult.
  2. The seatbelt must be fastened before the operation, and passengers cannot unlock the safety belt and get out of the seat until the paratrooper ride stops.
  3. Standing is not allowed in operation, and hands should grasp the safety bar.
  4. If you don’t feel well in operation, please tell the operator to stop the ride.
  5. People affected by alcohol, high blood pressure, heart disease or other sudden diseases are not allowed to ride the paratrooper ride.

If you are interested in our paratrooper ride, umbrella fairground ride or any other kinds of funfair rides, please contact us freely.

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