Pendulum Amusement Park Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Pendulum amusement park rides are one type of amusement rides which feature in a gondola, arm, and an axle, and can be usually seen in amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, and other funfairs. With deluxe LED lights and rhythmical music, pendulum rides consisting of frisbee ride, pirate ship ride, and kamikaze ride (or double ranger ride) are made up of solid steel and high-quality FRP materials, which makes our pendulum swing ride safe.

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Pirate ship ride, also called viking ship ride, pirate boat ride, or corsair ride, is one kind of pendulum rides like frisbee ride and kamikaze ride which is characteristic of ...
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Frisbee Ride for Sale in Nigeria

The Frisbee ride is one kind of pendulum rides manufactured in Beston, just like pirate ship boat ride and skymaster ride. It is also been called gyro swing ride, pendulum ...
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Riding on the pendulum amusement park rides for sale in Beston, people will feel a strong centripetal force, and with the effect of gravity, the gondola and axle swing back and forth driven by DC motors. Mini pendulum ride and big pendulum ride both are available to you here in Professional Henan Beston.

Beston Mini Pendulum Ride for sale to Nigeria

Mini pendulum rides are mini frisbee ride and small pirate ship ride which are very fit for kids fun. Mini pendulum rides swing back and forth in the park under the driving of DC motors, which brings much fun for kids.

The frame of small pendulum rides are made of stainless solid steel, and the gondola and other decorative parts are made up of fiberglass reinforced plastics. On the seats of the pendulum rides, there are safety bars or seatbelts to ensure the safety of passengers.

Either mini Frisbee ride or small pirate ship ride has many types for you to choose from. You can see the models we present below, or you can tell us your need, and we customize it for you without extra charge.

BPR-01 Mini Frisbee Ride for Sale

Model: BPR-01
Capacity: 6 persons
Area: 5*6m
Power: 6kW
Height: 3.8m
Voltage: 380V
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BPR-02 Small Pirate Ship for Sale

Model: BPR-02
Capacity: 8 persons
Area: 4*5m
Power: 5kW
Swing Angle: 45°
Voltage: 380V
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Pendulum Thrill Ride in Nigeria – Thrill-Seekers’ Love

Pendulum thrill rides are giant Viking ship ride, big pendulum boat ride, and kamikaze ride. These rotating pendulum rides are thrill rides like slingshot ride, disco ride, human gyroscope ride, drop tower ride, jump and smile ride, and roller coaster ride. Pendulum-swing thrill rides gain such a high popularity for back-and-forth swings.

If the pendulum swing rides giant enough like pendulum 360, people can be upside down. The kamikaze ride is a little different from pirate boat ride and Frisbee ride because it has two arms which take the shape of a scissor, which is the reason that why the kamikaze ride is called scissors ride.

BPR-03 New Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

Items: BPR-03
Capacity: 24 people
Running Speed: 8.2m/s
Turing Radius: 7.5m
Length: 13m
Height:: 9m
Power: 18kw
Area Size: 12m*8m
Delivery: One 40HQ
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BPR-04 Double Ranger Ride for Sale

Model: BPR-04
Height: 16m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 45kW
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 16*12m
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Find Pendulum Ride Manufacturer in Nigeria – Beston Group

Beston group is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer in China which has dealt with varied types of amusement rides for many years. And although we have exported so many amusement rides to over 100 countries around the world, there is no accident ever happened for the quality of Beston rides. So Beston is your best choice.

You can search Beston on Google and find that how professional we are. Besides spinning pendulum rides, Beston also has many types of spinning rides like flying chair ride and teacup ride, fairground rides like octopus ride, ferris wheel ride, and electric bumper cars, and theme park rides like robot ride, VR ride, and Thomas the train ride. We sincerely hope you are the next one who establishes long-term partnership!

BPR-05 Extreme Frisbee Ride for Sale

Model: BPR-05
Capacity: 24 persons
Area: 10*12m
Power: 18kW
Height: 9m
Voltage: 380V
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Pendulum Ride Price in Nigeria – Appeal and Affordable

Here we must promise you that the price of Beston pendulum amusement park rides is in line with the quality of our rides. We never use low-quality raw material or pendulum swing rides to cheat our customers that they are high-quality. After we get the order of our clients, we tell factory engineers what the specification and models you want, and our factory staff dedicate themselves to manufacture the highest-quality amusement rides to make sure you are satisfied and we are responsible.

So if you want the lowest price to buy our high-quality products, it’s unreasonable. But if you want high-quality pendulum amusement park rides or other amusement equipment, you should contact us without hesitation.

BPR-06 Mini Pendulum for Sale

BPR-07 Skymaster Ride for Sale

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Are Spinning Pendulum Rides Safe?

Are Beston spinning pendulum rides safe enough to let people ride on? The answer is definitely YES. All amusement rides in Beston have got the ISO9001, BV, SONCAP and CE approval. And before the delivery of our pendulum theme park rides and other amusement park rides, our factory staff test the running of the ride many times to ensure the quality of our rides.

So you can feel assured when buying Beston pendulum swing amusement rides and other amusement attractions. One-year warranty allows you to ask us for repairing or replacing the ride for you freely ( in exception of human damage).

BPR-08 Small Frisbee Kiddie Rides for Sale

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How Does A Pendulum Ride Work?

Pendulum amusement park rides are circular motion rides which swing back and forth under the driving of motors. When the pendulum thrill rides swinging in the high air, centripetal force and g-force will play their role in the pendulum swing rides making people have the feeling of weightlessness.

Pendulum ride physics are easy to understand, and our pendulum swing rides are easier to operate. Buy a spinning pendulum ride for your park or carnivals which will bring much fun for your tourists.

Beston Kamikaze Ride at Night

Shipment of Beston Pirate Ship Ride

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