Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Pirate ship ride, also called viking ship ride, pirate boat ride, or corsair ride, is one kind of pendulum rides like frisbee ride and kamikaze ride which is characteristic of forward and backward swings. With competitive factory price and high quality, Beston pirate ship theme park rides are very popular among customers and tourists. Welcome your inquiry!

BEPS-01 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

mini pirate ship ride
BEPS-01 Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

Model: BEPS-01
Area: L5.75m * W3.3m*H3.8m
Power: 3kW
Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Capacity: 12 people
Age group: 5-16 years old
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Riding on the swinging pirate ship ride, people will have a feeling of sailing out and swinging with sea waves. Beston manufactures giant pirate ship fair ride and mini pirate ship ride which are geared to different people at different ages. Pirate ship amusement park ride enjoys such a high popularity among tourists for its cool appearance and fun swings. We can see viking ship fair ride in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and some fairgrounds.

Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale to Nigeria

We design mini pirate ship ride for little kids because they are too young to ride on the giant swinging boat ride. Kids boat swing can be made into 8-12 seats. And the appearance can be customized according to your requirements. And what’s more, our pirate ship kiddie ride can be trailerized or portable so that you can apply it into a carnival or some traveling places. Mini pirate ship ride is small in footprint and less in cost, and it is popular among kids. So it would be a great investment for your park or carnival.

Pirate Ship Kiddie Rides for Sale in Beston

pirate ship kiddie rides
BEPS-02 Pirate Ship Kiddie Rides for Sale in Beston

kids pirate ship ride
BEPS-03 Kids Trialerized Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

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Giant Pirate Ship Ride for Sale to Nigeria

Giant pirate boat swing is big in size and high in capacity ranging from 16 seats to 40 seats. We have manufactured many different types of viking pirate ships among those dragon pirate ship is one of the most popular swinging ships. I guess that there are many people who like viking ship ride for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

We know that mini pirate ship ride has a small swing angle, so it is not so thrilling for adults. But giant pendulum pirate ship ride swing angles can up to 60 degrees which are very exciting. Riding on the pirate boat ride, riders will experience a swing from slow to rapid, which is quite like encountering strong wind and waves out on the sea. People just love this kind of experience.

Viking Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

viking ship ride
BEPS-04 Viking Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

pirate ship amusement ride
BEPS-05 Pirate Ship Amusement Ride for Sale in Beston

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Fairground Swing Boats for Sale for Nigeria

For mini pirate ship ride, we decorate the ship with cute images, or we just make the shape of the boat into a dog or some other images. And we use seagrasses on the platform to make kids feel they are traveling on the sea. All decorative parts of the pirate boat swing are made of plastic reinforced plastics (FRP). And the four support pivots are made of solid steels. With deluxe lights, vivid music, non-fading and durable paint, our pirate ship fair rides are very hot.

Pirate Boat Swing for Sale in Beston

pirate boat swing
BEPS-06 Pirate Boat Swing for Sale in Beston

pirate ship swing
BEPS-07 Pirate Ship Swing for Sale in Beston

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Pirate Ship Ride Price in Nigeria – Directly from Beston Factory

As a professional and reputable amusement equipment manufacturer in China and abroad, Beston can offer you a guaranteed factory price for pirate ship amusement ride because we have our own production factory.

Here I must point out that maybe our price of the pirate boat ride is not the lowest, but we can guarantee the quality of our ride. We both know that for amusement park equipment, quality should be put in the first place. And we, Beston, adopt the best raw materials and employ the most skilled engineers to make sure the quality of our rocking boat ride.

Our company has excited for 20 years, and there is no one park accident happened for the quality of our carnival boat rides. So, if you want the lowest price, we maybe can’t meet your needs because our cost doesn’t allow us such a low price. But if you want the top quality ship swings, please contact us immediately, and we won’t let you down.

Swinging Boat Ride for Sale in Beston

ship ride
BEPS-08 Amusement Park Ship Ride for Sale in Beston

swinging boat ride
BEPS-09 Swinging Boat Ride for Sale in Beston

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Pirate Ship Amusement Ride Physics

We know that the operating way of a fair boat ride is reciprocating backward and forward swings, and the swing angle is between 40-60 degrees. For rapid swings, riders will feel powerful g-force on the pendulum boat ride. The transmission mode of the pirate boat swing is friction-driven, and the driving force of the swinging pirate ship ride can be electric and hydraulic.

Viking Pirate Ship for Sale in Beston

pirate ship boat ride
BEPS-10 Pirate Ship Boat Ride for Sale in Beston

viking pirate ship
BEPS-11 Viking Pirate Ship for Sale in Beston

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Other Amusement Park Pirate Ship Rides

In consideration of people’s love for pirate ship ride, we design some other amusement rides which adopt the image of a pirate ship. You can find them are pirate ship track train ride, pirate ship rotary ride, and pirate ship slide ride. These rides are suitable for kids just like Beston other ride on train with tack ride, rotary plane ride, and amusement park slide ride. If you want to get the detailed information about these pirate ship kiddie rides, please email us.

pirate ship track train
BEPS-12 Pirate Ship Track Train for Sale

rotary pirate boat ride
BEPS-13 Rotary Pirate Boat Ride for Sale

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Features of Beston Pirate Swings

  • Competitive factory price
  • Gorgeous LED lights and vivid music
  • Quick returns
  • Electric and hydraulic driving system
  • Guaranteed quality and excellent operation performance
  • Free installation and operator training
  • Lifelong tracking services and technical help

Amazing Pendulum Ride-Pirate Boat Ride

Pendulum rides feature in swinging arms and support pivot. In Beston, there are four types of pendulum rides for you to choose which are giant frisbee ride, pirate ship ride, skymaster ride, and 360-degree frisbee ride. These rides all can swing back and forth. And in exception of pirate ship ride, the other three types of pendulum rides can rotate in 360 degrees. Pirate ship ride upside down or 360 looping pirate ship is so thrilling and complicated that we are still working on it.

Pirate Ship Ride Safety-Quality Pirate Ship Amusement Park ride

All pirate boat swings in Beston are made of quality raw materials which are strong enough to bear a high capacity. And in each seat, we equip safety pressure bar to make sure passengers sit steadily on their seats. No matter viking ship ride or any other amusement equipment in Beston is all safe to ride because we test it before delivery. You can feel assured to buy the pirate ship amusement park ride if you are in need of one or more.

pirate boat swing
Pirate Boat Swing Test in Beston Factory

boat swing ride
Boat Swing Ride in Beston Factory

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Pirate Ship Amusement Ride Specifications


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