Popular Amusement Park Rides Shipping to Nigeria

Check below to find the popular amusement park rides from Beston group: small roller coaster (sliding dragon roller coaster), 24 seats UFO disco rides and 20m ferris wheel to the park in Nigeria. The photos are product and delivery pictures, and you can contact us for more details to help you make a decision.

Amusement park rides for sale in Nigeria
Popular Amusement Park Rides Shipping to Nigeria

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We choose the optimal delivery solution for our customers, which is fast, timely and safe. After the production of the amusement rides, our factory will test every amusement park rides and every part strictly to ensure the quality guarantees. We offer pre-sales service and after-sales service for our customers to make sure our customers can find us whenever they want.

Popular Amusement Park Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster in Nigeria:

Beston sliding dragon roller coaster, one of the mini roller coaster for kids, is a medium size amusement ride which adopts the ancient dragon for the whole equipment, which is mysterious and attractive. It is driven by two transmission parts in the front and rear.

And the dragon shape car is running and sliding on the spiral track, which can spiral up or descend rapidly. The entire process is entertaining, interesting and thrilling. The dragon roller coaster is suitable for all age group in the amusement and theme parks, plaza playground, shopping malls, squares and so on.

small roller coaster for sale in Nigeria
Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

Technical Parameter:
Area: 11x16m
Height: 3.5 m
Weight: 3.3t
Passenger: 16
Power: 6KW
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Disco Rides for sale in Nigeria:

Beston disco rides or flying UFO rides are also running or spinning along the track. It combines the roller coaster abs the spinning rides. Passengers are restricted on the motorbike and their arms and legs are free to move. They can spin with their seat as well as swing along the track. Passengers can experience the incredible weightless sensation and unbelievable G-force in the entire process. How fascinating it is! It always attracts many visitors for your park.

purchase disco ride for sale from Beston
Beston UFO Disco Rides

Technical Parameter:
Passenger Number: 24 Persons
Rotating Speed: 15r/min
Max Swing Speed: 12 m/s
Driving Motor Power: 45 kW
Rotation Motor Power: 11 kW
Power: 60kw
Weight: 15.84t
Service Life: 8 years
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20 Ferris Wheel in Nigeria:

Beston 20m ferris wheel can attract the attention of children and adults of all ages. The ferris wheel 20m always have beautiful and attractive gondolas which are designed with various themes. Beston can customize our ferris wheel to meet the demands of different investors from different backgrounds and different countries.

Ferris wheel is always the main elements to attract visitors for a park, because it is conspicuous and can load more passengers. Beston 20m ferris wheel with lower investment and high return is always a wise selection for a park!

20m ferris wheel price
Beston 20m Ferris Wheel in Nigeria

Technical Parameter:
Loading Capacity: 48 persons
Driving Power: 6KW
Wheel Diameter: 17.98 m
Occupied Area: 17 m*14 m
Rated Power: 18KW
Rated Voltage: 380V 50HZ
Total Height: 20 m
Cabin Number:12pcs
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Beston Factory with Lean Manufacturing Process

Beston factory has lean manufacturing process. We have different workshops to produce our ferris wheel, roller coaster, disco rides and other amusement park rides, such as Cutting Workshop, Welding Workshop, Machining Workshop, Assembly Trial Workshop, Sheet Metal Polishing Workshop, Fiberglass Workshop, Painting Workshop, etc.

These workshops are always keeping up with the most advanced technology and manufacturing equipment to ensure the quality and innovation of our amusement rides. More importantly, every step in the process are controlled strictly to ensure the safe and precision manufacturing, which can guarantee the high quality and security of our amusement equipment.

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