Robot Amusement Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Robot amusement ride, designed by Beston gramusement, is inspired by the popular movie “Transformers”. As a newly-designed and hot theme park ride, robot amusement ride successfully finds its way to amusement park rides market and becomes one of the most popular kiddie rides. Another thing worth mentioning is that our robot walking ride almost has no demand on site so long as the site is flat so that the robot rides could move freely. Such sites suitable for kiddy robot ride can be amusement parks, backyards, playground, carnival, public activity center, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor entertainment centers.

robot ride
robot amusement ride for sale

Model: BRRB-1A
Diameter: 1.2*1*1.3m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 75kg
Capacity: 1 adult or 2 kids
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Our robot rides are characteristic of easy operation, 360-degree rotation, MP3 music player, cool appearance and varied application. The joystick in the upgrade robot ride enables the rider to control the thrill ride freely. What’s more, riding on the robot, the rider could operate it to move forward, backward or 360-degree rotation, which is full of passion and interest. And furthermore, in our robot rides, there is the MP3 music player, and you can put SD memory card in them to play the music according to the requirement of the rider.

Robot Amusement Ride Classification

Concerning different needs of different customers, we produce two kinds of robot seat rides. One of them is normal-sized robot ride, and the other is luxury robot ride, also called upgrade robot ride. These two kinds of kiddy ride robot both enjoy a high popularity among our customers. The starting method of our robot amusement ride can be coin operated or remote control.

robot seat ride
cool robot with ride for sale in Beston

Model: BRRO-2A
Load capacity: 150kg
Charge time: 8-10hours
Mp3: SD/TF
Motor power: 50w*2
Size: 110cm*ll0cm*130cm
Packing size: 120cm*120cm*140cm
Weight: 85kg(include batteries)
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››Common Robot Walking Ride

We name it common robot walking ride because it is smaller than upgrade robot amusement ride. This robot seat ride takes a small area, and it is very suitable for small places. And comparing with upgrade robot amusement ride, common robot walking ride may look not so cool because it looks like a simply equipped robot ride, and the LED lights and music may not so exciting as an upgrade robot amusement ride. But the price of the common robot walking ride is much cheaper than upgrade robot amusement ride.

industrial robot amusement ride
robot you can ride for sale

Model: BRRO-2B
Load capacity: 150kg
Charge time: 8-10hours
Mp3: SD/TF
Motor power: 50w*2
Size: 110cm*ll0cm*130cm
Packing size: 120cm*120cm*140cm
Weight: 85kg(include batteries)
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››Upgrade Robot Amusement Ride or Luxury Robot with Ride

Upgrade robot amusement ride or luxury robot with ride is really like a real robot both in appearance and sound. You can tell from robot ride video. Riding on the upgrade robot amusement ride, riders could experience the excitement of gunfire, and the robot ride could speak according to different occasions. Our intelligible robot amusement ride could tell you whether it needs a charge or not. One charge could last for more than 8 hours.

robot kiddie ride
robot kiddie rides for sale

Model: BRRS-1B
Diameter: 1.3*0.95*1.6m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 150kg
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Special Features of Our Robot Amusement Ride

  1. Easy operation. This kiddie ride is quite easy in operation. What passengers need do is to control the two handles designed for the robot ride. If you want the robot with ride to move forward, you just need to push the handle forward. The feeling riding on the robot is quite like driving a car.
  2. Large capacity battery. The battery we adopt is specially designed for robot amusement ride which is characteristic of large capacity. Once charge can last at least 8 hours on run.
  3. Smart system. Our robot chair ride has radar function which means it can detect whether there are obstacles or not. If there is something on the way in front of the robot walking ride, it will move backward or stop there until the obstacle is cleared. And if there are obstacles backward, the kiddy ride robot will stop moving backward and move forward or other directions. Is it a smart guy?
  4. Competitive price. Another reason that why our robot ride is so popular is that we can offer customers a reasonable and competitive price. After years’ development, we have developed into a large company with our own factory which means you can directly buy a robot ride from the factory without middlemen.
  5. Varied application. Our robot ride has a wide application, such as indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, technology center, carnival, playground, entertainment center, shopping mall, fairground etc. So if you are an owner of one of these places, our robot amusement ride will be a wise investment for you because of its cool design.
robot walking ride for sale
robot ride for sale in Beston

robot seat ride for sale in Beston
Beston cool robot walking ride for sale

We are always here for you!

After-Sale Services

  • One-year quality warranty. We provide a one-year quality warranty for our robot amusement ride and other amusement park rides in our company to ensure you the quality of our amusement equipment.
  • Free installation. After the purchase of the robot walking ride, we will send engineers to install the kiddie ride for you free of charge. And our engineers will mind you something about the use of the robot ride.
  • Free operator training. After the installation, our engineer will teach your staff how to operate the robot seat ride. Making sure that the operator is familiar with the robot ride and can show the tourists how to control the robot chair ride.
  • Any technical help at any time. Technical help is available to you at any time.
robot chair ride
Safe Package of Beston Robot Ride

We are Professional in Manufacturing Cool Robot Rides!

Manufacture of Robot Amusement Ride

Henan Beston is a profession of amusement park rides manufacture. Except for robot amusement ride, we also produce many other kinds of amusement rides, such as roller coaster ride, ferris wheel in a different size, carousel, bumper car ride, paratrooper ride, track and trackless train ride, different kinds of inflatable rides etc. For these amusement rides, we have got the ISO9001, BV, SONCA and CE approval.

Our amusement equipment is popular both in home and broad, and up to now, we have exported to over 100 countries, such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Brazil, Jordan, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria etc., and we have established three oversea warehouses separately in Russia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan. Welcome to visit our factory at any time!

So, if you have any need for amusement park rides, please feel free contact us, and we will provide you the best-quality amusement equipment and excellent services.

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