Roller Coaster for Sale in Nigeria

Roller coaster ride is one of the most popular amusement park rides in Beston amusement which specialized in the design and production of amusement park rides. Our coaster rides enjoy a good reputation in our customers because our equipment has a high quality and competitive price. In addition, according to our customers’ feedback, our roller coaster ride has created a considerable profit. Our coaster ride can be applied to outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, carnival and some large fairground.

4-loop roller coaster for sale

Model: BRRC-4-Loop
Rail length: 680m
Highest point: 33m
Duration of work: 140s Per Time
Maximum speed: 75 km / h
Total power: 120kW (not including lighting)
Floor space: 145 * 46m
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We have different types of roller coaster rides which you can choose as you wish. Sitting on the train of the coaster ride, owing to tight turns, steep slopes, and inversions, passengers can fully experience the feeling of thrill and excitement.

Get to Know Roller Coaster Rides:

Roller coaster is a kind of amusement equipment, and it refers to a type of thrill ride that employs a form of elevated railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions (not including kids mini roller coaster).

mid-3-loop roller coaster ride for sale

Model: BRRC-Mid-3-Loop
Rail length: 440m
Highest point: 22.5m
Duration of work: 90s Per Time
Maximum speed: 75 km / h
Total power: 120kW (not including lighting)
Floor space: 85 * 36m
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Different Types of Beston Roller Coaster in Nigeria:

We have many kinds of roller coaster ride, such as big roller coaster, suspended roller coaster, family roller coaster, water roller coaster, kid’s roller coaster, mini roller coaster, portable roller coaster, theme park roller coaster, indoor roller coaster and so on.

3-loop rollercoaster carnival for sale

Model: BRRC-3-Loop
Rail length: 500m
Highest point: 24m
Duration of work: 100s Per Time
Maximum speed: 75 km / h
Total power: 90kW (not including lighting)
Floor space: 115 * 45m
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Suspended Roller Coaster in Nigeria

A suspended roller coaster is a kind of Beston large roller coaster and a type of steel roller coaster in which the car hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock by a pivoting fulcrum or hinge assembly. In this kind of coaster ride, the car and riders can swing side to side as the train glide along the track.

Suspended roller coaster enjoys a reputation of “king of the roller coaster ride”. Different from the classic coaster rides, suspended roller coaster ride adopt hoisting open block structure which is more breathtaking and thrilling.

suspended roller coasters for sale

Model: BRRC-Suspended
Rail length: 780m
Highest point: 33m
Duration of work: 140s Per Time
Maximum speed: 85km / h
Total power: 230kW (not including lighting)
Floor space: 140 * 80m
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Big Roller Coaster for sale in Nigeria

Big roller coaster often can be found in outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, and fairground. A giant roller coaster is characteristic of long track, several turns, and steep slopes. It is capable of holding more people than other kinds of coaster rides and it is more thrilling and exciting.

7-loop suspended coaster rides for sale

Model: BRRC-7-Loop-Suspended
Rail length: 780m
Highest point: 33m
Duration of work: 140s Per Time
Maximum speed: 85km / h
Floor space: 140 * 80m
Voltage:3N+PE AC380v/220v 50HZ
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Theme Park Roller Coaster  Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Our company also produces roller coaster ride which can be applied to different occasions, such as valley fair roller coasters, theme park roller coaster, carnival roller coaster and indoor roller coasters. These kinds of coaster rides are the best choice for making a profit and keeping visitors happy.

motorcycle coaster ride for sale

Rail length: 438m
Highest point: 13.7m
Maximum speed: 40km / h
Floor space: 53 * 23m
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Kid’s Roller Coaster for Sale in Nigeria

Kid’s roller coaster is designed specifically for children. It also can be called as a mini roller coaster, miniature roller coaster or backyard roller coaster, such as wacky worm coaster and caterpillar roller coaster. With low speed, smooth gliding, few turns and lovely appearance, a mini roller coaster is strongly welcomed by little kids and their parents.

wacky worm coaster for sale

Rail length: 13.7m
Highest point: 2.4m
Running speed: 4m / s
Floor space: 26 * 14m
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mini roller coaster for sale

Model: BRRC-12
Capacity: 12 persons
Cabins No.: 6
Area: 8m*12m
Power: 3kw
Voltage: 380v
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indoor roller coasters for sale

kids mini roller coaster for sale

Interested in our kids roller coaster?

Water Roller Coaster for Sale in Nigeria

Water roller coaster is another type of coaster rides which often can be found in water parks. Comparing with coaster rides presented above, water roller coaster is characteristic of stirring up large swaths of water when it glides from the peak to the lower track. Water roller coaster is very popular in summer because the speed and large swaths of water can reduce heat for tourists.

water carnival roller coaster for sale

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As for different roller coaster rides, the technical parameters are different. All roller coaster rides can be customized.

Main Parts of a Coaster Ride

A roller coaster mainly consists of gliding track, column, train, traction system, braking system, platform, and electrical system.

  • Gliding track
    A gliding track in a coaster ride is the part for train’s gliding which is made of steel. We adopt top-quality steel to make our coaster ride smoother. The length and shape of the gliding track directly decide the degree of the stimulation, and actually, we often classify the types of coaster ride according to the loop of the track. Coaster ride with more loops is more exciting and stimulating.
  • Column
    A column is to support the track to hang in the air. The column in theme park roller coaster is also made up of steel. The length of the column is also varied. The lowest height of the column in a carnival roller coaster can be less than one meter, and the highest column of a carnival roller coaster can up to more than ten meters. The quality of the column also has a great impact on passengers’ safety. Therefore, our company, on the one hand, cares a lot the quality of the column in coaster ride, and on the other hand, we will check carefully the installation of the column to ensure the safety of coaster ride and passengers’ safety.
  • Train
    The train is made to provide the seat for passengers which is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics). One coaster ride has one train, but the size of the train is different. Seatbelt and hand rail of the carnival roller coaster is set inside the train to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Traction system
    Traction system, also known as traction control system, is to stabilize the train and to make it glide smoothly. If there is no or no good traction system in one classic roller coaster, the train in the coaster ride will lose its control, which is not good for passengers’ safety. Coaster rides in our company all have qualified traction system.
  • Braking system
    The braking system is designed to slow or stop a moving vehicle by means of friction. The braking system exits in many mechanical vehicles. A braking system in one carnival roller coaster plays a role of slowing or stopping the moving train.
  • Electrical system
    The electrical system is like a person’s heart to give power to the machine. Only the electrical system is in operation, can the coaster ride continues its movement.
    Sitting on the roller coaster seat, people experience the feeling of stimulation and thrill with the lifting of height and speed. When it comes to the highest point, people on the rides will experience a vertical drop. This is a kind of amusement rides which caters to the pursuit of young people.
manufacture and package of roller coaster

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How are Roller Coasters Made?

  • Firstly, a site for coaster ride should be prepared.
  • Secondly, we should erect the main support structure, which is the column.
  • Thirdly, we install the track which provides the condition of gliding.
  • Then, cars should be made and install them on the track.
  • Finally, a roller coaster ride is finished.

Wooden Roller Coasters VS Steel Roller Coasters

Roller coaster rides are generally classified into wooden roller coasters and steel roller coasters. Wooden roller coasters are made under the foundation of concrete and bolts and nails. Some joints need to be reinforced by steel plates. Each part of a steel roller coaster is made of steel.

family coaster ride for sale

Want More Types of Roller Coaster rides?

Comparing with the wooden roller coaster, steel roller coaster have a track made of steel. It is characteristic of a tall, smooth and fast ride, and it has more inversions than the wooden roller coaster. Steel roller coaster is more thrilling because it has more complex and faster turns and twists.
This two kind of roller coaster ride share a common feature that their track and lift chain both are steel, and the car on the rides are made of fiberglass.

Unique Features of Carnival Roller Coaster

  1. Stable operation. With good traction control system and excellent braking system, our coaster ride is stable in operation.
  2. Long lifetime. All materials used to make coaster rides are carefully selected, and we have skilled engineers to produce qualified roller coaster ride, which ensure the quality of our coaster ride.
  3. Competitive and reasonable price. We have our own factory, so there are no middlemen between you and us. The price of the classic roller coaster we offer to you is competitive, and you can make a comparison with other companies. If you want to buy a roller coaster, either price or quality will make you satisfied.
Dharma Boundless Roller Coaster for Sale

Model: BRRC-12B
Rail length: 750m
Highest point: 40m
Running speed: 85km / h
Floor space: 130m * 80m
Voltage:AC380v/220V 50HZ
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Roller Coaster Physics

The train reaches the highest point of the track under the drag of the lifting system and glides along the track under the influence of the gravity inertia.

Roller Coaster Safety Regulations

  • Fasten the seatbelt.
  • The head and neck should stick to the head cushion tightly and do not move around when playing.
  • Hands on the handle.
  • The back should on the chair back tightly.
  • People are not allowed to ride the rides if they have heart disease, high blood pressure and height less than 1.4meter, and no ride after drinking alcohol.
  • Remove anything that might fly out, including the ring on your finger, the bracelet on your hand, the slippers on your feet, the glasses, and the accessories on your head, necklaces, and earrings.
6-loop roller coaster ride for sale

To Know More Information about Roller Coaster.

Roller Coaster Rides After-Sales Service

  1. The whole design life is 15 years.
  2. We will offer timely the relevant information in pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales to meet the needs of customers in planning, construction, use, and maintenance.
  3. We will train for free the operation and maintenance personnel for customers until they qualify the requirements for induction.
  4. When the equipment is delivered, the technicians will be arranged to track the service on site for a period of time without compensation.
  5. We will offer you one-year equipment quality warranty.
  6. We will provide a batch of rides parts free of charge. Afterward, spare parts will be supplied at a preferential price.
  7. We will pay a return visit to the usage of equipment in different ways and we will also provide technical support at any time.
  8. Regardless of whether it exceeds the warranty period or not, when the equipment fails and you cannot handle it, we will provide timely and thoughtful services based on the principle of “solve the problem first” to restore the device to normal operation as soon as possible.

Where to Buy a Roller Coaster?

Our company is your best choice. We can’t guarantee that you can get the lowest price, but we promise you the best quality of the coaster ride. With a smooth operation of the equipment, low noise, comfortable ride, beautiful appearance and reliable operation, our roller coaster rides conform to the requirements of the quality testing organization, and we receive many good feedbacks from more than 100 countries. All customers are satisfied with our roller coaster rides and they hope to do business with us again. Therefore, choose us, and we will surprise you!


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