Slingshot Ride for Sale in Nigeria

Slingshot ride, also known as the reverse bungee, catapult bungee or ejection seat ride, is a new type of fairground ride. Compared with traditional rocket bungee jumping, our bungee ball ride is designed as high technology, low operating cost, simple maintenance, high safety and quick returns, which is an ideal renewal of amusement equipment. Planning to add the thrill rides to your park in Nigeria? Welcome to send us an inquiry for the price lists here!

slingshot ride
BJH24-2A human slingshot bungee ride for sale

Installation Type: Stationary type
Model: BJH24-2A
Ride Grade:A
Tower height: 24m
Running height: 32m
Power: 15KW
Area: 26*15m
Capacity:2 persons
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Beston supplies quality slingshot rides at competitive prices. Our bungee slingshot could accommodate two people at one time, and the height of the tower masts of our ejection seat ride is 28m, and the maximum ejection height of the bungee slingshot is 36m.

The slingshot ride is also regarded as a new generation of the theme park thrill ride for traditional rocketing bungee jumping. The reverse bungee can catapult passengers to high air instantly to make riders experience a strong feeling of overweight and weightlessness.

At the same time, with the lifting and falling of the reverse bungee ride, riders can enjoy the rotation of the cockpit in different directions. Riding on ejection seat ride, riders could have an unparalleled thrilling and stimulating feeling.

bungee slingshot
BJH28-2A grade-A reverse bungee jumping for sale

Installation Type: Mobile
Model: BJH28-2A
Ride Grade: A
Tower height: 28m
Running height: 36m
Power: 15KW
Area: 28*15m
Capacity:2 persons
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Technical Data of Beston Slingshot Ride for Sale

  1. Tower masts height: 28m;
  2. Maximum ejection height: 36m;
  3. Wight of the slingshot ride: 19t;
  4. Numbers of passengers in one reverse bungy jump: 2 persons;
  5. Number of the cabin in one reverse bungee: one;
  6. The distance between two poles of the reverse bungee ride: 12m;
  7. The angle between the tower and the ground: 70±10;
  8. Power (not including audio and decorative power of the bungee ball ride): 15kw;
  9. Operation speed: 15m/s;
  10. Design life: 8 years (the maintenance delay will be evaluated according to the actual condition).
reverse bungy jump
reverse bungee jumping for sale in Beston

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Notes for Slingshot Amusement Ride for Sale

  • If you want to install a human slingshot bungee ride, the altitude should no more than 1500m, and if the height exceeds, please contact the manufacturer.
  • Suitable temperature for a human slingshot tide is in – 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.
  • In the day of rain, snow, hail, fog or lighting, the operation of the bungee slingshot is prohibited.
  • The ground bearing capacity should no less than 150kpa, and the ground level suitable for bungee slingshot ride should not over 3%.
  • When the wind reaches level 5 or the wind speed is greater than or equal to 13.8m/s, the reverse bungee ride should stop running.
reverse bungee for sale
ejection seat ride for sale

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Beston Human Slingshot Ride for Sale in Nigeria

  1. Safe security bar and seatbelt. In our slingshot ride, we equip security bar, seatbelt and other protective parts to make sure that passengers can have a good time under the insurance of safety.
  2. Strong wire rope. The wire rope is the part to hold the cabin. Our wire rope in reverse bungee catapult is very strong in quality which is not easy to wear, distort or twist.
  3. Thrilling and stimulating. Our reverse bungee jumping will be an awesome experience for you because you can experience the thrill in the air which is not like the thrill ride roller coaster ride, paratrooper ride, or the kamikaze ride. Riding on our bungee slingshot ride, you will get a complete release of your body and mind.
  4. Easy operation. Our human slingshot ride is simple in operation because it can be realized in one electric control unit. You will find nine operational buttons in our electric control unit of the slingshot ride which respectively is started, power indicator, stop, pull in, two confirming instruction, release, lifting, falling and emergency stop. The operator just needs to operate the bungee slingshot according to the requirements.
  5. Varied application. Our ejection seat ride can be applied to many places, such as amusement park, carnival, theme park, fairground, and other funfairs.
how does the slingshot ride work
human bungee slingshot for sale

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Beston Human Slingshot Ride Price in Nigeria

When you have decided to buy an ejection seat ride, slingshot ride price is one thing you care about.

As a professional amusement equipment company, Beston group can offer you competitive and reasonable price of the reverse bungee ride because we are a leading amusement ride company in amusements sector, and we have our own factory. What you can enjoy is the factory price without middlemen between us.

And except for slingshot ride price, you should also take amusement equipment quality and after sale services into consideration. We have exported our amusement park rides to over 100 countries, and our reverse bungee and other park rides enjoy a good reputation for our top quality and good services. And you can find the feedback from the cases.

Different Parts of Beston Ejection Seat Ride

  • The ejection seat ride mainly consists of tower poles, cabin, accumulator, hydraulic system, electromagnetic suction disc and electrical control system.
  • Each slingshot ride has two tower poles, and the poles are made of good-quality steel.
  • To make the maintenance easier, we design climber ladder in each pole, and what’s more, there are two layers of stable ropes on each pole of the sling shot ride.
  • The cabin of the human slingshot bungee ride includes the frame, seat, safety pressure bar and seat belt.
  • The accumulator in a human bungee slingshot ride is designed to accumulate strength and to eject the rider to a higher height.
  • The hydraulic system of a human slingshot ride is the power to make the ride in operation.
  • The electromagnetic suction disc in a bungee rocket is to lock and unlock the cabin.
  • And the electrical control system in a human slingshot bungee is the control hub for the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical part.

How does the Slingshot Ride Work?

When riders get into the cabin of the reverse bungee, relevant staff help them to fasten the seat belt, and the two poles in two side start to run by the way of stretching taut the wire rope. And the cabin now is still for the reason of magnet.

When the bungee cord of the reverse bungy is maximally controlled, the reverse bungy jump enters the launch state. Then the staff cut off the power of the electromagnet, and the cabin of the reverse bungee catapult will lose the control of the electromagnet.

And now you can see the reverse bungee jumping cabin is catapulted to dozens of meters of altitude, and with the weight of the cockpit and tourist inertia, the reverse bungee ride will turn ups and downs repeatedly more than 10 times in the air, and until the bungee rope comes stable and balance in the air, the staff start the background device of the cabin to put the cabin of the reverse-bungee catapult ride to the original position.

Because the cabin is launched from the ground to the sky, and the speed is as fast as a rocket, so the ride is called rocket bungee jumping ride.

reverse bungee ride
Human Slingshot for Sale

how tall is the slingshot ride
Fairground Rides Reverse Bungy for Sale

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Notes for Passengers of Bungee Ball Ride

  1. The rider of the bungee slingshot ride should be 12-48 years old, and the height should be 140-190cm, healthy.
  2. The cabin of the bungee slingshot should accommodate no more than 2 people.
  3. It is forbidden to carry hard objects or easy-falling objects and other dangerous goods when riding on the bungee jumping catapult.
  4. Passengers who suffer from the following diseases are not allowed to ride the bungee catapult: patients with a history of the lumbar and cervical vertebra, hypotension, Vertigo, and passengers with a history of cardiovascular disease and epilepsy.
  5. It is forbidden for pregnant women and those who have undergone surgery to ride the catapult bungee.
  6. Tourists who drink alcohol or drug users are not allowed to ride the ejection seat ride.

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