Small Carousel for Sale in Nigeria

Small carousel is a kind of amusement park kiddie rides which is designed for little kids. Manufactured with high-quality FRP and stainless steel, kiddie carousels in Beston are bright in color and durable in performance. Beston small merry go round carousels have exported to many countries around the world such as Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, America, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. If you want one too, please contact us, and we will provide you with the best carousel rides.

fairground carousel for sale
Beston Carousel Rides with 12 Seats

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grand carousel for sale
Beston Princess Carousel Rides

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Kids carousel can be ridden by children themselves without the accompanying of adults. And with the driving of motors, kids can enjoy the happiness of spinning in the hanging horses. The merry go round horse for sale in Beston has many models available to you. You can email us to get detailed information.

19 Seat Indoor Carousel for Sale

19 seat indoor carousel for sale in Beston is one of the most popular models among our clients. We can make the 19 seats indoor carousel ride into fruit carousel with banana, strawberry, pear, and other fruits as hangers and decorated parts. Of course, you can choose other hangers as you like.

carousel ride for sale
BCR-08 19 Seat Carousel Ride for Sale

Model: BCR-08
Capacity: BCR-08
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 3.5KW
Diameter: 8m
Height: 5.5m
Speed: 3.5rpm
Material:fiberglass & steel
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16 Seat Amusement Park Carousel for Sale

16 seat amusement park carousel for sale in Beston has two common models which are the grand carousel and royal family carousel. You can see the technical parameter and picture below. If you want to detailed horse hangers picture, you can leave a message online or email us directly.

merry go round for sale
BCR-09 16 Seat Merry Go Rousel for Sale

Model: BCR-09
Capacity: 16 seats
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 3KW
Diameter: 6m
Height: 4.8m
Speed: 3.5rpm
Material:fiberglass & steel
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fairground carousel for sale
BCR-10 Fairground Carousel for Sale

Model: BCR-10
Capacity: 16 seats
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 3KW
Diameter: 6m
Height: 4.8m
Speed: 3.5rpm
Material:fiberglass & steel
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12 Seat Carousel Ride for Sale

12 seat merry go round rides for sale in Beston varies in models. Zoo carousel, fruit carousel, Christmas carousel, and ocean carousel kiddie ride all can be made into 12-seat. These merry go round rides are appealing in appearance which can attract kids’ positive attention.

carnival carousel for sale
BCR-11 Small Carousel for Sale

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amusement park carousel rides for sale
Beston Carousel Amusement Ride in Stock

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8 Seat Kids Carousel for Sale

8 seat kids carousel for sale in Beston also has many models for you to choose from. Carousels less 8 seats are small in footprint and can be made into coin-operated which can be widely used in backyards, communities, squares, carnivals, shopping malls, kindergartens, and other places with dense popularity.

kids carousel for sale
BCR-12 Kids Carousel for Sale

manufacture & supplier of mini carousels
BCR-13 Children’s Carousel for Sale

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6 Seat Mini Carousel for Sale

6 seat mini carousel for sale in Beston has been exported to many countries. You can find many models of 6 seat carousels here in Beston. Here we recommend you the newly-designed merry go round which takes the image of the robot. It is very technically advanced when takes the first sight on it. We believe it will be a new love for kids because of its new design and cool appearance.

kiddie carousel for sale
BCR-14 Kiddie Carousel for Sale

small merry go round for sale
BCR-15 Small Merry Go Round for Sale

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4 Seat Kiddie Carousel for Sale

4 seat kiddie carousel for sale in Zhengzhou Beston also has many models to choose from. The newest model of our small carousel is the royal crown mini carousel. The most popular color of the royal crown small carousel is pink and gold. You can choose your own preferred color, of course.

mini carousel ride for sale
BCR-16 Mini Carousel Ride for Sale

mini merry go round for sale
BCR-17 Mini Marry Go Round for Sale

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3 Seat Carousel for Sale

3 seat carousel for sale in Beston is the smallest merry go round. The model of our 3 horse kids carousel varies in themes, such as the ocean, rainbow, and pink. The color of the children’s carousel rides and even the model of the hanging horses can be tailored to your requirements. We have customized many miniature carousel rides for our clients.

3 horse carousel for sale
BCR-18 3 Horse Carousel for Sale

3 horse carousel kiddie ride for sale
BCR-19 3 Horse Carousel Kiddie Ride for Sale

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Carnival Carousel for Sale

Carnival carousel for sale in Beston is a mobile version of merry go rounds. The trailer version carousel rides can be often seen in carnivals. You can choose the seat number of our carnival carousels. And actually, we can customize the seat number, hangers’ image, color, and music of the carousel rides. You can email us and tell us your specific requirements, and our skilled engineers and responsible factory staff will make them come true.

Other Amusement Park Carousel for Sale in Beston

Besides the carousel models I have presented above, we still have many other types of merry go round carousels, such as double-decker carousel for sale, 48 seat grand carousel for sale, 36 fairground carousel for sale, etc.

backyard merry go round sale
BCR-21 Backyard Merry Go Round for Sale

carousel ride for sale
BCR-22 Beston Indoor Carousel for Sale

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Fiberglass Carousel Horse for Sale

Here I present some models of our fiberglass carousel horses for you. You can choose the model below, and you can also send us the horse hanger model you want.

carousel horse ride
Fiberglass Carousel Horse for Sale

merry go round ride
Fiberglass Carousel Horse for Sale

Want A Customized Carousel Ride?

Merry Go Round Manufacturer-Reputable and Professional Beston

You may have heard Zhengzhou Beston Amusement Equipment Co. Beston is a reputable and professional amusement rides manufacturer in China.

We supply many different types of recreational rides such as family and kiddie rides, spinning rides, fairgrounds rides, carnival rides, thrill rides, etc. You can buy all these rides directly from our large-scale factory with competitive price and guaranteed quality. Welcome your visit to our company and factory at your convenient time.

ocean kids carousel for sale
BCR-23 Ocean Merry Go Round Ride for Sale

ocean carousel fairground ride
BCR-23 Fairground Carousel Ride for Sale

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Top Features of Beston Miniature Carousel for Sale

  1. Novel design
    We know that some carousel models are very common and ordinary for people and have no enough charm to attract people, so we design some new carousel rides, such as robot carousel, Madagascar carousel, lavender merry go round, and magical hat carousel which are new in appearance and we believe they will attract more people for your park.
  2. Famous Brand Motor
    We import famous brand motor to make sure the stable and durable performance of our amusement park carousel ride. You must be careful the motor when buying a merry go round carousel because it may cause a lot of trouble for you if the motor is not qualified.
  3. Good Painting and Raw Material
    The horse hangers and top cover decorative part are made of high-quality FRP, and the painting is car-grade which makes our carousel rides bright and durable in color.

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