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Solution for Nigeria Dream World Amusement Park

Latest news, the outdoor amusement park project for our Nigerian client has been successfully installed. Throughout the entire project process, the client has been highly satisfied with our services and has sent us numerous installation feedback photos and videos.
The project is located in Lekki, Nigeria and is named “Dream World Amusement Park.” Initially, the client contacted us through our Nigeria website’s contact page. We learned that the client wanted to build an outdoor park in Nigeria, with the project location already determined and funds prepared. However, they required a professional amusement equipment company to provide a comprehensive park solution. After seeing the information displayed on our website, the client reached out to us. In addition to the Dream World Amusement Park project in Nigeria, we have several other amusement park projects, including Vinmilan Hotel Park, Bolaji Park, and Kunle Park.

Cooperation Details With Dream World

Park Design for Nigeria Dream World Park
Park Design
Design Proposal Confirmation: Upon receiving the client’s inquiry email, we promptly contacted the client and, with the participation of the park design team and business team, finalized the overall project solution. During a week-long communication, we made five modifications to the design based on the client’s requirements, and eventually confirmed the final proposal, as shown in the diagram on the left.
Amusement Equipment Selection
Equipment Selection: Before providing a design solution, our team will conduct preliminary research on the weather conditions, culture, and local customs in Nigeria. Based on this information, combined with the specific requirements of the client, our design team will provide the most suitable project solution.
Amusement Rides for Dream World Park: According to the final project plan, the client in Nigeria requires a total of 12 sets of amusement equipment, including thrilling rides and some children’s play equipment suitable for both children and adults. The amusement rides mainly include: Carousel ride, miami ride, Ferris wheel with 30 meters, swing ride, pirate ship ride, disco ride, Self-controlled plane ride, Elephant train ride, Double-sided mini Ferris wheel, etc.
Waterproof treatment for amusement rides
Production of the Equipment
• Equipment Production: During the production of these equipments, we strictly control every production process. We have well-equipped production workshops, including cutting workshop, welding workshop, machining workshop, sheet metal polishing workshop, fiberglass workshop, painting workshop, and a rigorous quality control workshop.
• Waterproof Treatment: Due to the rainy weather in Nigeria, our business manager recommends that the client opt for waterproof treatment for the selected amusement equipment. This can effectively reduce the maintenance costs of the equipment during operation.
Installation of the Project
• Installation Details: After the completion of equipment production, as per the contract requirements, we promptly arrange delivery for the client. Although our company offers on-site installation services, the client has chosen to handle the installation themselves. However, during the installation process, our installation engineer will provide timely video installation guidance to ensure progress. The following are installation feedback photos sent by the client.
Dream World Amusement Park Status
Project Status and Future Arrangements
• Park Status: Dream World Park has already been put into operation, and there is a high daily influx of visitors. Here is the Instragram for Dream World Amusement Park.
• Future Arrangements: The Customer Management Department of Best Funland Amusement Group will maintain contact with the client and provide necessary technical support for the operation of their amusement park.

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“As a professional manufacturer of amusement park equipment, we also have a dependable team of designers who can provide a comprehensive solution for your entire park project. If you are currently planning to build an outdoor park and need a project solution, please contact us!!”


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