Successful Delivery of Eagle Park In Nigeria

Great news! Another amusement project in Nigeria, Eagle Amusement Park, has been operational for some time now. The entire project, from consultation to installation to grand opening, took approximately one year and three months. Currently, the amusement park is running smoothly, with a large influx of visitors every day since its opening. Customers are highly satisfied with our equipment and the overall project scheme. Let’s take a look at the service process for the entire project.

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Project Details – Inquiry and Design

The client’s amusement park project is located in Ogun State, Nigeria, and it had its grand opening in October 2022. We provided the client with a comprehensive project solution, including a carousel ride, trackless train, ferris wheel ride, tea cup rides, combination slides, go-karts, samba balloon rides, and various other amusement rides. The surrounding visitors have shown great enthusiasm for the amusement park. In early July 2021, we received an inquiry from a client expressing interest in constructing a new amusement park in Nigeria. Promptly, our project manager reached out to the client. Through multiple iterations and adjustments based on the client’s specific requirements and our project manager’s understanding of the local conditions in Nigeria, we finally provided a park solution that satisfied the client by December.

Amusement park design for Eagle park in Nigeria

Amusement Rides Production and Shipment

In January of the following year, we signed a contract with the client and commenced preparations for the production of the amusement park equipment required for the project. By March, approximately two months later, all the amusement park equipment was produced and preparations for shipment began. As per our agreement with the client, all goods were shipped to the client’s site in Nigeria by June

Amusement rides production for eagle amusement park
Amusement Rides Production for Eagle Park
Shipping details of eagle amusement park project
Packing and Shipping Details

Installation of Equipment and Grand Opening of the Amusement Park

In August, all the amusement park equipment arrived at the client’s site in Nigeria. The client engaged a local installation team for equipment installation, while our company provided online video installation guidance services to promptly address any issues encountered during the installation process. After over a month, by October, all equipment was installed and operational. Following several days of preparation, the client’s amusement park had a grand opening. From the videos and feedback provided by the client, it was evident that the park attracted numerous local visitors as soon as it opened its doors.

Carousel and kiddie plane ride installation in Eagle park
Carousel and Kiddie Plane Ride installation in Eagle park
Successful installation of amusement rides in Eagle park
Successful installation of amusement rides in Eagle park

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