Swing Tower Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Swing tower ride in our company has always been a type of product with a good market. It is generally acknowledged that, as a swing ride and thrill ride, swing tower is necessary for an amusement park or a theme park, because it is so attractive and thrilling that visitors can’t help to ride it. Welcome to check here to contact Beston to invest this amusement business!

36 seats sky swing ride for sale

Model: BRSW-36A
Fence diameter: 26m
Total height: 48m
Rated passenger: 36 persons
Flying maximum speed: 14.5m/s
Running cycle time: 4 minutes
Voltage: 380v/50Hz
Total power: 90 kw
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In recent years, thrill ride is gradually grasping the attention of young people for their increasing stress and curiosity for seeking thrill and excite. They need a way to release their anxiety, and swing tower becomes one of their choices, which means that if you choose our sky swing ride, it will bring you great gains. Therefore, if you are interested in it, please contact us at any time you wish, and we will provide you the best swing tower ride and the best service.

What is a Sky Swing?

Sky swing is one type of amusement park rides or we can say it is a kind of extreme amusement park rides. Generally speaking, it belongs to the list of thrill rides. From the appearance of a vertical swing, we can tell that the sky swing ride is the perfect combination of flying chair ride and drop tower ride.

The rapid rotation of sky swing brings visitors the most exciting experience, and the whole park is filled with a happy scream, which in turns, attract more visitors come to ride this kind of thrill ride.

32 seats vertical swing for sale in Beston

Model: BNST-32A
Total height: 43.4m
Running height: 27m
Capacity: 32presons
Cabin number: 16pcs
Power: 67.55kw
Rotary speed: ≤10.37r/min
Up and down speed: 0.6m/s
Voltage: 380v
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Swing Tower Ride Price in Nigeria from Beston

We all know that it’s uneasy to buy a high-quality swing ride with low price, but as a big company with our own factory, we can provide you with the top quality vertical swing with a reasonable and competitive price. Producing skills and efficiency is greatly improved with the help of advanced technology, which means the decreasing of producing cost.

And one important thing is that you can’t buy a flying tower ride at first just because of its low price. If you buy a flying swing with low price and the quality cannot be promised, you will see that the repair and maintenance fee is much higher than the ride itself.

Vertical swing in our company has a long service life and we can promise you the quality. So, if you need a swing tower in your amusement park or theme park, our product is your best choice.

36 seats sky swing ride for sale

36 seats sky swing for sale in Beston

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Beston Sky Swing Ride Quality – Export to Nigeria

Producing top-quality swing rides has always been our principle. Therefore, materials used to make swing ride are all of high quality. For example,

  • To prevent the backflow of hydraulic oil, we use a solenoid valve
  • All sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder is imported famous brand
  • All steel meet the requirement of national standard
  • Shot blasting machine can well and comprehensively remove the rust
  • Paint three times (2 coats of primer, 1 coat of middle paint and 2 layers of paint).

All factors mentioned above indicate that the swing tower in our company is top-quality. When visitors ride in our product, they can experience the most exciting and thrilling feeling without worrying about the safety of the ride, and you, either, have no need to be afraid of the safety problem.

Detailed Parts of Sky Swing Ride

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Features of Beston Vertical Swing

  • Top-quality
    As I have mentioned above, our row materials employed to produce the swing tower are all carefully selected, and the producing process checks again and again to ensure the quality. In addition, our vertical swing meets the requirement of quality inspection bureau.
  • Highly-safe
    Good raw material directly decides the security coefficient of our swing ride. Actually, in China, the safety factor of amusement park rides is of great importance, and we meet the requirement, which shows that our swing tower ride is highly-safe. Specific safety regulation will be enclosed after the installation.
  • Attractive appearance
    We paint five layers of paint when producing the swing tower ride, and the paint has a good cohesion to the steel, which makes our vertical ride looks smooth and shiny. What’s more, for the good quality of the paint, it is almost impossible to fade even in a rainy or snowy day.
    According to the feedback from our customers, the paint can be kept for at least 8 years. Another thing needs to be mentioned is that we use many LED light to decorate the swing tower ride. When the night comes, you will find an amazing effect.
32 seats big swing ride for sale

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Advantages of Beston Sky Swing Ride

Comparing with other manufacturers, our swing tower ride is not only better in quality, more beautiful in appearance, but also more reasonable and competitive in price. We are not afraid of your comparing with other companies, because we believe you will choose us finally. We’re looking forward to your contact.

How does a Swing Tower Work?

A swing tower ride consists of a vertical shaft, a lifting mechanism, a rotary mechanism, and seats. Firstly, the vertical shaft plays a role in the main column, and the rotary arms are set in it. The lifting mechanism is used to lift the cabin to realize the rising of people. The rotary mechanism is designed to make the swing ride rotate. All these parts combine together and form our swing tower ride. When the ride is lifted to a certain height, it begins to swing like a circle. People in the ride stay in a gravity-free condition which is very thrilling and exciting.

Services for Buying  Vertical Swing

  • One-year warranty
  • Technical help at any time
  • Free installation
  • Training operator for free
Delivery of Sky Swing Ride

Delivery of High Swing Ride

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Tips for Operating the Tower Swing

  • Making sure passengers fasten the seat belt
  • Kids must be accompanied by adults
  • Ensuring passengers don’t wear things easy to fall off, such as hats

Safety Devices and Measures Required for Flying Towers:

  • Lifting limit device.
  • The insurance device for hanging parts.
  • The buffer device on the landing of the lifting box.
  • Hydraulic system overvoltage protection device.
  • The insurance device for the rapid decline of the anti-lift cylinder.

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