Tagada Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Tagada ride, also called tagada disco, is one of the most popular amusement rides among teenagers, which can be easily found in indoor and outdoor amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, fairgrounds, and carnivals. Thrill-seekers are keen on thrilling disco tagada rides because if they can sit on the fairground rides tagada until the last minute, they will be regarded as a hero. Therefore, if you choose to buy tagada rides for sale in Nigeria for your park , it will be a great help for your park business!

tagada disco
Beston BART-O1 24-Seat Tagada Ride for Sale

Model: BART-O1
Capacity: 24 person
Voltage: 380V 5.5KW
Space: 7mX7m
Height: 8m
Speed: 0-10rmp
Tilting Angle: 15 degree
Turntable Diameter: 7m
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The tagada consists of a decorated background, beautiful LED lights, dynamic music and a turntable. When riders sit on the tagada fair rides, they will make different movements according to the move of hydraulic cylinders, which feels like through the sea waves. There are no seatbelts or restrains in the tagada fairground rides, but bars for tourists to hold onto.

Types of Disco Tagada Ride for Sale in Nigeria

There are many types of tagada amusement rides in Beston, and actually, the model of the tagada carnival rides can be customized. The most common size tagada disco rides are 8-seat, 16-seat, 24-seat, and 36-seat. Of course, you can require 40-seat or 20-seat or any other tagada amusement park rides with different seat numbers.

Tagada fair rides with seats more than 8 seats can be seen as giant tagada funfair rides, and tagada disco amusement rides with seats number less than 8 are mini tagada ride which is suitable for kids.

fairground tagada rides
Beston BART-02 Tagada Fairground Rides for Sale

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tagada carnival rides
Beston BART-03 Tagada Carnival Ride for Sale

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Giant Tagada Disco for Sale in Nigeria

Giant tagada disco is designed for adults who are fond of thrill rides. The seat number of giant disco tagada amusement ride can be 16, 20, 24, 30, 36, or 40. You can choose the size in accordance to your special needs. Compared with mini tagada, giant tagada the ride enjoys a higher capacity and can accommodate more riders at one time.

tagada fairground ride
Beston BART-04 Disco Tagada Rides for Sale

Model: BART-04
Capacity: 36 person
Voltage: 380V 22kw
Space: 8mX8m
Height: 12m
Speed: 0-10rmp
Tilting Angle: 15 degree
Turntable Diameter: 12m
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funfair ride tagada
Beston BART-05 Disco Tagada Fairground Ride for Sale

Model: BART-05
Capacity: 16 person
Voltage: 380V 22kw
Space: 7mX7m
Height: 7m
Speed: 0-10rmp
Tilting Angle: 15 degree
Volume: 40M3
Turntable Diameter: 6m
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Mini Tagada Rides for Kids in Nigeria

Mini tagada is a kiddie ride which is designed and produced for kids to make them experience the fun of tagada disco. The most common mini tagada is 8-seat, and you can also tell us your requirements about the seats number or color. We will customize the tagada kiddie ride according to your needs.

For mini tagada ride, kids can ride alone without the accompaniment of adults because there are safety bars for kids to hold onto to make sure that kids enjoy the happy of funfair ride tagada as they wish.

mini tagada ride
Beston BART-06 Mini Tagada for Sale

Model: BART-06
Capacity: 8 person
Voltage: 380V 17kw
Space: 5mX6m
Height: 3.5m
Speed: 0-10rmp
Tilting Angle: 15 degree
Turntable Diameter: 3.2m
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Special Features of Beston Tagada Disco in Nigeria

  • Fully customization. What Beston always pursues is to make our customers satisfied, so your special needs all can be realized here in Beston. You can decide the pattern of the backdrop, the number of seats, or the music of the tagada fairground ride.
  • Excellent craftsmanship. Our staff in the factory are experienced in manufacturing amusement park rides because they have taken in this career for many years. And our engineers possess the mature skills in producing amusement equipment. Therefore, you have no needs to worry about the quality of our tagada turntable ride. We will provide you the best turntable tagada ride.
    Wide application.
mini tagada
Beston BART-07 Mini Tagada Rides for Sale

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mini tagada rides
Beston BART-08 Kids Mini Tagada Rides for Sale

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  • Lifelong tracking service. In exception of the one-year warranty, we will offer you lifelong tracking service which means any technical help about tagada ride is available to you since the purchase of tagada disco from Beston.
  • Small footprint. The tagada fair ride is the shape of a circle, so it has a small area covering, which means that you will have spare space for other rides. Our disco tagada rides can accommodate many people at one time. You can get a quick return even though the small footprint.
  • Easy operation. The tagada is very easy in operation because it is controlled by an electric control unit which includes “start” and “stop” button. The action of the tagada disco can be realized by the press of buttons.
tagada ride
Beston BART-09 Giant Tagada Rides for Sale

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tagada ride
Beston BART-10 Big Tagada Ride for Sale

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Beston Tagada Ride Price in Nigeria

Beston is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer which enjoys a factory of over 50000 square meters and staff of over 200 persons. From the raw material to the final product of tagada fairground ride, we assemble by ourselves. All these mean that we can offer a lower-price tagada fairground ride with quality been guaranteed than our competitors.

Good-quality tagada carnival ride means that it will have a low maintenance rate, and you will save cost indirectly. So before the comparing of price, you should think twice about the quality of the tagada if you are planning to buy tagada ride.

tagada disco ride
Package of Beston Tagada Ride Before Delivery

tagada ride
Manufacturing of Tagada Ride in Beston Factory

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How Does the Tagada Fair Ride Work?

The tagada amusement ride has a simple working principle. The turntable realize its wave by the driving of the motor. After the turning on of electricity, the tagada funfair ride works under the protection of cylinder because it plays the role of shock absorption which can make sure riders have a good trip.

mini tagada
Portable Tagada Carnival Rides Feedback from Beston Customer

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Tagada Ride Manufacturer – Ideal Selection for Nigeria

Beston is a professional tagada ride manufacturer in China for its mature skills and Beston disco tagada ride sells well in Nigeria. In exception of tagada disco, we have exported many other types of amusement and theme park rides to over 100 countries, and they all give a good comment on Beston amusement equipment.

You can find varied family and kiddie rides, theme park rides, fairground rides, carnival rides, and spinning rides here in Beston. What’s more, Beston group also has many newly-designed products, such as forest party ride, flying squirrel rescue ride, Le Bar car rides, lucky lion kids amusement rides, liberty music bar ride and indoor amusement equipment which is designed to extend kids ability.

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