Thomas Train Rides for Sale in Nigeria

Thomas train rides are one type of amusement park trains with classic Thomas the tank engine which is regarded as friends of kids all over the world. Thomas the train ride is kid-and family-friendly amusement equipment which can be seen in many places like shopping malls, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other funfairs. With innovative and modern design, Thomas train ride for sale in Beston is one of the most popular amusement rides. Riding on the Thomas train rides with vivid music, kids will feel like starting a fabulous adventure with Thomas.

thomas train rides for sale
Thomas Train Rides for Sale

Model: BRRC-17A
Parameters: One locomotive, four coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons
Total capacity: 17 persons
Coach quantity and sizes can be customized
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thomas train rides supplier
Thomas Trackless Train Rides Cheap

Model: BRRC-17B
Parameters: One locomotive, four coaches
Locomotive: 1 person
One coach: 4 persons
Total capacity: 17 persons
Coach quantity and sizes can be customized
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train rides supplier and manufacturer
Thomas Track Train Rides

Model: BRRC-8A
Size: 1 Loco+ 3 Coaches
Track area: 8*10m
Power: 3.5 KW
Voltage: 220V
Cabin No.: 4
Capacity: 8 persons
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Two Types of Thomas Train Rides for Sale in Beston

There are two types of Thomas train rides in Beston: Thomas train rides on track and trackless Thomas train rides. This two type both are praised by our customers for their excellent performance. Beston, a reputable and reliable amusement equipment manufacturer, expects cooperation with you.

Thomas Train Rides on Track

Thomas train rides on track is a kind of miniature rideable train rides for kids. When the miniature Thomas train is running, you can see that it runs along the track with happy music. The gauges of the miniature Thomas the train rides can be customized according to your requirement for the model of the train.

Thomas train rides are fixed in site where can be shopping malls, parks, fairgrounds, indoor entertainment centers, etc. Our Thomas train rides are very popular our clients, and besides Thomas track train, we have other models of ride on train with track for sale which are also top rated amusement rides compared with other rides. If you are interested, please click the link above to get free price list.

As for small rides, clients of Beston also buy rotary plane rides, tea cup rides, small carousel rides, flying chair rides, trackless train rides, rockin tug rides, and bumper cars. If you are interested in any of these most popular rides in Beston, please freely contact us.

Trackless Thomas Train Rides

Trackless Thomas train rides for sale in Beston are as popular as Thomas train rides on track. The size of the trackless Thomas train rides can be one locomotive plus three cabins or one locomotive plus four cabins. Of course, you can also customize your Thomas train ride. Detailed technical data and pictures are as the followings. If you want to know more information about the Thomas train rides, please email us, and our sales manager will reply you within 24 hours.

Top Three Reasons to Choose Beston Thomas Trains for Sale

  1. Large-scale factory. Beston has an amusement equipment factory of more than 50,000 square meters. We can’t develop from a small factory to today without the support of our clients. So we keep in mind that we should manufacture good-quality amusement rides with competitive factory price to make our clients gain benefits.
  2. Strict and orderly production process. From the assembling of raw material to the final products, Beston has a very strict and orderly production process. After ten or fifteen day’s efforts, we finish the ride you order, and before the delivery, we have technicians to test whether the ride qualified or not.
  3. Complete after-sales service system. The after-sales service system complete or not can show if the company professional and reliable. Even though we can guarantee the quality of our Thomas train rides or other amusement equipment, it still have chance that it are damaged by human or other force majeure. You can contact us immediately if the ride goes wrong, and we will guide you how to fix it. And if there are accessories which can not by from local place, we can send them to you.

By the way, customers who bought Thomas the train rides from us also bought rides like amusement park trains, flying chair ride, walking robot ride, kids mini roller coaster, rotary plane rides, and teacup rides. In case you are interested in these rides, I present detailed information below, and you can click into to check. If there is anything we can help you, please email us or chat with us online.

How and Where to Buy Good Thomas Train Rides?

If you really want to buy a Thomas train rides, I strongly recommend you Beston because we are professional enough to manufacture quality rides for you. Comparing with profits, we stress more on quality. Quality is the main reason that supports us to go that far. We believe ourselves, and if you give us a chance, we will also persuade you to trust us with the quality of our Thomas train rides and other popular amusement park rides.

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